GH Update Tuesday 8/20/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/20/02

By Danielle

Lucky sat in the hot seat while Alexis grilled him on what happened to Rick Webber. Warning her inexperienced client that the DA was trying to wear him down and would find a way to pin the crime on he or Nikolas, Alexis tried to put two and two together to figure out the story on her own. Trying to figure out the mysterious disappearance of Luke and Laura, Alexis continued to probe. Lucky didn't hesitate to throw the blame away from his missing father - and onto the DA himself. Alexis, carefully pondering all options, mentioned that there was no evidence against Baldwin, but Lucky informed her that she was wrong.

Scott tried a different approach - returning to the scene of the crime where officials were busy identifying the "remains" of body fluids left by Rick Webber. Nikolas showed up at the scene as well and got a few more threatening words from the DA. Explaining to Scott that this is where he was told the DA would be found, Nikolas cautioned that he was there making sure Scotty wasn't fabricating evidence against his brother. When Nikolas denies having anything to do with Rick's death, Scott recalls the memory of Nikolas and Lucky's previous encounter with a dead person - and their attempt to move and hide the body. "If you think I'm a part of this then why did you only arrest Lucky?" Nikolas asked. "There are deals to be made, Cassadine," Scotty told him. "Now's the time to make them." The DA then headed back to the Port Charles Police Department, with Nikolas close behind. Mac took Scotty aside, reminding him that the young men he was considering prosecuting for murder were the son's of his ex-wife. Giving Nikolas and Lucky time to conspire and hoping they would give up some small detail, Scotty bided his time by trying a different approach - Alexis. Rather than get an edge from the lawyer, Scotty got a smack in the face when the lawyer asked him what inspired him to search the attic for evidence. He tried to weasel his way out of the answer by telling her he found them there during the wedding reception, but she put the pressure on again by asking what lead him to the attic in the first place. Intuition was his only explanation.

Lucky and Nikolas conspired in the interrogation room, Nikolas trying to shake some sense into his younger brother for getting them into the whole mess. It didn't take Lucky long to realize that Scotty was hanging something, or rather someone (Gia), over Nikolas' head. Lucky may have hit the nail on the head while running through some hypothesis. Trying to dig up what might have happened that night, Lucky concluded that "We don't know. Maybe Mom killed Rick." Refusing to let his girlfriend be pulled in any further, but also refusing to leave his brother to fight alone, Nikolas agreed that he would keep quiet. Once out in the patrol room, Nikolas and Lucky spotted a box of Rick Webber's personal things and Taggart went one on one with his little sister. "If you're doing this as a cop, I want our attorney present. If you're doing this as a brother you're way off base," Nikolas told him. Trying to convince his sibling that her relationship was only causing her trouble, he provided a perfect distraction for Nikolas to pilfer something out of the box. He ended the brother-sister conversation quickly and got his fiancÚ out the door. Scott couldn't stay away from the crime scene for long though, returning to an empty attic. He wasn't alone though, Alexis confronted him there, asking for the whole story - and his involvement.

Zander continued to tell the servant girl the details of Sonny's and Jax's love lives, while she kept him supped up on drugged wine. "All these questions that you keep asking me about - the condition of these people's hearts - I don't have a clue," he told her. Just as he was remembering a detail he had left out - Jax's marriage to Alexis, he tried to make a break for it, but the wine cut in and hit him before he could hit the door. The servant, returning to the mysterious woman, informed her maiden that she had concluded right, that Zander had, indeed tried to run, but he was contained and would be fine. The mysterious woman went to the room herself, just as Zander was waking up. Seeing the "Brenda" figure through glazed, hazy eyes resulting from his drugged encounter, he couldn't recognize her. "Who are you?" he asked. "A friend," was her reply.

Elizabeth rushed to Kelly's, asking Carly to get a hold of Jason for her. The only information she would give Mrs. Corinthos was that it was about "business" and that it was "something that could possibly save Jason's life." Carly called Jason and let him know the info the minute Liz hit the door, telling him that Miss Webber would be waiting at his "spot." Jason, in turn, told her that he would be there as soon as he and Sonny could get AJ out of the penthouse. Courtney, eavesdropping on the conversations and conscious of her husband's whereabouts, headed off to the penthouse on her own.

AJ barged into Sonny's penthouse, Sonny's suit jacket from the previous night in hand. "Stay away," he warned his brother-in-law. "I don't want Courtney hurt because of you." Jason stepped in and stopped Sonny before he could say or do anything drastic, getting AJ out of the penthouse and giving Sonny some breathing room before heading out to meet Elizabeth. Finding her in the spot where they kissed, his first instincts were for her safety. After she reassured him she was fine, she told him about the conversation she overheard, emphasizing "he has 'what Sonny wants more than anything in the world.'" Telling her to stay out of it, Jason refused to be happy that she put herself in danger yet again. "Next time ... get the hell out," he told her. When she confronted him for doing to her what everyone else is culprit of - telling her what to do - he told her the truth, in it's plain and simple glory: "I don't want you to die." Reminding her of the shot in her arm and the danger she was in, he told her "I held you and watched you bleed once, I can't do it again."

Courtney practically mulled down the door to Sonny's penthouse, deja vu from what AJ had just done, confronting her brother about AJ's being there. Sonny informed his sister that AJ had arrived on his own, and left the same way - all limbs attached. After letting her worry for a minute he told her that he had kept his promise - this time - but didn't know how much longer that would be true. "You just admitted AJ is weak," he told her. "Your so-called husband is too pathetic to clean up his own messes." Confessing that she didn't want to take his help because she didn't want to owe him anything, Courtney listened as he admitted he was the way he was "because I never wanted people to touch the people I love." Then he asked her the question of all questions, "do you really love him, or are you just afraid (to admit you made a mistake)?" Carly and Michael made it home before she had a chance to answer, and the door remained open just long enough for Courtney to slip out. Sonny turned to his wife. She consoled him, telling him that Courtney would have to figure it out on her own.

At the Oasis, Jason took a place at the bar, and none other than Mr. Coleman joined him. Eager to talk up his girls, but getting little in the way of conversation out of Jason, Coleman let his newest acquaintance know that if any of the girls "interested" him, with the exception of Daisy, that he could be well taken care of. Realizing, a few moments later that "Daisy" was in all actuality Courtney, Jason could barely bare to look at the stage. He was forced to step in though when one large, tattooed biker got on stage and got a little too close to his best friend's sister. Realizing who it was protecting her, Courtney just looked at him.

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