GH Update Thursday 9/5/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/5/02

By Glynis
Proofread by Nicole

At Club 101, Roy and Felicia meet for a date and he wants to shorten the night to just a drink.  She knows that Luke is innocent.  He would have handled things differently.  Mac has to know this isn’t the truth…AJ and Courtney enter the club and he offers to give her the night of her life…Also at the club, Jax is asking Alexis to help him deal with Sonny.  Alexis is fine with this.  After what happened with her sister, it is apparent that Sonny has to be dealt with.  She asks about Skye.  He smiles at that question. She tells him that he was right about Sonny and now that she has admitted that, she would like him to tell her about Skye.  He has been thinking about his relationship with Skye and has been wondering if he has only been trying to fill a void that Brenda left him with…AJ and Courtney sit together and she is concerned that he doesn’t like the way that she looks. He assures her that everything is fine…

Bobbie comes to see her brother at the station.  Felicia told her what was going on with him.  She would have come sooner but was on vacation.  He hasn’t signed a confession but he will.  Bobbie wants him to go to trial and let Laura clear him.  He fired Alexis because Alexis believes that Laura can testify.  Luke wants her to help him with this or take off.  Bobbie knows that there are things that can be given to Laura to make her remember what happened to her.  Luke is sure that Laura is going to be okay, but she has to have no pressure at all.  Bobbie begs him not to do this to himself and to Lucky.  Leslie will look after Lulu, he is not worried about that.  He would like Bobbie to help raise his girl, too.  He asks her to help him with this. He knows that he can count on her.  He thanks her so much for this.

Laura is in her hospital room when Scotty comes to see him.  She doesn’t recognize him.  He tells her that he is an old friend. She remembers him now.  She thinks that her parents have sent him to get her out of there. She promises to be good and never break curfew again.  “Please…GET ME OUT!”

Sonny is angry that Carly hasn’t listened to him again.  He told her to get out of town, but she didn’t listen. She sent Michael alone with the sitter.  Sonny is angry as all hell is about to break loose.  She tells him that she can be trusted, but this isn’t about trust.  He thinks that she may be hurt or killed.  She gets it.  No matter how many enemies that he has, he is going to be the one that is standing at the end.  She is so crazy in love and that is why she is staying with him.  Nothing is going to happen to her. She is sure of it.  She wouldn’t be everything that she is now if she was afraid of things. There is no way in hell that she is going to give up being with him. She is fighting because that is what she does best. They have that in common.  She kisses him and that is when the phone rings.  He walks from her to talk but she follows him.  “Any sign of activity?  Security breach?  Yes…”  He tells her that Jason is taking care of something and he hasn’t checked in yet.  She knows that this is about the Alcazar guy. She thinks that they should do exactly the opposite of what he is expecting.  Sonny asks her if she would like to go out on the town and she accepts his offer.

Jason is on the yacht and he has found the room where Brenda is stashed. He knows that someone is in there, but when he breaks his way in, she is hiding. He tells her that he can help her.  He whispers as he walks through the room looking for her.  She heard his voice and she knows that it is Jason.  Jason thinks that he knows where the person is.  He opens a door and the housekeeper is standing there.  She tries to walk past him but he stops her.  He asks her questions to do with Sonny but the woman only tells him that he has to leave.  It is at that moment that the door opens and Alcazar enters with 3 of his henchmen. They are holding their guns on Jason.  Brenda is still hidden, but she hears what is going on out there.  He has Jason taken out of the room. He gives instructions for his men to ‘Handle things right with no mistakes.’  The housekeeper who is understandably afraid of Alcazar starts trying to explain but he doesn’t need an explanation from her. He understands what has happened.  She leaves the room and Brenda hears the door close. She comes out of hiding and heads to the door of her room.  Alcazar is there.  He tells her that if she is planning to rescue Jason, they are going to have a problem.  He tells her that if she wants to go she can. He tells her that if she wants to go, he will help her.  He reminds her that he did everything for her. He has given her the best life that he could. He has done everything that he has promised. He wants her to trust him.  He asks her if she does.  He wants her to think of her answer carefully as she may regret what happens next.  Someone knocks on the door and Alcazar knows that he has to go.  He gets up and leaves. 

