GH Update Thursday 8/29/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/29/02

By Glynis

Luke and Laura are together and he is trying to get her to face the truth. Luke tells her that Rick is dead, but she will not believe it. She will not hear the truth that he has to tell her. Luke found a camera and that was the one that was used many years ago. There were pictures in it that were developed. Lucky found one of the pictures with Rick's shirt having blood on it. The other picture is with Luke and Laura demands to see it. It is a picture of Laura looking shocked. She saw Theresa and thought that the woman was going to hurt her, so Laura took the camera and killed her. It was self-defense but she was already on probation and she would have been arrested. Scotty and Rick took the body and buried it. They did it to protect her. When Laura went back to the attic, she started remembering more. Laura is crying now. She remembers now. Rick was coming to Laura with the syringe and he was going to calm her down and make her forget and then they buried the body. They were the ones that she saw through the window that night. Scotty  saw that she was remembering and he wanted her to stop. They should have told her and make her understand. Rick came to her and she said that he killed Theresa. That was why when he came at her with the syringe again, she didn't understand. She picked up something heavy and that was when Luke entered. He saw her take a horrible blow at Rick and that was that. Rick should have told her. Laura is wailing on the floor now. "Oh God! I killed my own father." She did a terrible thing, but she didn't mean to. Her father is dead because of what she did. Luke is going to make things okay for her. What happened wasn't her fault.  It was an accident. She didn't mean to. She could never hurt anyone. Luke has a plan. He is not going to take her back until she is ready. She is still crying. She agrees to the plan. They have to make sure that she is strong enough to handle this. She is sure that she can do this. Everyone will be asking her questions and throwing accusations. She thinks of her children and how they need her. Luke is going to get to them as fast as he can. He thinks that first they are going to make sure that Laura is strong. He feels that they have been in the cabin too long. They should move. She agrees. She still wants to get married to him and he agrees to that. She wants to get married at the house with the family and friends. They are going to leave, but first Luke is going to make a few arrangements. Everything is going to be good now. She dries her tears and ruffles her hair.  He gets to his phone and dials calling Nikolas. He tells him that he would call Lucky, but he is afraid that Lucky's phone is bugged. Luke wants Nikolas to tell Lucky to get some fake IDs and to meet him at a certain location. Nikolas wants to know if his mother is okay. Luke can't put Laura on the phone right now. Scotty comes out and hears Nikolas on his phone. Nikolas hears the man's footsteps and turns to see the DA walking towards him.

Jax talks to Alcazar on his yacht. Alcazar really doesn't need him for anything, but he knows that they will meet again. Alcazar leaves and talks to a thug that he has in his hire. He learns that the woman has disappeared and they can't find her. Alcazar wants Jax off the boat and away from there. Jax asks him why. Usually when Jax is asked to do something he does the opposite. Jax can see that something important to Alcazar is at stake. He will see the man again soon. He is sure of it. Jax is walking away when he finds something on the ground. "Well, well, what do we have here?" Alcazar tells him that their business is concluded. Jax warns the man that there is a lot that he doesn't know about him and that what you don't know can hurt you. He walks off.

AJ tells Jason that Courtney is gone. She has split and that was AJ's once in a lifetime love. Jason tells AJ that he is going to stop AJ from going to jail as Courtney has asked him to do that. Jason doesn't want to help AJ, but he will do it for Courtney. The door opens and Courtney enters to find her husband talking to Jason. She wonders what has been going on while she has been out. Jason leaves. AJ is mad at her because she has been dancing for a bunch of drunken losers. He wanted her to tell him what she had been doing. He is too angry. He thinks that this is about her. He thought that she was different, but she is not. She is like the rest of his family. She thinks that he is a loser too. She doesn't understand what he is going on about. She took something away from him. He thinks that maybe going to prison would straighten him out, but she cleaned up everything for him. He is ready to walk out and she tries to stop him. She might be thinking that he is going to get drunk and that will be another mess that she has to fix.

  Jason walks up as the strip club owner is there upset because he sees that his club has been burned down. Jason tells the man that he will be the one blamed for the fire if he is not careful. Jason has 10 witnesses that will say that the man set the fire himself. He has a choice. He can take some money that Jason has in a bag, or he can go to jail for arson. Why does Jason care? That is not important, Jason says. He only wants the man to take the money and run. AJ walks up to the strip club and finds Jason and the club owner there. AJ offers the man the chance to get him for all the trouble that he has caused. The man says that he hasn't seen him before in his life and he walks away. AJ knows that Jason has intervened. He has because of Courtney.

Luke leaves Laura to do a couple of things before they leave. She finds the piece of flowing white fabric and she stands up and makes a veil out of it for her head. She practices walking up the aisle and humming , 'Here Comes the Bride'.

Sonny and Carly discuss Courtney and how she stays away from Sonny. She is family but there is not going to be any reunion with her any time soon. Sonny gets a call and has to go. Carly knows that something is wrong and she wants to help. She can't. He tells her that he has no idea when he is going to return. She tells him not to worry about Courtney, as things will work out. She knows however that sometimes things need a little push.

Luke returns to pick up Laura and finds her gone. The fabric that she used for the veil in on the floor. He picks it up and suddenly screams for her. 'LAURA!'

Carly comes to see Courtney and she doesn't' want to talk to the woman. Carly knows that she could use a friend right now. Courtney has no idea what to do. She is not sure if she is sad or furious, but that doesn't matter as AJ is gone.

Scotty arrives with cops to the location that Luke and Laura were at. There are not there. He thinks that they were tipped off that the cops were coming. They are going to keep searching for them and they are going to find them no matter what it takes.

Sonny gets to the docks and bumps into Jax there. He asks the man if Alcazar is his new partner.

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