GH Update Monday 9/16/02


General Hospital Update Monday 9/16/02

Update By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

General Hospital put on a great show today, leading right up to the Sonny and Brenda climax, General Hospital style.

Brenda had a young man walking on the street exchange her a phone call for her diamond watch. However, she couldn't get up the courage to call herself and made the young man do the dirty work for her. She gave him instructions to tell her ex the phone call was about Alcazar, and to meet her at St. Timothy's Church-alone. Sonny, after some hesitation, agreed to do just that.

Roy called Alcazar, letting him know that he would fulfill his end of the bargain tonight, and that Sonny would be finished. Alcazar threatened him, letting him know that Sonny had better be taken care of or he would kill Felicia.

Alcazar's men caught site of Brenda, but lost her in some confusion.

Carly and Sonny discussed his planed venture for the evening, Carly expressing her concern about the phone call being a trap. Agreeing with his wife about the "trap," Sonny informed her that this was the time to make his move. "I'm ending this tonight," he told her. The couple decided to call Michael to see how he was doing, and just in case Sonny never got the chance to hear from him again. After hanging up the phone, Sonny asked Carly to hold herself together because this girlfriend of Alcazar's was his weakness and since he was worried about other things right now, it was the opportune time to make sure he couldn't bother them again. Carly, trying to be a supportive wife, began to joke with him to lighten the situation. Before leaving he hugged her and told her that he loved her. She asked him to do her a favor - once at St. Timothy's to say a prayer for God to watch over him.

Waiting on Sonny to say goodbye to Carly, Jason asked Elizabeth to fill the time with a game of pool. Agreeing, Elizabeth, worried about what kind of situation Jason was getting himself into this time, began to ask him questions. "Do you ever get nervous?" she asked about his always putting himself in danger. "It's what I do, and what I'm good at," he told her. Remembering the morning she found him shot in the snow, Liz began to dredge up the "What ifs," mainly about what would have happened had she been doing something else that morning she found him, and how they would be in a completely different situation if she had. "Those things changed me," she told him. "They made my life after you different than my life before. I can't help but wish they changed you, too," she said feeling guilty about wanting him to be different. He eased her concern, letting her know that it was fine to be worried about him, and to wonder where he was going, and what he was doing, but no matter how concerned she became, he couldn't explain things. Jason reminded her that if things worked out this night she would be able to go home. Though she should have been happy about this though, Jason realized she wasn't. "I like having you," Jason told her. She asked him if he would miss her enough to call and ask her out, or if he would continue avoiding her. Not knowing what would happen or how either of them would deal with it, Jason couldn't answer her question. "You make me see things I hardly even noticed until you pointed them out," he told her. Admitting that he didn't have many dreams of his own, he explained that her being a part of his life meant he could believe in hers. "You make me happy," she told him.

After Sonny and Jason headed off into the night, Elizabeth went to see Carly to pass the time. Carly gave her the typical attitude, and after trying to explain that they were both terrified and that they could possibly help each other pass time, Liz admitted to "temporary delusion," and headed to the door. Carly stopped her from leaving. Trying to keep herself busy by making dinner, Carly let Elizabeth help out. While Elizabeth cut up yellow peppers, and Carly set the table, the girls discussed Sonny, Jason, business and love. Liz realized that Carly and Sonny's love meant making allowances for another. Seeing that Mrs. Corinthos was waiting on her husband and didn't even seem scared, Elizabeth asked if that was how she supported her husband. "Sonny's job- that's his problem. My fear is mine," Carly told her. Carly warned Liz to be careful. "He's so busy protecting you, he forgets to protect himself," she told her new acquaintance. "You need to figure out what you want and what you can handle and then share that with Jason," she advised Liz. Then in a moment of understanding, the women thanked each other for the help and went their separate ways.

Brenda sneaked around town, trying not to be caught by Alcazar's men and finally made it to the church. Just as she was heading up the walk it started to rain. Smiling, she entered the church where she was left at the alter, and faced her past. Staring at the alter, Brenda realized she was not alone, and talked to the priest to keep herself company. Trying to give herself an excuse to leave, Brenda asked if he was locking up. The pastor admitted that it would take him a while to lock up completely, and she was welcome to wait. Brenda began talking to him to reduce her anxiety, telling him about her previous trip to the church and her almost-marriage. Then, asking him if she seemed rational, she began to tell him about her disease, and the impulses it gave her. When he told her that impulses were okay, she told him they weren't if you couldn't trust them. Admitting that she was faced with doing the easy thing and the right thing, Brenda continue to tell him a piece of her story, blaming herself for her situation. "When you act out of love and selfless compassion for another person you've done right," he told her. Wondering if it was selfish of her self to want to see her former love, the priest asked if her "friend" would want to see her. Then, all of a sudden, Brenda told the priest, "He's not coming." "How do you know," he asked. "He always left me standing in the rain," she said.

We see Roy, in his car and on the way to the cemetery, look down at his gun worried about what he was planning to do.

Sonny and Jason sat in the limo and discussed their plan of action. While Jason tried to convince Sonny not to go through with the plan without him by his side, Sonny got restless. Sonny admitted that the battle with Alcazar had become personal and that he wanted to know what Alcazar's motive was as much as he wanted the man dead. Having a huge argument in the backseat, Jason reminded his best friend that "Maybe you need answers, but your family needs you more." Ordering his right hand man to wait ten minutes before following him into the church, Sonny made one last realization before getting out of the vehicle: "The last time I was here is when I left Brenda at the alter, and it was raining then, too."

Then, in true General Hospital tradition, the climax unfolded with a song (Amazing Grace) and image clips of the following simultaneous events:

Carly lit a match and lit a candle on the dinner table as Sonny walked in the rain toward the front of the church. Brenda knelt in prayer as Roy set himself up behind a bush in the front yard of the church. Brenda, deciding to leave, turned from the alter and strode toward the front doors of the church. Jason, looking at his watch carefully, got out of the car quickly, heading toward the front of the church at the same time Brenda threw open the first set of church doors. Sonny stepped onto the platform directly in front of the church doors just as Roy cocked his gun. Carly poured very red wine into a glass and raised it to her lips while Sonny started the short walk to the church steps. Roy stepped out from the bush to get a better shot at Sonny. Just as Carly took her first sip of wine, lightning struck, causing the glass to fall from her hand. Brenda pushed the doors open and stepped into the rain, smiling; Sonny stopped in his tracks, looking directly ahead at her for a long moment, eyes wide. Carly's wine glass hit the floor, shattering. Brenda's eyes widened, realizing Sonny is in front of her. Sonny blinks and stares at Brenda as the camera  tightens on his eyes, which look shocked.  She smiles as Roy steps out from behind his hiding place and fires.


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