GH Update Wednesday 9/4/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/4/02

By Glynis
Edited by Nicole

Alexis is making calls to deal with Lukeís case.  Ned walks in as she is talking on the phone. She is having a hard time getting papers that she needs thanks to Scotty.  She wants to help Luke as she will not stand by and let an innocent man go to jail for something that he didnít do.  Luke has confessed to Rickís murder, but she is sure that he didnít do it.  Ned reminds her that Luke has fired her.  She doesnít care.  She will get to him eventually and make him see that she can help him.  He is worried about her health.  She shouldnít forget that she is pregnant and having a baby soon enough.  She feels that she knows her limitations.  He is glad to hear that as he has something to ask her.  He asks her if she will be able to take on another client. She turns to him. Who could he be talking about?  Ned wants her to work for him.  Of course she will help him. She immediately gives him advice on what to do about the ELQ stock.  Ned thinks that he can get his grandfather to give up his stock.  With Kristina gone, Ned has decided that it is time for him to get back into the family business.  This is his family and he is pretty good at management.  She thinks that he is a little out of practice.  Also, he is doing thinks as ELQ will give him the resources to get back at Sonny.  Alexisís child needs to be safe and for once, Sonny should pay.

Alan comes to see his father who is dying to get out of the hospital.  Alan tells him that he is not ready to leave the hospital yet.  He is doing much better, but that doesnít mean that he should overdo it by any means.  One side of his body isnít working very well but that is of no concern.  Alan would like to keep him in the hospital indefinitely so that he will not cause the family anymore problems.  He doesnít like what Edward did to Skye.  Edward thinks that Alanís loyalties are confused on this matter.  He pulled out his own respirator plug at the time that Skye was in his room in order to get her into trouble.  She was drinking that night and fell asleep on top of his bed.  Edward pulled his plug and Alan tells him that he could have easily died if no one had come to save him.  That wasnít funny what he tried to pull on Skye.  He did what he set out to do and now it should be over.  He was preserving his family and that is the way that he sees it.  He feels that he is the only one that can take care of the family as it is clear to him that no one else in the family is willing to step up and take care of things.  He says that Skye got what she deserved for being such a brat, but he may get what he deserves instead.  Alan thinks that the man has been taking this much too lightly.  Edward only wants the family to be secure.  That has been his only wish.  What family, Alan wonders.  Who is he doing all this for?  Jason is not a part of the family, AJ is hostile to them, and Emily isnít even around.  So who exactly is Edward doing this for?  Everyone is screwed up as a result of the way that the family has been run.  This has to stop!  Even Emily isnít there because Alan wonít let her come back to this madness that they live with daily.  Monica comes in and is clearly on her husbandís side.  Edward only cares for himself.  He is not immortal and if he is not careful, he is going to look up from his deathbed and see that he has gotten himself nowhere.  He laughs at that idea.  Alexis and Ned come into the room.  Ned thanks Alan for keeping him there.  Edward smells something rotten in the state.  Ned had Alan keep the old man there so that Ned and Alexis could get there to make a little presentation to him.  Edward sees that he has been duped.  Okay, what is it that Ned wants from him, Edward wonders.  Ned has a contract for him to sign.  Ned shows it to him.  It is clear and concise, but Edward is not going to sign it.  It asks for Edward to give up his business.  Ned is sure that he will sign it.  Edward has gained control of ELQ and he is not going to sign over the company that he has built that easily.  Ned is worried about the man and that is why he has come up with this idea.  He says that the man pulling his own respirator plug gives the family concerns.  Lila has even signed a commitment paper.  Edwardís mouth drops open at the thought of Lila betraying him so.  So his choice is to sign the papers or he will be shipped off for a very long rest.  There is nothing that Edward can do to get around this.  The whole family is behind him with this.  That is the way that things are going to be.  He  thinks that no judge would commit him as he is sharp as a tack.  He demands to be released immediately from there.  Alexis assures him that his behavior has seemed erratic lately and that could work against him in a major way.  His little stunt of pretending that Skye tried to kill him has backfired.  By doing that, he has given them more evidence that they could use against him to get him to do what they want.  They are accusing him of something but they are not sure what yet.  They have three major options to go with.  He could be a danger to himself, or he could be suffering from a psychosis. Alexis has too highly skilled professionals in the room that will say that he is mentally ill if need be.  His options are clear and all that he has to do is pick one.  Whatís it going to be?  He could also be sent to prison for what he has done.  There is always that alternative, but Alexis doesnít think that he is going to go with that one.  Ned offers the man a pen and Edward signs quickly.  He knows when he has been beat.  Putting Lila against him is heavy hitting and he is surprised that Ned has come with such a sharp plan as the one that he has just pulled.  Alan likes Nedís strategy.  That was excellent thinking.  Alan is afraid for anyone that comes up against Ned who has proven himself to be a sharp business man.

