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General Hospital Update Monday 9/9/02

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Felicia and Roy were sweet talking inside Kelly's while Felicia's kids were getting kidnapped by Alcazar's men. The love birds broke it up when they heard Lucas yelling outside. Upset with the situation, Felicia began to call Mac, but Roy wouldn't let her, reminding her of the ongoing situation and the consequences of involving the police. Roy went to Alcazar to find out what was going on and to try to get the girls home to their mother. Lucas, not knowing how to comfort Felicia after her girls had disappeared was relieved when Mac showed up. Mac comforted Felicia, not knowing the truth, simply believing Maxie had pulled another of her stunts and taken Georgie along for the ride. He told her she was a good mother and that the kids would return safely.

Roy went to Alcazar's boat where he confronted his cohort.   He grabbed Alcazar from behind and said, "Give me Felicia's children or I'll break your neck," he told the arms dealer. Refusing to give up the children until Roy had complied with his request to eliminate Sonny, Alcazar did give Roy a chance to speak with the girls on the phone. Maxie informed him that they were being taken care of, but they wanted him to come get them as soon as possible. Alcazar warned him once again of the consequences if he did not follow orders.

Carly had a bad dream in which Sonny was shot inside the penthouse. Upset over it, she got up and went downstairs. Sonny noticed her gone and joined her on the couch, where they discussed the dream and what it meant. Asking each other questions about childhood fantasies, the couple enjoyed their breakfast in a loving environment.

Elizabeth took the proper steps to find out where she stood with Jason. Not wanting to get into a bad discussion, he tried to get her to go to bed, but she refused, wanting to finally resolve the feelings between them. Realizing that their previous habit of one opening up while the other one pulls away has gotten them nowhere, Elizabeth offers a suggestion: instead of continuing their vicious circle of unclaimed feelings "We can start being honest about how we really feel. I'm game if you are," she tells him. Agreeing, he gets right to the quick, " What's really going on between you and Zander?" Elizabeth considered her words wisely and asked Jason if he'd ever slept with a friend before - someone he liked but didn't love. Without waiting on an answer, she admitted that the Zander situation was exactly that - a mistake that she couldn't take back. Jason admitted that he knew about her and Zander, that he had seen them and left. Confused, Elizabeth asked him why he hadn't done something about it. "If I mattered to you why couldn't you say it?" she asked. "I did," he told her. "And you chose Zander." Understanding, Elizabeth informed him that she was with Zander because Zander needed someone to be with, but she realized that someone wasn't her, and told Jason that he was the one she wanted. She asked him if he felt the same way, and he admitted he did. He explained to her that there were promises he could never make and things he could never explain - middle of the night meetings and trips and people. He told her that he couldn't promise she wouldn't get hurt-by his job or him. "No one can make promises like that," she explained. He did make her one promise though- he promised that he would never hurt her on purpose, and she told him that was an important promise - important enough for them to make an attempt at something more than friends. "Go upstairs now, before Zander barges in at the exact wrong moment and I flip out and beat him up and we start all over again," he told her, giving her a hug goodnight.

Luke continued to hold Scotty at gunpoint, admitting that he should have killed Scotty years ago. Alexis showed up, trying to talk him down and get him to tell her why the whole situation was Scotty's fault. Admitting that the past didn't matter anymore, that "It's just all blood under the bridge," Luke kept the gun steady. Alexis talked him down by reminding him that if he killed Scotty, Laura would feel guilty for the remainder of her life. The police took Luke into custody and left Alexis behind to chat with Scott. Alerting Luke that an appeal was in the works, the District Attorney warned her that the case was over. "You sanctimonious hypocrite. I'll shoot you myself if you don't shut up," she told Scott. After she arrived at the PCPD to talk with Luke, she still left empty handed (so to speak). Luke refused to tell her what had happened and had the guards escort her out.

Lucky and Nikolas continued to argue with Gia and Bobbie as witnesses. Bobbie, siding with Lucky about Luke's innocence, told the brothers to argue all they wanted, but to pull it together for Lulu's sake. "Am I the only one in this family who think's my mother is a victim?" Nikolas asked. "Which family are you referring to?" Lucky asked snidely. Before the argument could escalate further, Lucky retreated to visit his father. He informed Luke that he had placed a call to the director of the institute Laura was sent to. Luke told his son to make them understand the situation so that Laura could get better as quickly as possible. Lucky told his father that visiting Laura was out of the question for at least six months and that he had to inform Lulu as gently as possible that mommy was sick and couldn't see anyone but doctors for a while. Then the discussion took a turn and heated up - settling on Luke's situation. "I know what you're up to. I'm not going to let you get away with this," Lucky told his father. Informing his son that he didn't have much of a choice, Luke let his son in on another secret: "Your shifty old daddy's got no intention of going to prison."

Alcazar locked Brenda in a room after her stunt to try to inform Sonny of his plans. "You'll only hate yourself if you try to connect with your past before your illness takes over," he told her. When Diana (her nurse/caretaker) arrived, she tried once more to get help getting word to Sonny. Getting antsy about the upcoming event, Brenda asked Diana, "Were you ever really my friend?" Diana informed her that due to her "episode" the doctor had been sent for and was on his way. When the doctor arrived, she tried once more to get a hold of a phone to make contact. Sounding like a raving lunatic talking about a murder, the doctor could do nothing but rationalize her behavior as an early stage of the disease. "Did you notice the door was locked?" She asked him. "That isn't for my protection, it's to keep me in." Alcazar joined her later, wondering if she had calmed down at all. Alcazar told her that it was her disease making her imagine things and that he will love her until the day she died. "You're doing things behind my back that you won't explain. I'm not imagining that," she told him.

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