Alexis sees Jax staring over her shoulder and she turns to find Sonny and Carly entering the club.  Carly sees them, too. This is going to be some night after all.  Sonny apparently is not intimidated by anyone…Courtney wants AJ to concentrate on her as the night is about to be about them.  She is right and he turns his focus to her.  They clink glasses…Carly regrets losing the club to Jax’s girlfriend.  She hates Jax firing her.  She did, however, give him a good reason to fire her.  Sonny thinks that Jax pushed her out to get back at Sonny…Courtney has a man approach her telling her that he is a great admirer of her work.  AJ tells the man to get lost. The man knows that Courtney is a dancer…Sonny tells Carly that Jax approached him to work on getting at Alcazar. 

They hear shouting and look over to see AJ arguing with a man.  Courtney begs AJ to sit down.  The man doesn’t want any trouble.  Sonny goes over to their table and asks if there is a problem there…Carly takes that opportunity to go over to Jax and Alexis’s table and give Jax an opportunity to save his life…Sonny clears up the problem and AJ and Courtney sit down to eat again.  AJ is upset and wants to go now.  Courtney tells him that they could still have a nice time.  AJ doesn’t want that.  He asks for the check.  Sonny offers to pay for the meal that they were going to have.  Courtney turns on him telling him that she wouldn’t accept his money before, so why would he expect her to accept his money now.  She hates that Sonny is always undermining her husband…Carly tries to talk sense to Jax, but he tells her that if he were she, he would leave town and not be around for the spectacle that will be Sonny’s demise.  Sonny has returned to this area and hears what his wife and Jax are saying to each other.  Alexis doesn’t want to hear this anymore.  Carly doesn’t know why she bothers trying to help these guys out.  She tells them that Sonny is better than they are and he doesn’t need them, they need him.  Sonny pulls her away and tells her that they should just go home.

Roy comes to see Luke and Luke is glad to see him.  Roy tells him that nothing has changed for Laura. She is still the same. Luke has a plan.  Roy wants to know what it is.  He relates the plan and it is going to happen that night.  Roy gets a call and something is wrong, but Roy says nothing about it.  He gets up and leaves.  Scotty comes in with Luke’s typed confession for him to sign.  Luke tells him that there has been a change in plans.  He says that he will sign a confession if he gets to talk to his wife.  Scotty doesn’t want to do that.  Luke knows that Scotty has always wanted Laura and his dream of getting her all to himself is coming true.  Luke wants him to take care of Laura.  He is not signing anything until he sees his wife one last time.  Scotty picks up the papers and leaves the room.

Jason has been taken to the deck and the 2 men with him try to throw him overboard. He manages to get loose and he beats the crap out of the men. He is free again.  Brenda hears the shots that Alcazar's men fire futilely into the water.  She asks Alcazar about killing Jason.  Brenda tells him that she does trust him..  She worries about what will happen to Sonny and Jax.  He assures her that they won't be harmed.

Zander and Elizabeth discuss what happened before with them.  She fills in the blanks for him.  She tells him that they got close once.  He thinks that means that she led him on and he made a fool of himself.  He wonders if he has ever loved a girl that loved him back.  She tells him that Emily is the girl and she is alive and well.  Zander made some enemies and he and Emily ran off on a bus that crashed. Her family then sent her off to get him away from her.  Then she called and broke up with him over the phone.  He has no recollection of this happening. The break-up was bad but the relationship was good for them.  As they are talking, Jason arrives and he is beat up. He has a cut on his head.  Elizabeth sends Zander to get something to help fix Jason up.  Elizabeth wants to know what happened to him.  She puts Jason on the couch and starts dressing his wound for him.  Jason tells Zander that he has to try and remember more about what happened on that boat as they are running out of time.

Alcazar meets up with Roy.  Brenda has positioned herself so that she can hear what they are talking bout.  Alcazar tells Roy that he wants him to kill Sonny Corinthos.

Luke gets to see Laura.  She doesn’t recognize him.  He tells her not to take anymore pills that they give her.  She doesn’t remember anything.  Scotty is listening from a two-way window. She gets frightened when he tries to touch her. She points in his face.  “You are a bad man.  You tried to hurt me. Don’t touch me!  Don’t touch me! I want my mother!”  Luke stands back, shocked at what he is watching.

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