GH Update Monday 8/19/02


General Hospital Update Monday 8/19/02

By Danielle

Edward collapsed on the terrace during Skye and Jax's engagement party. He was fighting Skye for the signed contract he was trying to blackmail her with. During the commotion, Skye pulled the paper from Edward's hand and hid it in a bush nearby. Ned's first instinct was to blame his newest cousin for the incident. Alexis pointed out that whatever Skye had said to Edward, that he was probably just as ruthless in return. While the rest of the family was mulling around to get help, AJ, of all family members, remained by his grandfather's side, murmuring comforting words. Alexis received a call from Nikolas and rushed out to help the family while the rest of the Quartermaine's rushed Edward to the hospital. Skye and Jax trailed behind the others to discuss the incident. After lying to her soon-to-be hubby about the content of the argument, telling him that Edward was saying bad things about him, Skye did eventually take the blame for the incident. Once the whole crew was at the hospital and Edward was deemed fine, having suffered a small stroke, the Quartermaine clan confronted Skye about her conversation. Jax took the blame, telling the group that "the thought of bringing me into the Quartermaine family is what caused this. It's my fault." Once the old coot was feeling a little better, he requested the presence of his deceiving granddaughter. "I have the contract you old fool. Once I destroy it you'll never be able to threaten me again," she told him. "I have copies," were the last words out of his mouth before his heart began to fail once again.

Scott hightailed it back to Kelly's after identifying Lucky's prints on the interior of Rick Webber's car. He hauled young Spencer down to the police station after making up one of his well known stories about what "could have" happened. Nikolas trailed his brother, offering no other advice than to keep quiet, and called Alexis as backup. Once at the station, Mac confronted the trio, expecting to see someone other than Lucky in cuffs. Confronting the newest DA about his procedures, Scotty informed the police chief that he "will do what I want, when I want." Pulling Lucky into the interrogation room, Scotty got nowhere with his questions. Alexis showed up just in time to watch Scotty book Lucky for murder. Alexis had some time with her newest client, one on one, and Lucky told her his story, receiving the question on everyone's mind: what were you thinking? "Seemed like a reasonable solution at the time," he told his lawyer. "Must be genetic" she murmured.

Lesley ended up at the hospital, thinking about her past with Rick and discussing it with Tony. They had a short conversation about her bringing him back to town to get some closure on their relationship. "He made me happier and more miserable than anyone ever," she recalled.

Sonny watched his sister dance on the stage at the Oasis, and decided to take matters into his own hands, getting on stage and wrapping his jacket around her. Stunned at the situation, Courtney simply let him lead her backstage, where they encountered a furious Mr. Coleman, that is until he realized who it was he was dealing with. Sending him away, Sonny discussed the situation with the young lady before him. Telling him her story, in full detail, she told her brother that she didn't ever want her husband to find out her situation. Bringing up his past with strip clubs and the pain it brought to him and the girls who paraded themselves on the stage, Sonny offered to take care of the situation. "I will promise you that you will never set foot on that stage again." Worried what consequences there would be to accepting his offer, Courtney told him to let her take care of her own problems. "You make sacrifices (for your family) that hurt, so why can't I?" she asked him. Sonny left her to her problems, agreeing to stay out of her way if she promised to consider what has happened to her and why she has ended up in the situation she is in. Coleman, worried about himself and the situation he has gotten himself into with Sonny Corinthos, asked his hottest dancer, "Should I plan for my club to burn down tonight?" "Sonny's not coming back," she promised, keeping their deal.

Jason confronted Carly about butting into his life, especially the part of his life that had to do with Elizabeth. Trying to explain why he wanted her to butt out, he told her, "Elizabeth sees things a little differently than Carly does." When Carly asked him outright how he felt toward the young Miss Webber, he told her it was none of her business. "It doesn't matter how I feel, I can't get involved with anyone." Knowing her best friend "had it bad" for one of her least favorite people, Carly, for once, took the high road, and offered her assistance (after badmouthing Elizabeth as a "goodie-two shoes") "You're my best friend, and I want you to be happy," she told him, offering to "share" him with Elizabeth. "Be with her," she told him. "Let her see if she can live your life. ... Let her see if she can deal with it." Knowing the answer to that, Jason opted not to push the conversation. When Carly asked if he had told her how he felt and his concern, he admitted that he had, but knowing her best friend like the back of her hand, Carly called his encounter with Liz the night before, nailing his actions right down to the kiss and leave philosophy. Carly offered to take Liz under her wing and teach her the ways of Corinthos and Morgan, but Jason refused. Though Carly didn't get permission to mold Elizabeth, she did make her best buddy a promise, "I won't call her a twit. At least to her face I won't." The conversation ended when Sonny came in, telling his wife and right-hand man about the evening he encountered. Keeping his promise to his younger sister, he sent Jason to watch out for her while she is working at the club, but not to let her know he is watching, and not to jump in unless necessary. Carly asked her husband why he wasn't taking a more prominent stand on the situation. "If I interfere, I loose my sister for ever," he told her. Carly, giving some more good advice, told him to stop telling Courtney what to do, and just be there for her.

The mysterious woman(whom we are currently considering Miss Brenda Barrett) sent her servant to question Zander about Sonny and Jax and their love lives. Zander spilled his knowledge about Sonny and his involvement with Carly as well as Jax and his involvement with Skye, wondering all along why anyone cared about the two women. "The woman I work for cares," the servant told him carefully, giving away nothing.

Elizabeth made her way back to Kelly's where she, ducked behind the cracked front door, overheard Roy and Alcazar discussing the involvement between Sonny and Jax. Roy told Alcazar that he'd better watch out, that Sonny knew his background and would be taking precautions. "Sonny Corinthos will never touch me," Alcazar boasted. "I have something he wants more than anything.

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