Elizabeth finds Jason alone looking at Alcazarís yacht through the window from his apartment.  Elizabeth comes over to look at the yacht with him.  He holds her shoulders and shows her what he exactly is looking at. He realizes that he is touching her shoulders and he moves his hands.  The closeness of her is almost too much for him to bear.  She knows that he is feeling something for her and she was aware of his touch and how wonderful it felt.  She wonders what it would be like to live like that and have a boat like that.  She would go to the Mediterranean if she could.  Zander comes in and sees them together.  Elizabeth is embarrassed that he has seen her with Jason.  She is not sure why.

Alcazar is talking about getting to Sonny.  That is his main concern now.  The woman is listening to him talk to his henchman. She is hiding and trying to get clues as to what is going to happen.  Alcazar doesnít say much though.  Things are moving quickly.  Alcazar leaves the room with the man and the woman heads to the phone to dial. She canít make a call out.  She looks in the drawers and finds a passport that she wants out of many. She runs out of the room.

Sonny is doing business and tells Carly that she and Michael are going to the island until his business is done. She tells him no way.  She is not leaving  him.  He has her luggage downstairs and tells her that she is leaving whether she likes it or not. He is her husband and she is staying with him.  He needs her to go.  Alcazar is coming after him and someone has already died.  Alcazar thinks that he has something or someone that Sonny wants.  Everyone that Michael has is in his life.  He begs her to do as he asks and go.  Jason comes in telling Sonny that Zander remembers something and Sonny needs to hear it.  Sonny tells Carly to go upstairs.  She says that she will go but has to wonder how many other people that Sonny cares for are going with her to the island.  She leaves and Sonny goes to see Zander in the next apartment.  Zander is still foggy and Elizabeth stands by as he talks.  He remembers there was a main guy on the boat.  He remembers a friend.  It was a woman and he only remembers the sound of her voice. He canít remember if she had a name.  Sonny is very impatient.  He is sure that Alcazar is going to kill Zander to shut his mouth.  Sonny needs to know what brought Alcazar there in the first place.  Jason thinks that Zander has told them all that he can.  Sonny knows that they have to go with what they have.  Zander asks Sonny why he doesnít like him.  Sonny tells him that he has made mistakes and lucky for him, he has friends that look out for him.  He did do something to Sonny once, but if this thing goes in Sonnyís favor, the slate will be wiped clean.  In the meantime, he is to just do as he is told.  He leaves and Zander tells Elizabeth that he thinks that they should run. 

Sonny and Jason talk about the situation.  Jason is going to get the information that Alcazar has against him.  Jason will take what he can get.

Sonny returns to his house and finds Carly still refusing to go. She will send Michael away as she doesnít want the boy in  danger.  This is not up for debate.  Carly will not take orders from him on this. She has looked at all sides and has decided to stay. She wishes that he had come to her and discussed this. She is insulted, but that doesnít make it any safer.  It isnít safe for him either, so if he stays, she stays too.  She will not have him order her not to stay with him.  He will not order her then, but he does ask her to do what he wants. He wants her to go.  She decides to do as he asks and Michael comes down.  Sonny has a talk with the boy and explains that he has to go.  Sonny canít go with them, but he wants to make sure that they have everything that they need.  When the boy is older and grows up, Sonny doesnít need him to work like Sonny does.  Michael wants more explanations and so Carly tells him that he has to accept what Sonny is telling him.  Johnny comes to tell Sonny that they are ready.  Michael goes with the man so that Sonny can talk to Carly.  He tells Carly that he is going to end this and bring Carly back home.

