GH Update Friday 9/13/02


General Hospital Update Friday 9/13/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

 Lucky is impersonating a cop and he wants to get his father out of there.  He shows up where Luke is being interviewed and reveals his face underneath a cop’s hat.  Luke doesn’t want him to do this. Things could go wrong.  Lucky will go with another plan if Luke tells him what it is.  Luke never said anything like that.  Lucky will not leave.  He is in this too deep already.  Lucky is not leaving without his father.  Luke tells him that nothing is going to happen that night.  Too many people know Lucky and he will get nailed.  Luke might have a plan, but Lucky is not a part of it.  Lucky gets angry. His father can only dodge bullets alone for so long.  Lucky tells him that his mother needs him.  Luke says that he has everything covered.  Lucky begs him to listen, but Luke tells him to continue to be there for him and let him do things his way.  Scotty comes into the room and Lucky turns from view facing the wall.  Scotty leans across the table telling Luke that it is time for them to go.  Scotty orders that guard to go and Lucky leaves.  Scotty wants to grill Luke some more.  Scotty knows that the man is planning an escape.  He knows that Luke thinks that he is going to be able to save Laura.  Luke tells Scotty that he has destroyed Laura.  Scotty is going to have Luke transported on a route that only he knows about.

The guards are brought in and Nikolas is behind him.  He would like to talk to speak to Luke alone and he is given 2 minutes.  Nikolas knows now that Luke did this for Laura. He gives the man an apology.  Luke tells Nikolas to make sure that Lucky does nothing crazy to get his father out of jail.  Nikolas will do that.  There is something else that Luke would like him to do.  He dictates a letter to Laura and Nikolas writes.  “…one day we will look back and see that this period of time was just a bump on the crazy road trip that has been our lives together. We will be together again soon.  Until then…know how much I love you…know that I will always love you…Luke”  Nikolas is close to tears. He knows that letter will mean a lot to Laura.  He will take the letter to Laura when he sees her next.  Luke wants to be sure that he will deliver the letter personally.  Nikolas will do that.  Luke thanks him wholeheartedly.  Nikolas tells him not to give up.  Nikolas is sure that Alexis is doing everything that she can for him.  Luke doesn’t want to hear that. He wants Alexis to stay out of this and not mess with anything.  Nikolas understands.

The water is getting too high for Brenda now. She is pounding on the door or her watery coffin hoping that someone will hear her screaming.  The water is chest high now.

Carly is upset and has a gut feeling. She tells Sonny that she had a dream and she is afraid for his life.  Sonny has to make a move on Alcazar right now. This could be a set up but Sonny has to take that risk.  Jason watches from a distance as they talk.  Sonny will watch his back out there.  Carly thinks that many things could happen to her husband. They are wasting time and have to get going.  Carly has a feeling and something is not right. She begs Sonny not to go and see Alcazar that night.  Jason offers to go ahead of him and check things out.  Sonny agrees to that.  Jason goes running off.  Carly can feel danger and it is in the room with them.  Sonny tells her that the danger is in the room and it is her fear.

Something is going to happen and Felicia is being shuffled all over by Alcazar and his men.  Felicia is taken away to a safe place. They are finally off that yacht.  Alcazar asks his men if Brenda is safely off the boat, but the men haven’t seen her.

Jax and Skye are alone outside, sitting on top of an overturned boat, and talking about things. He talks of her having a drink the day that they break up. He needs to talk about it as that affects him too. She knows that it affects him and she will answer his questions.  He loves her but he doesn’t want to be the reason that she drinks.  He needs to know that she is handling it.  Life has its ups and downs. She has been sober up until the point of him turning from her. He can’t be responsible for her taking that risk again.  He would like her to think about what he has just said. She has an answer for him right now. She will be sober for him. She knows that her sobriety is dependant on herself. It is about her and how she chooses to lose her life.  If she thought that Jax could jeopardize her sobriety, she wouldn’t be with him. She was the one that picked up that drink.  He feels responsible for that.  She thinks that there was more going on with her.  She is not making excuses, but she walks that fine line everyday.  When she was walking out of the recovery room, her shoe strap fell off and in that moment she picked up that drink. It was that easy.  He is sorry for that.  She has no one to blame but herself.  She forgot about her AA training.  She was on the run and went to the meetings 2 or 3 times a day. That was all that she had to hang on to. Don’t take a drink today.  Jax is starting to understand her.  There is a monster that lives inside her and that is not going to go away. That sounds like bravery to him. She feels that she is too frozen to move inside.  She is afraid to live, to give and to trust.  He is not sure that he has been helping her. She wants to be a better person because of him.   She is getting faith in herself that she has been able to pick a man that is good for her. That makes him smile.  He might get boring to her after a while.  He has never admired a woman as much as he admires her. She is a savvy business woman and she is a survivor or abuse and she is passionate. There are all parts of her that he is falling deeper and deeper in love with everyday.  This might be one big test and it might have happened for a reason.  He is realizing what a treasure he has in front of him. They kiss.

