GH Update Friday 8/30/02


General Hospital Update Friday 8/30/02

By Glynis

Laura has made her way back to the attic. She walks in slowly and looks at the things inside. She remembers things and shouts, "No. No.". She shakes her head and turns to see Rick all dressed for her wedding. He is with a woman and he is trying to get her to get ready for wedding. Laura has a secret and says that she can't tell him what it is. She says that she dreamed that he told her that she murdered he and the woman with him who is Theresa. This is supposed to be Laura's great day. She thinks that she is getting married and all the nightmares are going to be over. Everything is going to be perfect from here on in. She puts on her wedding gown and it is ripped and damaged, but she sees herself as a beautiful bride in white. Her hair is a mess. She is talking to Rick and Theresa in her mind. That is when Luke comes in and sees her standing there in all her madness. She turns around for him asking how she looks. He tells her that she looks like an angel. She points to a corner telling Luke that Rick is there and he is going to give her away just like they planned. Luke sees no one else in the attic, but he smiles at her anyway. He moves into position and says the ceremony for the fake wedding that he is going to give her. He sees that she really needs this to happen. He never believed that anyone as beautiful and good ever existed in this miserable world, but the thought that she could love him is incomprehensible. She stares at him with tears in her eyes. She isn't only beautiful, but she is courageous, outrageous and she has a spectacular sense of humor. She is everything that he has ever needed and he thanks her for that. They kiss. He loves her more tomorrow than he does today, and he knows that is possible. He is crying now. He loves her more now than he ever has. "I Luke. take my Laura. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. Till death do we part. That is my solemn vow." He is sobbing now as she looks into his face. She says her vows to him. "I Laura.. take thee Luke to have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer," She has forgotten the rest of the words, but that is okay with him. She can say whatever she wants. She loves his eyes and she feels safe inside of him. She knows that he is inside her and her heart. She is at the center of her and he always will be there. She forgot what comes next. She thinks that she should make promises now, but she has already done that. He is fine with whatever she wants. She tells him that something is wrong. They can't end the ceremony now. She looks around and asks for Rick. She needs him to be there. He doesn't appear to her anymore. She wants to know where Theresa is, too. It has to be just the way that she planned it. She goes to the door and calls out for Rick. Luke goes to get her telling her that they don't need anyone else. She gets hysterical now. 'They have to be here. They have to be here. Maybe they went in the garden." That is when the flashbacks occur. She is crying now out loud. She sees Theresa and Rick on the floor dead. She sees that Rick is dead in her mind. Luke tries to calm her down, but that is not happening. She asks Luke if it is true that Rick is alive. She needs him to tell her the truth. Luke tells her that Rick is dead. She freaks out. "NO! NO! It can't be like that." Luke holds her as that is all that he can do with her. He knows that she trusts him. He tells her that he is going to take her away from there.

Jason tells AJ that he is nothing to him. Jason could care less that he might have gone to prison. AJ says that he has no home, all he has is a marriage that is a sham. Courtney even pretended to love him and stripped as she thought that he was too weak. She went to Jason for help. Jason sees that he wrecks everything that he touches and he is wrecking Courtney now. Jason thinks that he should have seen that Courtney was in trouble. Jason thinks that she was miserable all along. AJ can't believe that his brother was even looking at his beautiful wife. Jason seems like a hero to AJ. Jason thinks that AJ should be grateful for what has happened to help him beat the jail term. He should be a man for once. Jason tells him to turn himself in for the arson of the club. He should let her go so that she can have a real life.

Carly has come to see Courtney, but Courtney doesn't want to talk to her. Carly tells her that they are family and Courtney may not feel the bond, but Sonny does. Carly is there because she loves Sonny. Courtney explains that she was stripping to take care of AJ's damages. Carly tells her that she is finally seeing the truth of how things are with AJ. She tells him that AJ is going to use these things as a reason to go on his next binge. Does she really want to deal with this for the rest of her life?

Sonny meets up with Jax at the docks and he demands to know what he was doing with Alcazar. The guy sells things to terrorists and that concerns Sonny. Sonny wants to know what the plan is. Jax thinks that Sonny has no room to criticize anyone. This might be about how much Sonny hates him, but Jax would rather have him help take Alcazar down.

Gia and Nikolas meet at the diner and she can see that he has been up to things again. He is worried about Lucky. Lucky comes in and hears them talking. Nikolas says that he has met up with Scotty and right or wrong, Nikolas believes that Scotty is really concerned about Laura. Lucky thinks that Nikolas is losing it. Nikolas thinks that his mother is afraid of Luke and that she could be in trouble. Scotty walks in and grabs Nikolas shouting at him that he knows that Nikolas was the one that tipped off Luke. Nikolas denies doing anything of the sort. Lucky tells Scotty that he is a fraud. He is trying to pin all this on Luke for some other reason. Scotty leaves and Lucky knows that Scotty is trying to frame Luke for this. Something happened in the attic and Laura repressed all kinds of stuff and when they remember, they can lose all grip on reality.

Jax is home now and he removes his tie and jacket. Something catches his eye. It is the velvet box with the ring for Skye in it. Alexis arrives to visit. She wants to talk to him about Skye. She is in a lot of trouble. She tells him that she has been asked to take a case for Skye and she wants him to know that this means nothing about her friendship with him. He is fine with all this. She can see that he is still in love with her. He sounds callous, and doesn't want to talk about Skye.

Carly comes home and finds Sonny home. She tells him that his sister is all right. She has gone to see him. She was desperate and Carly was very nice to her. Courtney has opened her mind to the idea that AJ is not what she thought. It is the beginning of a process. That doesn't matter as Sonny thinks that AJ is going to be arrested for burning down the Oasis. Jason arrives and Sonny goes to him to hear about AJ and if he is in custody or not. The phone rings and Carly wants Jason to hold off on any news that might make Sonny upset. Jason thinks that he should be the one to tell Sonny what has occurred regarding AJ. Sonny knows that they are talking and he returns from his call to find out what they are trying to keep secret. Carly leaves and Jason tells him that Carly thinks that this is the wrong time to tell him that AJ is not going to be arrested for torching the Oasis. Sonny thinks that Jason has gone against him. He feels that wasn't the right solution. Jason thinks that Courtney has gone through enough. Sonny tells him that his job is to follow his orders. He has done this before. Sonny told Jason to get rid of Zander and he didn't do that either. If Jason can't do the job that he used to, he is going to be fired.

AJ comes home and finds Courtney standing there waiting for him. He is okay, much better than he should be. He tells her that they have to talk. She tells him that they shouldn't talk right now. He makes her sit down with him on the couch to talk. When he told her to pack her bags and leave at the Oasis, he thought that she was going to leave him but she didn't. She gave him a chance and he blew it. He shouldn't have asked her to leave the apartment in the first place. She was the one that created it. He loves her more than she will ever know. He can't keep doing this though. He tells her that he is leaving her tonight. He tells her that she can do what she wants with the things in the apartment. He packs a bag and tries to leave, but she wants to say a few things. She tells him that loving someone is trying to hold on. He made some mistakes but he isn't the only one. She couldn't risk him going to jail as she needs him there and she still does. She loves him. She wonders if he loves her enough to give her another chance at loving him the right way. AJ moves to her and kisses her but then stops immediately. She sees that he is torn. She feels that he looks at her differently now. She took her clothes off for money and he might not like her same.

Luke is about to take Laura out of that attic. She trusts him and she will do whatever he tells her. She will stay with him. At that moment, the door opens and it is Scotty with his posse. He sees them hugging together and he tells them, "It's over."

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