GH Update Monday 8/26/02


General Hospital Update Monday 8/26/02

By Danielle

"Brenda" calls Sonny's penthouse but doesn't say a word when a frantic Carly answers. Alcazar catches her in the act, hanging up the phone for her. He excuses himself to take a call - a call from his enforcer informing him that Zander did in fact, make it out of the sea and to Kelly's. He gives the order to kill Zander and Elizabeth for fear that Zander will let something slip and Elizabeth will tell Jason. He gives "Brenda" more medication and lays her down for a nap. "Bringing you here was a mistake," he told her. "When I'm done we're going to leave here and never look back."

Elizabeth sat down with a shaken Zander, trying to figure out what happened to him. Not remembering what happened to him, he began asking her questions about himself. She eases him into their relationship, telling him he used to date a friend of hers - Emily; and that he used to work for Sonny Corinthos. After hearing her talk for a few moments he asked a question most viewers have been wondering for a while: "Can't I get along with anybody?" Elizabeth came to the conclusion that someone must have hit Zander in the head and tossed him overboard, but she had no idea why. Alcazar's man sat across from them at the table, gun ready to shoot. She decided to take him to the hospital and made the move just as a team of baseball players came into the diner, putting distance between them and the enforcer. They get to the hospital where Tony announced Zander fine, but wonders what kind of drugs he's on. Elizabeth sits Zander down to make another attempt at figuring out what has happened to him. He begins to remember, recalling a "woman with questions," but before he could piece it all together, Alcazar's man caught up to them and took a shot. He missed, hitting a nearby object, which resulted in Zander's instinctive nature to protect Liz by shielding her with his body.

Carly, shaken by the mysterious hang up call earlier, got extremely worried when Sonny arrived home. He calmed her down a little, listening to her recall her last conversation with Michael and his asking "Do people die when boats sink?" Putting two and two together, Sonny followed in his footsteps from earlier and finds the camcorder on the floor. Watching the tape together, the couple realized that Michael left on his own.

AJ rested on a chair outside Kelly's to question Michael. After talking to his estranged son a few moments, AJ told him, "Maybe it's time you knew the truth about Sonny." Trying to get Michael to recall the days they spent together, AJ pushed him away even further, resulting in Michael running away yet again. AJ followed him down to the docks where the toddler claimed to be looking for his "daddy." AJ offered to take him home, but Michael refused, wanting to wait on Sonny at the docks. AJ used the refusal to his advantage, trying to convince the youngster that his father was "bad." Admitting that Sonny would never hurt Michael, AJ continued to tell him that he was capable of hurting other people. Jason found them talking and interrupted the conversation. "Let me and my son finish our conversation," AJ told him. Jason called Sonny, telling him that Michael didn't want to come home and encouraging he and his wife to come get him. He then turned back to AJ and Michael, trying to undo the pain AJ caused. "A father is someone who loves you more than anything in the world. ... a father would never make you afraid," he told Michael. When faced with the question "Did you steal me?" Jason told the redhead, "A long time ago, ... I promised you that you would always be loved. And you are."

Sonny and Carly arrived before Michael could ask too many more questions, other than the one most important one, which he asked Sonny,: "Are you a bad man? He said you make people die. Do you daddy?"

Alexis used Teresa Carter's skull as leverage against Scotty, who finally released young Mr. Spencer. Warning the attorney that her client was still a suspect, he let them leave the station. Lucky, knowing that Scotty wasn't going to give up that easily, told his attorney that he didn't trust the DA. Alexis agreed that Scott was far from giving up. Taggart then turned to the DA, wondering his agenda. Scott informed him that Lucky would be more important to the case out from behind bars. Lucky arrived home just in time to receive a call from Luke - a call warning Lucky to "Keep your mouth shut and wait to hear from me." Lucky tried to keep him on the line, asking pertinent questions, but Luke hung up. Scotty, wire tap good and ready caught all on tape.

Monica got to Edward in time to get his respirator hooked up and keep him on life support. She and Alan questioned the nurse on duty about who had been in the room before the incident. The nurse informed them that the respirator had been unplugged and she remembered seeing a woman with red hair exiting the room just as she entered it. Alan went down to the Port Charles Police Department to talk to Detective Taggart about the incident.

Jax arrived to his cottage to find Skye sitting on the couch pouting. Making a last attempt to get her love to listen to her, she admitted to wishing Edward dead just before his respirator stopped. Smelling the alcohol on her breath, Jax did everything but call his former fiancÚ pathetic. He even accused her of taking the map and returning part of it out of guilt. Crying and grasping for any chance at all, Skye begged him to know it was a mistake. "Which part?" Jax asked, reminding her that there were several mistakes that had led them to their current predicament. "Make this easy," he told her. "Be gone when I get back." Packed and ready to go, Skye came down the stairs just in time to answer the phone. Hoping it was Jax (with a changed perspective) she was disappointed when she heard Taggart on the other end wanting to talk to her in person.

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