GH Update Friday 9/6/02


General Hospital Update Friday 9/6/02

By Glynis
Proofread by Nicole

Sonny and Carly come to see Jason.  Elizabeth is there and she took care of him.  Zander asks who Carly is.  She tries to explain that they were friends.  Elizabeth confirms that.  Jason tells them that he has found the woman that they have been talking about.  He explains how he came to find the woman. She was small with dark hair and Jason had never seen her before.  Zander can’t understand why they can’t just go and take this guy out.  Sonny thinks that he speaks without thinking.  Sonny thanks Elizabeth for her help and he tells Zander to watch out for Elizabeth.  Sonny, Carly and Jason leave and in the hall, they discuss Jason putting his life on the line.  Jason wanted to find out more, but he couldn’t.  Carly knows they want to talk, so she heads into the apartment.  Jason tells Sonny that Alcazar is going to retaliate.  Jason offers to take care of him.  Jason knows that they are missing something.

Alcazar tells Roy that he wants Sonny dead and Roy is going to kill him.  Roy says that he is not going to kill Sonny or anyone else.  Roy turns to leave  but the guard gets in his way.  Roy walks past the man.  Alcazar orders his guard to do what he knows he must.

Bobbie gives Felicia the news about Laura.  Felicia thinks that Roy and Luke are cooking up a plan.  Lucas and Maxie talk at a table nearby and everyone sits together.  Lucas tells Maxie and Georgie about some bears that he came across in his travels.   Roy walks in and finds Felicia there.  Bobbie leaves and Felicia tells the kids to go outside for a while.  They can tell that they are being told to get lost.  They leave and Roy faces her to tell her what Alcazar has done now. He can’t think about Alcazar now. He is waiting for a call from Luke.

Nikolas and Lucky are talking to Lulu who really wants to see her mother.  They explain to her that Laura needs to get some more help.  Lucky tells her that soon, her mommy will come and tuck her into bed.

Scotty is watching Laura talk to Luke through a two way mirror.  Luke tells her that he is going to get her out of there.  She doesn’t recognize him at all. She is afraid of him. She remembers nothing.  She tells him that he can’t make her remember anything. She tells him to go away from him.  She is acting really erratic.  Outside the room, the guys in the white outfits come to get Laura and tie her up.  Scotty has ordered it as she is completely hysterical.  Luke hears that people are coming and he shouts to Scotty to stop. He puts a chair in front of the door to stop the men from coming in.  Laura thinks that she is in danger and she starts shouting for someone to come and help her.  “HELP ME!  HELP ME!”  He has blocked the door and talks to Laura again. He tells her that they will get Lulu and they will take off. She doesn’t know any Lulu. She thinks that she already has a family.  He tells her that they have a family together.  He has never lied to her.  She is moving her head like it hurts and her hair is matted.  Outside the door, Scotty has gotten some security guards to bust the door down.  Laura tells Luke that she hates him. She hits him in the face and he falls over.  The guards get in the room and they get a hold of Luke.  Laura is tied up and restrained and then the big needle comes out.  Luke is shouting out, “NO!  NO!”  Laura sees the needle too and gets very afraid. 

After the shot,  Laura is sitting in a chair and in a strait jacket.  Her tongue is hanging. She is listless.  The doctor examines her and leaves the room.  Outside the room, Scotty and Luke discuss her condition.  Nikolas and Lucky come see what is going on.  The doctor says that Laura is being moved to London. They have done very innovative work. She is going to be in the finest facility in the world.  Lucky has to say goodbye to his mother now.  The door is opened and he walks in.  She is sleeping now.  Nikolas follows his brother and they tell her that she is going to be alright.  She opens her eyes and asks Laura if he is going to sign her out.  Outside, the doctor is explaining that the therapy for Laura could take a few years and the chance of her getting better is slim.  The doctor doesn’t think that Laura and Luke should say goodbye.  In his opinion, he thinks that Laura should never see him again.  Even Scotty is at a loss for words.


Inside the room, Laura talks to Lucky as if he is Scotty. She asks him to tell her parents that she is sorry for whatever it was that she did.  Lucky sees that she has lost it.  He tells her that he will see what he can do to help her.  Nikolas starts talking and Laura asks who he is.  Nikolas tells her that they are her family and that she doesn’t have to worry about Lulu.  “Who is Lulu?” she asks.  She thinks that is someone that she went to high school with.  They are going to leave now. She asks if they are going  to get her out.  Lucky holds her head and kisses it. She tells him she loves him and she calls him Scott.  They leave the room crying.  She didn’t know who they were.  Luke thinks that she will in time.  Luke tells them that they have to take care of Lulu and make sure that she doesn’t worry. She needs to know that her mother loves her and wants to come home.  Lucky and Nikolas go to Luke and hug him like they were little children.  Nikolas and Lucky leave and Scotty gets back to the confession.  Luke turns on him.  He tells them that he is going to say goodbye to his wife, or he is not saying anything.  He will also get his lawyer and call a press conference telling them everything that happened in that attic.  Everything!  Scotty doesn’t care.  He will not allow him to go into that room.  Luke watches his wife through the two way mirror. She is sitting in the dark now and humming to herself.  She is swinging her body from side to side while she sits in her strait jacket.

Brenda goes to the housekeeper and demands to know if she knew that Sonny was going to be killed.    The housekeeper tells her that Alcazar loves her and wants her to love him back. She can keep the men safe if she acts like she doesn’t care about the men and only loves Alcazar. That is all she has to do to make this madness stop.  The door opens and Alcazar walks in. He finds the two ladies with their heads together and he wonders what is going on.  The housekeeper leaves the room and Brenda plays up to Alcazar. She hugs him and thanks him for taking care of her. She asks him to leave the place with her. She reminds him of times that they shared together.  He made her a promise. He said that he would give her a life like the butterflies and that he would always be with her no matter what.  They kiss. He tells her that he will never let her go. She hates this place.  It hurts her.  She wants him to take her away. She feels that she has done something wrong.  He turns to her.  Everything that he does, he does for her.  He kisses her and picks her up throwing her on the bed.

Jason and Elizabeth talk. She doesn’t care what happens out there in the world, but she does know that they have tonight and each other.  Jason asks about Zander.

Sonny and Carly get romantic in the house.  She is glad that she has snuck back into the house after he ordered her on the plane.  He knows that when his wife is bad, he is better.  He likes her any way that he can get her.

Brenda has a cell phone and she dials a number, then listens.  She is calling Sonny.   He is not answering.  Sonny is kissing his wife but he stops to go to the phone.  “Hello…”  She has no chance to say anything as Alcazar comes up behind her and takes the phone from her shutting it off.  Sonny calls out, “Hello…” No one answers.

Roy and Felicia are eating at the diner and she tells him that she has a lot to be grateful for.  She wants to get rid of the danger in their lives for a while.  Lucas is watching Roy and Felicia kissing from outside the diner.  The girls come up and watch them too. With their backs turned, Alcazar’s men fall into position and watch the kids at the window.

Nikolas talks to Lulu telling her that her mother has to go away to London. The child thinks that mommy is mad at her.  They assure her that she didn’t do anything wrong. She is scared.  Lucky hugs her close to him.  He knows how she is feeling.

Scotty, comes to Luke with the confession and asks him to sign it.  He takes the papers and suddenly grabs a guard’s gun.  He points it at the 3 men.  He tells Scotty that there is going to be no question as to who committed this crime. 

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