GH Update Tuesday 9/3/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/3/02

By Danielle
Edited by Nicole

Monica and Alan discussed Edward's awkward condition with Jax - his statistics were fine, but still hadn't woken up. When Lila believed she felt Edward give her hand a squeeze, the gang gathered into the small hospital room, Jax sitting next to and comforting Lila. Ned arrived with big news on his plate - Jax has taken over ELQ and now the family has no control. Outraged by the news, Monica and Alan begin bombarding the duo with questions, "How did this happen?"; "Weren't you supposed to be taking care of it?" etc. As Jax confesses that all is true, telling Lila that she will be taken care of but telling the rest of the family not to keep their day jobs, Ned leans over Edward, apologizing for letting him down, telling the rest of the family that Jax only wanted to marry Skye because of the place it put him with the family. Jax leaned over the bed and said, "You're empire belongs to me now Edward. ... I am ELQ." Edward opened his eyes and said, "You won't get away with this." Jax and Ned laughed, calling him a fake and relieving the rest of the family with the news that the takeover was a scam. Lila left him to the fury of the family. After she had retreated, Jax dropped the bomb on them all - Edward pulled his own plug to set Skye up. "I wanted revenge. By God I got it," Edward told them. The family left Edward and Jax to resolve their pending issues. Admitting Skye was too drunk to find the plug, Edward pointed out that Jax was still in love with his mischievous granddaughter but would have to live with knowing that she had betrayed him.

Liz and Jason ran into Taggart at the hospital while trying to figure out Zander's whereabouts. Taggart asked Liz, "What do you see in these guys?" When she told him she was simply concerned about a friend, he pointed out that was Kristina's reasoning too - before she died. Jason and she left, heading to the studio to set out some more ideas. They didn't have to look for Zander though, he found them, gun in hand. Elizabeth calmly talked him down and he put the gun away. Jason took the two of them back to his penthouse for safe keeping, leaving them to sort out the jumbled and lost memories and went to the hospital to find the shooter. Zander told Liz he could
vaguely remember a woman with porcelain skin and dark hair who smelled of Jasmine, but didn't know if it was a dream or a memory - it could be Liz for all he knew. Jason's lead turned up dead as well - literally. Alcazar got to the room first and made sure his assassin couldn't tread on him.

Roy met with Alcazar outside of Kelly's, learning Zander's predicament. Felicia and her two daughters happened upon them at just the right time to mask the gentleman's identity and still get a threat about the security of her daughters. Upset with Alcazar's latest threat, and refusing to take Roy's advice and run back to Texas, Felicia decided that helping Roy defeat Alcazar was the only way to make sure her family was safe.

Luke, locked in the interrogation room with Scotty, told most of the story to par, but twisted the very important ending. Holding his confession back for as long as possible, Luke told Scotty about the syringe and Rick's threatening demeanor. Calling him a liar and a small minded petty little man who relished in the power he had over Laura, Luke continued with his fable. "I wanted him gone. ... I picked up a candlestick and I clubbed him in the head. I killed him," Luke said to the tape recorder on the desk. Pleased with the confession, Scotty left him to his demise and ran with the evidence.

Alexis visited Laura in the hospital. Locked up with her bad feelings and childish self, she listened to what the lawyer had to say. Using Luke as leverage, Alexis proceeded to tell Laura what she thought had happened, and how that would be self-defense. Before she could tell Alexis she was correct, her younger self warned her that all lawyers were bad and not to tell her secret. Realizing that Laura was "listening" to someone else in the room, Alexis tried to explain to her that her memories were taking over her life. Laura, under the influence of the young lady at her side, told Ms. Davis to leave, admitting that, "She warned me about you." Ms. Davis then headed over to the Port Charles Police Department to have a word with her client. She looked her old pal in the eye and told him that if he'd really done it he'd be out of the country, not in the PCPD confessing. She then sat back and told him her hypothesis, which hit the nail on the head. "You should write fiction," Luke told her, trying to back himself out of confessing his innocence. Her admittance that she had been to visit Laura upset Luke, but Alexis didn't flinch. She told him that she wouldn't let him plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit. He told her she had no choice. Alexis, explaining Laura's condition and describing it as Laura "Talking to thin air," tried to make him understand that she could get Laura off the charges easily, but Luke again refused. "She can't go through a trial," he told her. "I know you didn't kill Rick Webber and so does Scott Baldwin," she told him. Telling his attorney not to get him off his charges, but to let him bake and let his wife survive, he laughed and told her, "Good old attorney/client privilege. God bless it."

Alexis wasn't the only one who saw a different side of Laura, so did Lucky and Nikolas. After having yet another argument at Kelly's the brothers headed off to the hospital to visit their mother - thanks to Nikolas' sway with the hospital staff. Once in the room and welcomed by their mother, Lucky began questioning Laura, telling her that it was important they help Luke out of his predicament. Nikolas tried to convince his brother not to keep up the interrogation, to give her time, but Lucky refused, claiming time was essential. As soon as he began asking "what happened" questions, young Laura appeared yet again, telling Laura not to trust her sons. Laura made it apparent once again that there was someone else present in the room with whom she was in disagreement with, someone her sons could not see. Wanting to tell them, but fighting a losing battle with her subconscious younger self, Laura told the boys, "You're trying to blame everything on me and I won't let you." The orderly had to carry Lucky kicking and screaming from the room. Out in the hallway, still arguing about what their mother should and should not have to face at this particular time, the brothers were confronted by Taggart, who gave them the discerning news that Luke had confessed to the murder of Rick Webber. Upset at the thought, Lucky ran straight to the PCPD to confront his dad. Luke explained to his son the same thing he had explained to Alexis moments before and told him, "She needs you. ... I need you. ... You have to help her put her life back together." He explained that he would just slip out of the picture, but the family would still be whole.

Alexis confronted the District Attorney herself about his pitiful accusations and his underlying knowledge of the facts. He made a smart aleck remark about her pregnancy and needing to settle down. "Playing the mommy card already, you must be desperate," she told him.

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