Jason comes to see Alcazar, who is sure that Sonny is behind this.  Jason tells him that this has nothing to do with Sonny.  Alcazar doesn’t believe that. Why is the man so upset?  He only lost a boat.  Alcazar has a message for Sonny.  He is out of time.  Jason runs off to relay the message.  Alcazar tells his henchman to go and find Brenda as soon as possible and bring her to him.

Taggert talks to Sonny, sure that he has something to do with the boat doing down in the pier.  Cops find Roy sneaking up Sonny's stairs and bring him in.  Taggert thinks Roy has something to do with the boat, too.  Taggert is not fooled.  He knows that someone is backing Alcazar.  Sonny thinks that it is Roy, but Roy assures him that he is only a business man.  Taggert reminds them about Kristina and has to wonder if Carly is going to be the next casualty.  Carly threatens him with a lawsuit. She doesn’t have to listen to this.  She leaves to go to the store, so  Sonny reminds her to get him some yellow peppers.  Taggert tells him that this may be her last meal.  Taggert thinks that Sonny made a mistake tonight.  Someone was on that yacht and that is going to come back to haunt him.  Taggert walks out of Sonny’s apartment.

After a moment, Roy tells him Sonny that this doesn’t change a thing, and then he leaves, too.  Jason comes in right that with news for Sonny about his meeting with Alcazar.  Jason tries to ask what Roy was there for but Sonny just wants the details.  Jason tells him that Alcazar’s girlfriend was still on the boat when it went down.  Alcazar thinks that Sonny is behind the explosion.  He is losing his mind and is shouting and yelling at his crew.  Jason says that if they are to move, now is the time.

Brenda has made her way to shore.  She hides under the same boat that Jax and Skye were sitting on not too long ago.  Alcazar and a thug are nearby.  Alcazar knows that she didn’t drown.  The coastguard is looking for her and he wants her found first.  He paces back and forth, right by where Brenda is hiding.    Alcazar leaves the area but she continues to stay hidden.

Jax and Skye are home now and she has a confession to make. She told him that when he told her that they were finished, she thought that he was right and that she didn’t deserve him.  He has a confession to make too. He was hurt and angry with himself, but he never stopped loving her.  That is just what she needed to hear. It is a miracle that they are back together.  They are going to need time to trust one another again.  They are going to have all the time in the world.  They lie back on the bed and start making love.

Brenda is on land now and finds a man using his cell phone.  She is a mess. She would like to use his phone to make a call.  He offers to call 911 for her. She doesn’t want 911. the guy wants nothing to do with her, but she shows him her watch. It is worth $3,000 and she offers it to him in exchange for a call on his phone.  He reluctantly takes the watch and gives her the phone. She dials like a maniac.

Jax and Skye have just made love and she feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders. She can be honest with him.  He would like to keep it that way. He assures her that he will be honest with her at all costs. She suddenly isn’t afraid anymore. She thought that she was going to lose everything and now that has vanished. They have all the time in the world. They start kissing again.

The coastguard hasn’t found Brenda. There was no sign of the woman in the locked room. They don’t think that she was able to swim free. The chances of her survival is slim.  Alcazar is sure that she is alive. He only has to find her.

The phone rings and Roy answers to Alcazar who tells him that he wants Sonny dead now or he will kill Felicia.  Roy is getting ready to do the deed right now.

Brenda asks the man that lends her the phone to push talk and ask for Sonny. She shows him the watch again. She wants Sonny to come and meet her at a church.  Sonny’s phone rings. The man asks for Sonny.  He is told that a friend of his wants to meet him at the church.  Sonny wants a name.  “She doesn’t want to talk to you.”  Sonny insists that the woman be put on the phone.  The man hands the phone to Brenda, who takes it and just stares at it.

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