GH Update Thursday 9/12/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/12/02

By Glynis & Suzanne
Proofread by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

 The case against Luke starts and Alexis interrupts so that she can be reinstated as Lukeís attorney.  Luke jumps up to prevent that.  Alexis says that he is under duress and canít represent himself. He is under this duress as he is protecting the woman that he loves.  The judge points out that Luke has denied counsel and that is his right.  Alexis isnít a psychiatrist and canít speak on Lukeís state of mind.  Her motion is denied.  Scott suggests to Luke that he tell the court that he was protecting Laura and beg for mercy, so he won't get the full sentence.  Scott knows it will hurt Bobbie to see Luke go to prison for the rest of his life.

 Meanwhile, Alexis gripes to Lucky and Nikolas that Luke doesn't seem to know what he's doing beyond protecting Laura.  She asks him to make Luke see reason. Lucky visits Luke and tells him that whatever he's planning, he is with him.  Luke makes a statement to the court that shows he murdered Rick and he's not sorry about it.  The judge tells him that he is found guilty of murder in the second degree and gives him life.  Luke smiles to himself.

Roy and Alcazar discuss the order for Sonny to be killed.  Roy canít do that.  Alcazar lets Roy talk briefly to Felicia on the phone.  He is angry that Felicia has been threatened, but he knows that he is going to have to do as he is told.

Carly is home when she hears a womanís voice in the hall.  The woman wants to see Sonny.  Carly goes to the door and opens it to Skye.  Skye will talk to her, then, if that is all that she can get.  Carly wants nothing to do with her.  Skye is desperate and worried about the man that she loves. She only wants 5 minutes.  Carly lets her in reluctantly.  Carly is busy and wants her to get to the point.  Skye says that she has no idea where Jax is. She canít reach him anywhere.  Carly thinks that it is funny that she is all freaked out about Jax not being around.  Skye thinks that this disappearance may mean that Jax might be next to be killed.  Carly thinks that the anniversary of Brendaís death is coming up and Jax might be over at the place where Brenda lived mourning her death.  Skye doesnít believe that.  Carly doesnít care.  Skye has another question.  Carly knew Brenda and saw Jax with her. She wants to know how he was with her.  Carly isnít sure that Skye can take the news.  Carly tells her that Brenda is the only woman that Jax has ever loved and ever will.  Carly tells Skye that Jax and Brenda broke up once, but he took her back again.  Jax didnít care about anything as she was it for him.  Sonny was with Brenda once as well.  Skye thinks that maybe Carly is a Brenda substitute.  Carly says that she is nothing like Brenda. She is only a simple girl, but she has gotten the life that she wants now.  Sonny loved Brenda once, but he loves her now.  Skye thanks her for the information and gets up to leave.  As she is walking out, Carly says the address of the house where she believes that Jax is.    Then Jason comes in and tells her that they are supposed to meet Sonny somewhere.

Sonny finds Jax at Brenda's old place.  It is the anniversary of her death and they argue about who let her down the most.

Brenda and Alcazar talk and she would like to clarify things so that he knows what she wants.  She tells him that her illness is the foundation of their relationship.  She chose to stay away from this town and accept his help. He feels that she is regretting her decision now.  She doesnít enjoy him keeping her as a prisoner.  He tells her that is only temporary now.  She has to trust him.  He knows that she is unhappy, but he is going to get her away from Port Charles and give her back her freedom.  She says she likes that idea, but she wants him to promise not to hurt Sonny and Jax.  Alcazar canít guarantee that something will happen to them, but he promises her that it will not be by his hand. They have had a very good time together, but he assures her that is only the start. She is happy with him but will not be happy if it is at the expense of someone else.   She tries to get him to let her leave because of the horrible gasoline smell in the next room.  That's because they are fueling up, getting the ship ready to leave, he says, and he says she will be breathing fresh air soon.   He tells her not to worry as she will not be in Port Charles much longer.  He has an anniversary dinner planned (four years since they met).  He leaves the room and she moves over to the pillow.  Underneath she has hidden something.  It is a flare gun.  She looks out the portholeÖ

Sonny is on the docks staring at the yacht.  Roy knows that he is there and he slowly comes down the stairs behind the man.   Jason comes up with Carly, so Roy has missed his opportunity.  Sonny wants Alcazar to see them both together, to know they're not hiding.

Skye makes her way to the address that Carly gave her.  Jax appears and she tells him that Carly gave him the address of the place.  It is the anniversary of Brendaís death. He wants to be alone and she didnít want to stay away from him.  She knows that she is the imperfect love. She could still be his mistake, but isnít sure that she is.  She is rambling.  Love is a new experience for her, but now that she has felt it, she canít give it up.  She loves him and she is going to prove that to him.  She loves him and someday, she is sure that he is going to love her back.  Jax has accepted living without Brenda and now Skye is there. She is difficult and he had to give up his peaceful life.  He tells her that next year, he will not be in the house.  He will be with her.  She loves hearing that. They decide to go home now.  Her words have touched his heart and he is ready to forgive her.

Jason tells Sonny that Alcazar's ship has been refueled and looks ready to leave, and the woman he saw on the boat has left.  They know he wouldn't just give up that easily, though.  Brenda's name comes up when Sonny wonders how Jax is connected to all this with Alcazar and he tells Jason that today is the anniversary of her death.  Sonny says he once told Jason that he would die seeing Brenda's face.  He gets all choked up when he says he wonders if she died seeing his face.

Brenda has changed now. She is completely dressed in black and she is in semi-darkness.  She tiptoes back and forth from the door to make sure that no one is around or near the door.  She has a plan and she is going to put it into action.  She gets all the furniture from the room and stacks it across from the only porthole in the room. She stands behind the barricade and aims her flare gun at the porthole.  ďOh, god, please let this workÖĒ She aims her gun at the window and she fires.  POW!

Something is wrong.  Water is coming onto the boat and it canít be stopped.  The boat is going to sink.  Alcazar has to move Felicia, and one of his thugs is there to assist with the move.  They have to go fast to survive.

Carly and Sonny talk and she learns that he has been thinking about Brenda. She is okay with that.  He learned that you canít save the people that you love by pushing them away.  Sometimes he forgets that and sends her away.  He loves her and has her and that is all that matters.  What they have is great for their future.  She is never going to let him push her away for any reason at all. 

Brenda is still locked in her room. She can tell that something has happened.  Water is filling up in her room and she is going to drown soon if someone doesnít come to get her out of there.  She goes to the door pounding on it and screaming for her life.

Lucky disguises himself as a guard and sneaks in to see Luke; he is there to help him escape.

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