GH Update Friday 8/16/02


General Hospital Update Friday 8/16/02

By Glynis

Lucky is sleeping when someone comes over him.  He sees Rick leaning over him with a cut on his head.  Rick says, “There is no way that you can cover it up, Lucky.  Your father killed me.”  Lucky jumps out of that dream.  Scottie calls him telling him that they have to talk about the accident involving Rick.

Courtney tells AJ that she has to go to work and can’t make it to a family function.  AJ tells her that Skye is the only family that AJ has and he has to support her. He really would like Courtney to go with him.  He has to convince her.

Jason meets up with Roy.  Jason called him out to tell him that Sonny wants a meeting at the penthouse.  Roy will be available, but he is not going to the penthouse.  He will meet Sonny at the Oasis.  Jason is stunned to find Roy with a flask.  Roy walks off.  Elizabeth comes to give Jason his bill.  Jason pays the bill and walks off. She stops him to say hello. He says hello and walks off. What is the problem she wonders.  She tells him that he has a place to be and he doesn’t want to see her there.

Zander finally wakes up after being hit in the back of the head by something really hard.  A woman comes in to see him. It is the housekeeper.  She does quite a few things for Alcazar.  Zander would like to talk to her boss, but the woman tells him that he has to stay in the room and be quiet and hidden.  He tells her that he has information…The woman is reading the paper and sees a picture of Sonny and Carly. She puts her hand over Carly’s face and just looks at Sonny’s.  The housekeeper comes to her and tells her that the guy that is there maybe able to help her.  She will find out all that she can.  Zander is in negotiations now with the housekeeper. He has information, but that is only going to be given with for a price.  She wants to know everything that he knows about Sonny Corinthos.  Zander starts singing.  He says everything he knows about Sonny’s empire, but the woman wants to know about Sonny’s wife.  He says that the couple are always breaking up and making up.  Carly is a whack job and thinking ahead always about things. She is selfish but she really is a good person.  She only loves Sonny. Zander wants to know how all of the talk of Carly is going to help.  The housekeeper continues to ask the questions.  He is not finished yet.  Now she wants to know about Jasper Jax.  Zander wants to know why he matters.

Jax and Skye are having their engagement party and Ned and Alexis are the first to arrive.  Alexis tells Jax that Kristina owes a lot to him and that is why she is there.  Skye tells them that they are lucky to have each other.  Ned and Alexis are not acting like a married couple and Skye senses that she has said something wrong…Alan and Monica arrive next and Alan gushes over how happy he is for her.  Monica talks about getting married to Alan and she tells Skye that she should be afraid, she should be very afraid.  Monica is trying to be pleasant, but Alan wants her to try harder…Edward arrives next.  Lila is in bed with a cold and he came to the party anyway.  Edward has a gift for them, but Skye is afraid of what it might be.  Edward puts the gift with the others.  It is the contract that Skye wanted Edward to let her out of. She is in danger of losing everything that means anything to her.  Skye tells everyone that she has something to say to everyone. She couldn’t find her heart as she was so deceptive for so long. Then Jax came and he saw right through her and the most amazing thing happened.  He accepted her even though she was the queen of deception.  He came into her life and he stole her heart. She loves him more than she thought that she could ever think. She is finished with pain and fear and the mad dash of power.  She wants the person that she loves.  She is going to be with him forever. She makes a toast to love.  It really does exist.  AJ shows up alone and he hugs his sister  She knows that it was hard for him to come there but it was more important for him to be there for her.  She is about to cry and she runs to the powder room.  Edward comes over asking about Courtney.  AJ remarks that she was smart to stay away…Jax tells Edward that he hopes that he heard what Skye said.  She is not interested in power anymore.  Edward warns him to get all the luck he can get as he will need it after he is married.  Skye returns and Jax wants to know what is so upsetting to her.  He is going to ask Edward to leave, but Skye tells him no. she just wants Jax to hold her and he does…Monica tells AJ that she is proud of him for getting a job and staying sober.  He gives the credit to Courtney.  He didn’t’ think that he could have what he does with Courtney.  Alan is happy for him.  He is being sincere….Skye gets a hold of Edward’s present and brings it out back.  She tears it to shreds and finds nothing but a scarf inside.  Edward sees her and walks up behind her with the contract that she wants in his hand.  Edward is switching up on her. He isn’t going to give the contract to Skye, he is going to give it to Jax.  Skye starts fighting Edward for the document. They are literally struggling and fighting for the envelope.  Edward has a pain in his heart but Skye tells him that she isn’t going to fall that that heart attack crap again, and they both go crashing to the ground with Skye on top of him.  Jax comes out and sees them fighting and demands to know what is going on.

Scottie meets up with Lucky and Nikolas at the diner and tells them more about the case.  Luke and Laura disappeared that night of their wedding and Rick disappears too.  Rick is found dead.  Why does a guy that doesn’t drink that much do with a bottle of vodka on his body at death.  Gia is there too.  Lucky has a scratch on his head. What should Scottie think about all of this?  Lucky thinks that this is all a coincidence.  They all do but Scottie.  Scottie brings out an envelope.  He is going to do a fingerprint test on them, but they refuse.  Scottie is going to get a warrant to fingerprint them and then he will be back.

Sonny ends up at the bar where Courtney works.  She is there but he hasn’t seen her yet.  Next to him on an easel is a picture of Courtney in her stripper garb and posing seductively for the camera.  Roy meets Sonny and they get a seat.  Sonny shows him a picture. It is a picture of a dead guy that drowned.  Sonny shows him another picture of a guy that ran over himself, and the last guy slipped with his razor.  Sonny has been doing his homework and he knows that the guy that Roy is running around with is big leagues.  Roy wants to know what Sonny is talking to him for. What does he want? They talk for a while and soon the strippers change and a new one comes out.  Roy has a perfect view of the stripper that is dancing now over Sonny’s shoulder. He knows that woman is Sonny’s baby sister and he can’t believe that Sonny would allow it.  He says nothing about Courtney strutting her stuff on the floor.  Instead, he says that he will help Sonny out with his problems if Sonny gives up some of his territories to him.  Roy has to go now, but he tells Sonny to enjoy the show.  Sonny turns around after Roy leaves and he sees Courtney dancing on the stage. She is wearing a short see through two piece outfit with her middle showing and she is wearing high heeled white shoes.  She prances around and around the pole wiggling her butt to the music.  Sonny does visibly react, but inside he is furious.

Carly opens the door and Sonny’s guards bring Elizabeth in saying that she has been snooping around.  Carly tells Elizabeth that she can wait for Jason there if she wants.  Carly knows that Jason is keeping her at a distance and she offers some advice.  She tells Elizabeth that if she is going to be the gangster’s woman, she should do what she is told.  If she doesn’t do what she is told that could complicate things.  If she pushes Jason too far, he is going to cut her off.  Maybe that has already happened.  Elizabeth tells her that Jason and she are doing just fine without advice.  Carly gives her a month to get either she or Jason killed.

Gia is gone to meet her brother.  Nikolas thinks that they should go to Alexis, but before they can decide what to do Scottie is back telling them that he wants to know why they killed Rick Webber.

The housekeeper goes back to the woman and reports everything that Zander has told her.

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