GH Update Tuesday 8/27/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/27/02

By Danielle

After hanging up with Lucky, Luke went to tell his wife about his conversation with their son. Apologizing to her for not allowing her to talk for fear of the line being tapped, he slowly eased himself closer to her. Laura, gagged and bound to the wall of a barn looking structure, silently watched her husband, listening to him as he apologized for keeping her in this state and trying to ease her back into the memory of what instances had led them to their predicament. Luke removed the gag, making her promise not to scream for fear that the cops would come and take her away - away from him and her children. He began testing her memory, bringing up their wedding and their children; while he was talking she was remembering Rick and the epidermic needle and then Rick dead on the floor. Laura let all her promises slide once Luke got the ropes off though, distracting his attention and grabbing the nearby cell phone. She locked him in one room and stood in another to make a call.

Lucky, Nikolas and Alexis discussed Luke's call. Alexis encouraged the brothers not to tell Gia based on the law of averages - the more people who know, the better chance someone will slip up, but they didn't listen, thinking it would be easier for everyone involved if she were in fully. "Be ready for anything," Alexis prepared them. She headed down to the Port Charles Police Department for a chat with the mayor and then with Scotty. She told Mr. Baldwin that the mayor had just informed her of Rick's recommendation of him for District Attorney. Realizing how many strings had to be pulled in such a situation, she changed her original theory of Scotty killing Teresa Carter and came to the conclusion that he was trying to protect someone. Running into Lucky later on at Kelly's she told Lucky her conclusion and her hypothesis. "No matter how many times I go around this I keep coming up with the same person. ... Your mother." Realizing that Scott and Rick had a common goal - to protect Laura - made sense of why Scott would want to be in charge of any investigation. After the realization, Lucky made note of a gentleman entering Kelly's, a man he had seen several places in town that day, and concluded that he had a tail, and if he had a tail, he probably had a wire tap. He rushed back to his apartment to keep Nikolas from answering the phone and leading the police to Luke. He got back to the apartment just as Nikolas answered the phone, hearing his mother's frightened voice.

Taggart and Scotty discussed the illegal wire tap on Lucky Spencer's phone and Taggart reiterated the fact that doing something illegal wasn't going to help get Luke arrested. "There are no limits when it comes to nailing Luke Spencer," Scott told the detective. Taggart pulled Gia down to the station to "order" her not to get any deeper into the mess surrounding Rick Webber's murder. When he told his sister he couldn't keep bailing her out, she told him she never asked him to and let him continue his tirade. "I am forbidding you to be part of any more of Lucky or Nikolas' stunts," he told her. Instead of getting furious, she hugged him and thanked him for his concern, but let him know in no uncertain terms that her decisions were hers alone.

Sonny concluded the charade on the docks, avoiding Michael's question until he would arrive home. He sent his wife and son back to the penthouse while he remained behind to teach AJ a lesson. "Do you know what I could do to you right now, right here, with only Jason to witness?" he asked his brother-in-law. AJ begged him to do it, to prove him right about Sonny's evil nature. "You should get on your knees and thank God you lived to see another day," Sonny told him. Sonny warned him that he would suffer for what he did to his son and went home to explain things to Michael. Left behind with Jason, AJ began to worry about Sonny's intentions. "You'll find out soon enough," Jason told him. "Using Michael is beyond pathetic, even for you." Reminding his flesh and blood that having sex with Carly didn't make him Michael's father, Jason emphasized that all AJ had accomplished was hurting and confusing a little boy. Jason assured AJ that when Michael was old enough to know the situation surrounding his family, he would know, and not until then.

Sonny went home to find Carly trying to explain the situation to her little boy without lying to him. He took over the conversation, trying to answer in a way Michael could understand. He brought up doing things he wasn't proud of and told his son that he wasn't perfect - that no one was - and that one can only achieve perfection through the love he gives and receives. Michael accepted the answer Sonny gave him and withdrew to bed. "I know what that just cost you," Carly told her husband. Upset about the whole ordeal, Sonny warned his wife that AJ would pay for trying to make Sonny's choices part of Michael's life, something he swore wouldn't happen. Carly agreed, encouraging AJ's pain, however inflicted.

Sonny joined Jason on the docks to try to recap the conversation AJ shared with Michael. Telling Sonny that he was more interested in calming down Michael than listening to what AJ had to say, Jason didn't have many details. "What do you say to a kid who just found out his father's a criminal?" Sonny asked his best friend, admitting a lie would have been much easier. Jason encouraged the truth, and told Sonny that he would have plenty of time to work out the details before Michael was old enough to understand. Sonny sent Jason to the Oasis, to keep an eye on Courtney and went to Kelly's to intercept AJ. At the Oasis, Jason tried to warn Courtney to leave for the night, telling her, "You're husband screwed up big tonight." Refusing to leave, Courtney hopped onto stage. Sonny dragged AJ into the club where they met up with Jason. "You said family's important to you," Sonny told AJ. "That you love Courtney so much. I'll show you what you've done to your wife," he said, forcing AJ into the room where he had a bird's eye view of his wife dancing on stage.

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