Alcazar gets a visit from the housekeeper. She reports that the woman is not in her room.  She has searched everywhere for the woman but she isnít there.  It seems that she has left the ship.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he has to go and do a job.  Elizabeth knows that he is in danger.  He assures her that he knows what he has to do and that he will be back.  She hopes that he is right.  Zander was on the stairs just now and has heard Elizabeth talking to Jason.  He tells her that she never told him that she was in love with Jason.  He thought that he could trust her.  She said that he wasnít her boyfriend. She wasnít lying and she isnít dating Jason.  She is not sure what they are together.  Elizabeth wanted to help both of them and wonít apologize to him.  Zander wants to know why she is afraid to talk about Jason.  She tells him that he didnít like her relationship with Jason. This was the safest place that she could think of for them to go.  Zander feels that he needs to be on his own.  Elizabeth reminds him that he has made some bad decisions and his judgment is not very good.  Elizabeth refuses to go with him as he is putting his life on the line.  Zander decides that he should stay after all.  What they should do now is play some pool and lighten the mood there.  That is what she likes about him.  Just when she is ready to beat him up, he turns out to be someone that she likes. She likes him but not like she likes Jason.  She is not sure if she loves him.  She cares for Jason and wants to be with him when she is not with him. She is worried about him.  Life is complicated and he doesnít think that she fits in and he might be right. How can you love someone when they are always pushing you away? That isnít real life. That is scary and exhilarating, but it canít last forever, but she thinks that she wants it to.

Alexis and Ned are back home when there is knocking at the door.  It is Edward.  He is dressed and in his suit.  Ned is surprised to see him there.  Edward is in the mood to celebrate his victory.  He tells Ned that he has played right into his hands.  The kids are all gone but Ned is left.  He left the company for a time, but he never gave up hope that Ned would be back. He thought that Ned lost his edge, but he is clearly ruthless and manipulative.  Ned canít tell if this is a bluff or the truth.  It doesnít matter as Ned is going to run the company as he sees fit.  Ned reminds him that he doesnít get a vote in the goings-on of the family.  Edward would like to be there to help with any business matters.  He knows that Ned has a baby coming. That baby is going to be treated as a true Quartermaine.  Alexis tells him that the babyís name is going to be ĎDavisí.  Edward says that Michael hasnít been with them for a long time, but Alexisís child is going to be a true Quartermaine, untainted by Sonny Corinthos.

Jason has swum out to the yacht and climbs on board the boat.  A guard is coming and so he hides till the man walks by.  Jason comes out of hiding and starts searching the boat.  He crouches and makes his way slowly through the hall of the yacht.  He finds a room with booze and glasses in it. It is dark, but he can see that it is an office. He heads to the desk and starts rummaging through the drawers.  He finds nothing in the first few drawers, but then he finds some passports held together with a band aid.  Someone is coming!  Jason runs to hide in the closet.  Alcazar enters the room and heads to the drawers.  He gets out the passports and sees that one is missing. He gets on his phone.  ďShe has a passport, but no moneyÖShe canít get far.  You find her.  She canít have gone far.  You put everyone on the search.  Conduct another search of the boat to make sure that she is not on it.  She has to be caught before she talks to anyone.Ē

Sonny is alone now in his house.  He walks around and thinks of what he is to do next to solve his problem.  He hears something.  Someone is in the room.  Someone with womenís feet.  Sonny has no idea who is in his place, and so he calls out, ďWho is there?!Ē  No one answers.  Suddenly, Carly appears. She didnít get on the plane. She sent Michael out of town and came back to him.  They will pick their son up when this is all over but for now, Carly is not leaving him.

Alcazar gets a visit from his henchman.  He has found the woman. He has the passport that she took.  They go to put it in the safe.  Jason comes from his hiding place.  He tries to find another place to hide.  He comes up to a room. There is a woman inside the room and she is lying on the bed, with her back exposed.  She has a tattoo on her back and when she hears someone coming into the room, she gets up to block the entry.  Jason can tell that someone is behind the door.  He calls out that it is someone friendly and that she should move from the door and let him in.  We finally see the womanís face.  IT IS BRENDA!  She hears the voice behind the door.  She remembers that voice.  She says the name that belongs to the voiceÖĒJasonÖĒ

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