GH Update Monday 9/2/02


General Hospital Update Monday 9/2/02

Update By Suzanne

Pictures by Juanita

A nurse tells Alexis that her OB/GYN Dr. Meadows will be out after she's finished delivering a baby.  Carly sees her and asks if everything is okay with the baby.  Alexis says tightly, "Fine" and Carly goes on to ask if it's wise for her to take on so much work.  Alexis tells her it's none of her business and Carly prattles on about how Sonny should know about his baby.  They start to argue and Ned, seeing this, comes over and shuttles Carly away from Alexis.  Ned tells Alexis to stop stressing now that Carly is gone.

The hit man phones Alcazar to tell him that he has a lead on Zander and Elizabeth.  Alcazar repeats that he wants them dead.  Alcazar wants to know first who Zander has spoken to within the last hour; he's concerned that Jason might have spoken to him.

Elizabeth and Zander are in a motel room, hiding out.  She has brought him food from Kelly's and is sure she wasn't followed.  Zander apologizes for involving her and asks if he's gotten her into any disasters before.  She says she got him into one once.  She says whoever is trying to kill him, saw them together.  She thinks they need help and wants to go to Jason.   He says no, even though he doesn't know who Jason is.  She explains that Jason is a friend of hers and she trust him to hide them.  She says that the yacht Zander was on belonged to Alcazar and he's probably the one after them.  As they talk, we know that the hit man is listening outside.  Zander agrees to let Jason help them.  She leaves to go get Jason but he worries about her leaving by herself.

Sonny yells at Jason for not letting A.J. die.  Sonny wanted him out of Courtney's life.  He asks Jason if he's loyal to Sonny or not.  Jason counters that Sonny asked him to take care of Courtney, so that's what he was doing.  They argue further until Carly arrives and tells them to cool it.  She reminds them that they both want the same thing, to have Courtney stay happy and alive.  Jason assures Sonny that he can trust him.  Sonny tells him he doesn't have to watch Courtney and A.J. any more; they've got a lot of other things to deal with.  Jason agrees and leaves.  Carly asks Sonny what's got him so out of control.

Courtney is forlorn; she thinks A.J. sees a stripper when he looks at her.  He insists that he doesn't.  She thinks he won't touch her because she's "dirty".  He explains that he feels worthless as a husband because she had to go out and strip to protect him.  She assures him that he is a great husband and that she should have been honest with him.  They make love.

Mac, Scott, and some cops have Luke and Laura cornered.  Laura is frantic and looks like a madwoman.  Luke tries to protect her but they slap the cuffs on him and say he's under arrest for Rick's murder.  He pleads with them to let him stay with Laura and help her, but they take him away.  Scott talks to Laura gently to try to get through to her.  She begs him to help her in a plaintive way as Luke yells, "No!" while he's going out the door.

Mac has Luke in the police station.  Luke demands to know where Scott took Laura.  Mac says she was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Luke protests but Mac ignores him.  He asks Luke to tell him what happened in the attic, guessing that Luke killed Rick and Laura saw it.  He says Scott will get the truth from Laura.  He suggests Luke confess so that they avoid a trial, since Laura won't be able to go through that.  Luke knows that they are all ready to convict him already.  He reminds Mac that he hasn't had a phone call and no one read him his rights.  He demands his lawyer.

Alexis shows Ned the paper that talks about Luke.  He doesn't want her involved with Luke because of the stress but she says Luke is his friend.  He asks if this is about Kristina, the way she's working herself so hard.  He reminds her that the stress could endanger her baby.  He can't believe she's representing Skye, too.  She says that's what she does, she's a lawyer.  He knows that she's hiding her pain in her work but says the doctor told her to slow down and reduce stress.  He asks about her meeting with the doctor and she tells him that she hasn't seen her yet.  Alexis gets a call from Luke and she tells him she'll be there.  Ned asks her what about the test results.  She asks him to stay there and get them.  Ned asks her again to place motherhood first.  She says she can do both and doesn't want to see Scott pin something on Luke.

Laura is in the hospital, very upset.  They are trying to give her a shot but Scott stops them.  He gets her to calm down.  They leave Scott and Laura alone.  He tells her that she's safe.  She says she's scared and he asks why.  She says, "I did something terrible".  He asks what it was.   She tells him that she killed her father.

Elizabeth tells Jason about Zander's trouble.  Elizabeth is reluctant to help him again, but she asks him to trust her as she explains in full what happened and how he's lost his memory.  Jason worries that she's a target now, too.  Jason and Elizabeth argue over whether she should go with him to Zander.  She finally gets her way.

The hitman knocks on the door and says he's Jason, so Zander lets him in.  He claims that Elizabeth is renting a car and questions Zander about what he remembers.  Zander says he doesn't remember anything but a man and a boat, and he doesn't remember what the man looks like.  He says that the doctors don't know when if ever he will remember.  The man pulls out a gun and they struggle.

Alexis visits Luke at the station.  Mac and she bicker for a moment.  Luke just wants to know how soon she can get him out of there.  She says that he needs to tell her the truth about what happened in the attic, or she can't him or Laura.

Sonny tries to put Carly off.  They argue about A.J. and Courtney.  She makes him see that he's being unreasonable as far as trying to control Courtney's life.  She asks again what's making him so upset.  He says it's a bad time.  He is sorry that he had to humiliate Courtney to show A.J. that she was a stripper.  He admits that sometimes he pushes himself to do things without thinking them through and he hates that.  He explains about Alcazar coming after him and he's not sure why.  He doesn't understand why someone would target him and Jax and not seem to want anything from them.  Sonny is worried about Carly and Michael's safety from Alcazar.

Alexis and Luke go around for a bit.  She says that Scott is trying to pull every dirty trick in the book and she wouldn't be surprised if he was planting evidence.  Scott comes in and so Luke starts in on him about where Laura is.  Alexis tells Scott to charge Luke or release him.  Scott tells him to confess or they'll go to arraignment.  This gets Alexis out of the room because she has to go get a judge to get Luke out.  She tells them not to speak but Scott wants to talk to Luke about the attic.

A.J. and Courtney lie in bed and are happy to be there without feeling guilty.  A.J. says that they're just an average couple living the American dream now.

Ned finds Alexis and tells her what the doctor said.  If she doesn't cut back her work week to three normal working days a week, she may not deliver a healthy baby.  Alexis agrees.  She thinks that Luke will be let go and she'll be done with it.

Scott plays Luke a tape recording of Laura confessing to Rick's murder.  Luke looks stricken and asks Scott why he didn't let him take Laura away from Port Charles when he had the chance.  When Alexis returns, Luke tells her that he's confessing now to killing Rick Webber.

Alcazar talks to Brenda, who is looking out the yacht's porthole.  He says he knows she wants to go ashore, but there's nothing there to go back to except people who'd hurt her again.  He says she needs to trust him because he's only thinking of their future together.  She replies, "There is no future".  We still don't see anything but the back of her head.

Elizabeth and Jason go to the motel but the door is locked and Zander doesn't respond.  Jason draws his gun and goes in cautiously.  They find the hitman lying on the floor.  Jason sits him up; he's not dead.  He interrogates the guy, asking him what Alcazar wants and why he said he has something Sonny wants more than anything in the world.  Elizabeth exclaims that Zander is gone.  We see Zander on the run, trying to hide out and looking desperate.

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