GH Update Thursday 8/22/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/22/02

By Glynis

Michael has a talk with his mother and she tells him that he hasn’t done anything wrong.  She explains that his friend’s father doesn’t like Sonny but she can’t tell him exactly why.  She only says that Sonny is a very powerful man and some people don’t like that.  He has a lot of people working for him and they do what he wants them to as part of their job.  Michael wants to know what his daddy’s job is.  She tells him that Sonny runs casino.  He also works with coffee. She explains that he buys coffee and brings it over and they take it off the ship and then sells it to the stores.  He not only owns things, but he is very smart and can get people to do what he wants.  People get jealous of him.  Michael knows that he is the best daddy in the world.  She thinks that they should tell Sonny that he is the best daddy in the world all the time. The phone rings and it is decorator. She wants to redo the guest bedroom and she goes into the room to talk about colours.  Michael gets up and picks up the video camera that is on the table and he places it on the table.  He turns it on and talks to the camera.  “Hi dad. I just want to tell you that I love you.”  Carly comes back into the room and tells him that they have to go right away. They leave the house and the camera is left on.

Sonny talks with Alcazar. He knows that Alcazar has moved Roy against him and now he is working on Jax.  Sonny is well informed and will continue to be.  Alcazar thinks that Sonny knows nothing of him, but Sonny knows enough to tell him that he should move from there and he will not be successful.  Alcazar tells him that he needs to know who he is dealing with.  Alcazar tells him that he has to disappear now, while he still can.  Sonny ends the conversation.  The next move is going to be his.  Alcazar turns and walks off with his bodyguard.  Jason comes over to him knowing that they have to learn more about this guy. They want to know more about Alcazar’s relationship with Roy. They are on the docks now and Jason points out the yacht where the guy stays.  Sonny is going anywhere. If he doesn’t move, the pressure is really going to be on Mr. Alcazar.

Alan and Monica talk to Jax at the hospital, and they are finding it hard to trust him as everything has been about ELQ.  He and Skye helped each other to get what they want.  He thinks that they are past all that now and are marrying each other because they love each other.  Monica leaves and Alan goes with her.  Jax knocks on the window where Skye is in talking to Edward. She comes out as Jax takes a call from his father.  She hears him talking business and knows that there are things at stake.  Jax has to go and take care of some things. She holds him close to her. She thought that Edward was coming to, but he wasn’t. Ned comes up with something that Jax has to see, but Jax has to go.  Skye wants to see what Ned has.  Jax leaves and Ned tells her that he has a contract with her name on it.  The contract proves that she has been acting against Jax all along.  Ned tells her to leave or he will show the contract to Jax.  She tells him that she doesn’t care about him telling Jax, she says.  He knows that she is bluffing. She explains that Jax wants to make a life with her and her grandfather has been holding that contract over her head.  He wonders if she tried to get out of this.  He can tell that his grandfather wouldn’t let her out of the contract.  She tells him that all the Quartermaines would have been in danger if she followed the contract. She tried to get the other part of the contract and Ned thinks that she tried to kill him.  Skye goes over to Edward’s body and she demands that he tell Ned that she didn’t do anything to him.  Ned believes nothing that she says.  Ned thinks that Edward would want him to save the company.  Ned is going to tell Jax the truth as he is sure that is what Jax wants to hear from him.  Skye knows that she was the fool. She made a mistake and tried to cover it up.  Hasn’t Ned ever done anything like that?  Hasn’t he ever wished that he had been more honest?  Ned tells her that Jax will have to be told. Secrets kill.  They even kill people.  Skye thinks that this has to do with Kristina.  He shouts at her that Jax will be told.  Jax is returning now.  He has heard Ned shouting.  Jax asks, “…tell me what?”  Ned loses his spunk and doesn't tell Jax what he needs to know.

Alcazar is going to obliterate Sonny.  The woman walks into the room.  Jason is looking through the binoculars at the yacht and he sees someone else walking into the room where Alcazar is.  Sonny takes the binoculars to see who has come in now.  Sonny decides that he wants to know what Alcazar wants and everything else about him so that Sonny can take that from him.

Alcazar hears the housekeeper talking to Zander in the room on the yacht.  He has nothing else to tell the housekeeper.  Alcazar learns that the housekeeper has been asking him questions about Sonny and Jax’s love lives.  She has to go now.  She locks him in the room and walks off.  Alcazar comes in to see Zander.  “You went to a lot of trouble to see me, well here I am.”  Zander tells the man that he knows Sonny Corinthos.  That is not what Alcazar wants to know. What was he telling the housekeeper?  Zander tells him that the housekeeper wanted to know about the love lives of Jax and Sonny.  How long has Jax been engaged?  How long has Sonny been married.  Zander knows that Sonny has remarried his wife and Jax is about to be married.  Alcazar wants to know who else Zander has spoken to.  Zander tells him that he has spoken to no one.  The housekeeper said that she was asking the questions for her mistress.  The mistress used to love Sonny and Jax and she wanted to know if either of those men are still out there.  Zander told her that that both the men have moved on.  Zander tries to ask about the mistress and why Alcazar is after Sonny.  Alcazar sits with him and tells him that Sonny and Jax are obstacles.  His woman could return to them unless they are taken care of.  He may kill them, but first he wants her to lose all respect for them. Then he can win her love.

Monica finds Alan in the waiting area. Her surgery was fine.  He knows that it would be as she is a great surgeon. She knows that something is up.  He is paying her compliments so something must be wrong.  Alan has been looking at his father’s files.  Edward should have woken up by now.  What if he doesn’t get up?  What if he is in a coma?  Alan is thinking of taking him off life support.

Sonny and Jason are home now.  They know that Alcazar is to be dealt with.  The camera is on the table and it is running on record.  Sonny and Jason sit in front of that camera and Sonny says that if Alcazar pushes him, he will push back and if Alcazar gives him a hard time, he will find that boat heading straight to the bottom of the harbour.

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