GH Update Friday 8/23/02


General Hospital Update Friday 8/23/02

By Suzanne

Jax and Skye talk about her deception.  He means everything to her and she loves him and says that she always loved him. That is too bad as he never wants to see her again.  He knows about the contract now and she should have told him.  People told him what she was like and he didn’t believe them.  He thought that he knew her deep down, but she isn’t deep at all. He sees her to be a manipulator.  He fell in love with the woman that he wanted her to be and not the woman that she is.  He told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  He tries to walk away, but she stops him.  He doesn’t get to walk away from her.  He tells her that it is over.  She knows that there is a bond between  them, but he is breaking that now.  He didn’t’ want to fall in love and then they did. That was their chance to start over again. She wants him to fight for them. She is punching him in the chest and arm now.  He only looks at her and shakes his head.

Nikolas tells Alexis that he found a skull.  He took the evidence to see if that would help them and Lucky. She tells him that he is in trouble for stealing police evidence.  He mangled the evidence. She is going to pretend that the conversation never happened.  Nikolas begs her to take the bag with the skull in it and give it to Scottie. She reluctantly gets the bag from him and will have it tested.

Taggert can tell that something else is going on with Scottie. He is a friend of the family that is in trouble and he is pushing so hard.  Leslie would like to take her granddaughter home now.  Lulu sees Lucky through a window and she shouts out to him.  Lucky gets up in handcuffs and waves at Lulu.  Nikolas arrives and sees that his sister is there.  Leslie was brought there as they thought that Lucky was going to be released.  Nikolas is going to take care of everything and he sends Leslie home.  Off they go and Nikolas heads to see his brother, but Scottie stops him.  Nikolas will not be stopped. He is determined to see his brother.  This has to stop.  Nikolas talks to Lucky and tries to get him to see sense.  Lucky wants to play Scottie’s game with him.  He wants Scottie to think that he has succeeded in his little game.  Lucky says that he is ready to talk.  Nikolas goes to Scottie and tells him that Lucky wants to talk to him.  Scottie sees that Lucky is seeing sense.  Nikolas doesn’t want him talking to Lucky without his attorney.  Scottie doesn’t want to wait.  What is the big rush with Scottie?  Nikolas calls Alexis and tells her that Scottie is going to talk to Lucky and that Lucky is ready to spill his guts.  Alexis is glad to receive this call as Scottie’s day is going to take a turn for the worst.

Carly, Sonny, Michael and Jason are together and Jason has some information.  Sonny has to go and do some business now, but he will be back. He will play giant robots with Michael later.  Sonny and Jason leave and Michael looks upset.  He worries that the boat that Sonny is on might sink.  Carly assures him that nothing like that is going to happen.  Carly wonders where this is coming from.  She assures the boy that Sonny has been on boats before and everything is going to be fine.  She gets a call and they discuss more changes to the apartment. She heads upstairs to have a look at a room as she talks, and Michael heads to the front door and leaves shutting the door behind him.  The camera that has been taping is now under the table on the living room floor.

Skye finds herself in a bar.  Man would she love to have a Martini right now.  Life is just one big long joke.  Things that you think that you can have, you can’t really have it. Her grandfather would love to see her now.  He has taken the only person from her that she has ever really loved.  He called her a mistake.  The bartender puts a drink on the table in front of her. She tells the man that she hasn’t had a drink in years.  She gets up to leave and breaks her shoe.  “Oh what the hell!”  She picks up the drink and downs it in one gulp. She then takes off the necklace that Jax bought her and puts on the counter.  “Keep them coming…”

Sonny and Elizabeth are talking and she is trying to help him figure out some things. She is not all that helpful and she leaves.  Sonny thinks that Alcazar is after someone in her family.

Carly comes down and can’t find Michael anywhere.  Johnny left to get the mail and that was when Michael disappeared.  Carly knows that something is terribly wrong and she tells Johnny to get on the phone and get everyone looking for the little boy.

Taggert and Scottie look at Lucky’s phone records. They think that it looks like Luke has been trying to get a hold of Lucky.  Alexis enters and she has some thing to discuss with him.  She puts the bag on the table and opens it out.  She takes the skull out of the bag and shows it to him.  She tells him that the skull is Theresa Carter.  She doesn’t have to introduce him as he already knows the woman apparently.  She tells him that the woman was murdered and that she thinks that he was the one that did it. She throws the skull to him and he catches it, careful not to let it fall.

Jax talks to Ned about what has just happened with Skye.  Jax would like to see the contract and read it for himself.  Ned takes it out and Jax peruses it.  He laughs.  “I agree to take whatever steps necessary to bring about the downfall of Jax…”  One good turn deserves another. He has all his ELQ stock and he would like to have Ned buy him out.  Ned has had times when he didn’t want anything to do with Edward’s business.  Jax wants to get rid of the stock to fix his life.  He is going to distance himself from the entire Quartermaine family except for Ned and Lila.  Ned wants to get the resources that he needs to make people pay for the demise of Kristina.  ELQ will certainly give him that.

Alan is over his father and he talks quietly and sweetly with him as the man lies attached to the machine that keeps him alive.  After he leaves the room, someone comes up hopping as she only has one shoe.  It is Skye. She enters Edward’s room and shuts the door.  She doesn’t look right. She tells the man that she hates him.  “Can you hear me?  Are my words sneaking into your brain?  I hate who you are.  You kept my parents apart with lies.  You made me a secret.  My foster parents treated me like a pony that didn’t live up to their expectations.”  She is crying now.  She was unhappy, until Jax.  She found out what love really was.  Then Edward took that away from her. Now she needs to take something away from him.  Something equal and precious. She reaches for the hose attached to Edward’s nose and mouth.  “Do you really hate me that much?  The way you love to feed off people, the way that you claim to love people.”  She gets right up on the bed now.  “Why don’t you do us all a favour and just die?” The plug in the wall near the equipment that keeps Edward alive suddenly comes out of the wall.

AJ finds Michael at the diner and he is talking to a woman.  AJ tries to help the boy and the woman leaves.  Michael has to get to the pier. He is looking for his dad so that he will not hurt someone.

Sonny is at the pier and Jason knows that Alcazar has a standard crew with 3 or 4 bodyguards.  Sonny knows that they have to bring the man down now.  Jason shows him pictures of Alcazar and his men. There is someone else in the picture that is a woman, but they don’t have a picture of her face.

The woman on the yacht comes out of her room and picks up the phone.  She dials a number. She hears a woman calling for Sonny.  “Sonny…Sonny is it you?”  The woman only listens. She has no idea that Alcazar is behind her watching her every move.

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