GH Update Tuesday 9/10/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/10/02

By Danielle

Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole


Courtney turned away from AJ when he touched her, still unable to allow her husband to comfort her after seeing her dancing on stage for money. As she left their apartment, Edward entered. Letting AJ know that he was aware of "Daisy" and her unfortunate predicament, he made AJ a "deal:" Help me take out Ned and I will give you the means to provide Courtney with the life she deserves. Letting him know that Courtney would never had been in this predicament if AJ had had the family fortune at his disposal, he used the mishaps of the recent weeks to belittle his grandson. For a second time, AJ stood his ground against his grandfather and told him to get out-that he would provide for his wife on his own. AJ then headed to the diner to visit his beautiful bride. Courtney, however, already had company; Mr. Coleman was there for a visit. Letting his former employee know he had purchased a new business (Jake's bar), he explained that he had had a change of heart and was there to apologize. AJ walked in just as Coleman was trying to hand Courtney some "make-up money" and refused it for her, telling the former dance club owner to take a hike. Impressed by her husband's willingness to stand up for her, Courtney escorted him home where she finally decided it was time to let bygones be bygones and accept the fact that he had forgiven her.

Jax found Skye held up in a tiny apartment that was far from her idea of "cozy." She thought he was there to have her arrested as a way to seek revenge, but he turned the tables on her and told her the good news - Edward pulled his own plug. Happy about the news, Skye reassured him that she was back on her program for alcohol abuse, and began to wonder why Edward hated her so much. "He wrecked my life. Mission accomplished," she told Jax, before realizing that her devious grandfather wasn't trying to get rid of her because of the things she had (or hadn't) done, but rather because he was afraid Jax would forgive her. She confronted Jax, wondering where they stood, and in turn he asked when she was going to stop making excuses due to her past. "You didn't tell me to go to hell. That's a start," she realized. Promising him that she could never have fulfilled the contract with Edward, he told her to get her stuff - that there was something she wanted to take care of - and he wanted to be there to witness it.

Monica and Alan requested Ned and Alexis' presence in the family room for a "discussion. Worried that the gathering was about her child, Alexis warned Ned that, "If there's something as premeditated premature kidnapping they should all be behind bars." Alan and Monica had a different agenda in mind - letting Ned know that they were behind him in whatever measures he decided to take against Edward. Ned threw them for a loop though, letting them in on his plan - to use ELQ to bankrupt Sonny. His plan - run all of Sonny's legitimate business in the ground so he is forced to do one of two things: use money from other sources and will therefore be arrested for racketeering or file bankruptcy and leave the country. Alexis "standing by her man" or rather by her friend, let the Quartermaine parents know the decision was Ned's to make and that her baby would be fine no matter his decision. Worried about the tyke growing up broke thanks to it's loving father running the family company into the ground, Monica and Alan told Alexis to change Ned's mind. "Sonny is responsible for my sister's death and he should have to pay for it," she told them. Continuing, she reminded them, "This child's mother whom you're ignoring makes a damn good living with or without ELQ,"

After Ned and Alexis departed, Edward barged in, gloating about how he was planning to make Ned fall on his face. Jax came in though, announcing he wanted a front row seat for the "show," which led to Skye's presence and her threat: "When I get through with you grandfather, you're going to wish I pulled that plug. Skye made Edward admit to holding her to their deal even after she wanted out and he had agreed. Calling him a "cruel, sadistic old man," she forced him to tell Jax, and the rest of the family, the truth or "I swear to God it won't be attempted murder they charge me with." Admitting to everything, Edward still managed to try to make Skye look like the bad seed. "The very fact that she even considered stabbing you in the back should tell you all you need to know about her so called love," the old man told Jax. Looking to Jax to see what his reaction was, Skye apologized yet again. She explained that this was a test-one that they could pass if they just tried. Jax warned her that it may be a little more complicated than that, but didn't seem unwilling to try.

Roy comforted Felicia before Alcazar's henchman came to take her away to see her children (a gesture of good faith). Roy tried to get invited to the party, but the henchman refused to let him come along, threatening to take neither. Felicia went alone, and found Maxie and Georgie doing just fine in Alcazar's hands. Felicia made a deal with the arms dealer: me for my kids. After refusing for a few moments, Alcazar decided to take her up on her offer and let the girls go, with orders to deliver a message to Roy: "Hold up your end of the bargain."

Brenda, seeming a little anxious, tried to convince Luis to let her out of her room, telling him "I owe you whatever's left of my life." She tried yet again to convince him to leave with her, but again he refused, ushering in Diana to deliver her a shot. "What is happening to you?" she asked her jealous new boyfriend. Once Alcazar left the room, she convinced Diana not to drug her and the nurse injected the medicine into the pillow on the bed instead. "I'm not having an episode," she told her friend. "He's just trying to control me." She slipped Diana Sonny's number to warn her ex to be prepared. Almost caught by the guard, Brenda spotted a first aid kit in the hallway and began to set up a plan for an escape (or at least a rescue mission). Pretending to sprain her "bad" ankle by tripping over the single, only chair in the room, Brenda called for the guard and asked him to bandage her boo-boo. Telling him she is lonely and enjoys his company, Brenda began seducing the guard and managed to snag the flare gun from the kit, hiding it under her bottom. Luis, as if on cue, caught the two, and knowing what Brenda had been up to, locked her back up. She hid the flare gun underneath her pillow.

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