GH Update Thursday 8/15/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/15/02

By Glynis

Nikolas and Gia have just watched Lucky crash Rick’s car over a cliff, and they think that he is dead.  Lucky seemed to be having some problems getting out of the car in time and they didn’t see him come out of the car.  Gia is hysterical.  They are hugging each other and Gia is crying when Lucky comes up behind them laughing.  Things went off just as he planned it.  All he has to show from the ordeal is a scratch on his cheek.  Nikolas thinks that they have to call the crash in to the cops.  They discuss blood, fingerprints being left, etc…  They need someone to call in the crash to the police that isn’t involved in the whole matter.  Gia knows that they are talking about her. She refuses.  They know that if they do it, someone is going to know that it was them.  They try to convince her that she has to do this.  She takes the phone and starts dialling.  She puts on a fake English accent and Nikolas and Lucky hate it.  She tries a Southern accent and Lucky freaks out.  “Don’t do that either”.  She starts dialling and they hear sirens.  Soon the cars with their flashing lights are right in their faces.  Oh my God…it is the police!  The cop asks Gia some questions and Lucky and Nikolas are gone.  Gia tells a story about the car in front of her careening off a cliff.  She says that she hopes that the guy that was driving is okay.  How does she know that it was a guy?  She has no answer.  She is asked if she tapped the guy’s bumper.  She didn’t. She tries to leave, but the cops stop her and tell her that she has to go to the station and fill out a statement.

Elizabeth asks Jason to take her for a ride on his bike. He refuses. That was the wrong answer as far as Elizabeth is concerned.  He turns and leaves.  Courtney offers to cover Elizabeth’s shift, but Elizabeth  doesn’t think that Jason is interested in her, so giving up a shift isn’t necessary.  Courtney thinks that he is interested in Elizabeth.  Elizabeth explains that Jason is pushing her away from him until things are resolved in his life.  He is really protecting her, but she doesn’t see things in quite the same way.  Elizabeth hates that things are decided for her all the time.  She doesn’t want to be the good girl all the time. She wants to be herself.  What is so wrong with that?  Courtney thinks that nothing is wrong with feeling that way. She used to feel the same way about AJ, but doesn’t anymore.  The girls don’t realize it but AJ has walked up behind them and he would like to know how he makes  Courtney feel about him now. Courtney could die.  She didn’t’ know that AJ heard her speaking and she would die before she let him know that she had said something like that.  They go off to talk at a table and she explains that she didn’t mean what she said just now with Elizabeth.  He knows that she is tired and needs to go home and rest and some days she doesn’t feel like going to work. She always pretends that everything is great, but she doesn’t have to. Her night job sucks but she has to do it.  He tells her that if she is feeling bad, he wants to know. She can be honest. He is home for her, she says.  The crappiest job in the world cant’ get between she and he.  She knows that she always will come back to him and that is what makes everything all right.  She has never had that before and that is the most important thing to her. She is all right she says and he needn’t worry about how she is feeling about them. As long as they are together she will be fine.  She sees a familiar face at the doorway, but pretends not to and that person walks over to sit behind them.  AJ tells her that she shouldn’t have to work so hard.  The club owner where Courtney works speaks up, “Can I get a little service over here?  AJ turns to see who is talking and he wants to know what the hell that man is doing there in the place where his wife is making a decent living.  AJ thinks that the man has been harassing his wife.  Courtney starts telling the man about the specials of the day, but AJ starts shouting at the man about bugging his wife.  The man will not let AJ talk to him like that.  AJ refers to the women that work for the man as sluts.  The man calls him a loser.  AJ thinks that the man has shaken his wife down for cash.  AJ shoves the man up against the wall.  The club owner tells AJ to go ahead and hit him so that he will have a reason to rip him apart.  Courtney begs AJ to stop.  AJ stops and leaves the diner.  The club owner comes out telling Courtney that she deserves better than what she is getting.  He walks off.  AJ says that he is going to make it his business to get that guy shut down.  Courtney is shaking and AJ thinks that she is afraid of that guy. She knows that the man can put her husband in jail for drunk driving. She wants him to promise her that he is not going to do anything.  He wants to take her home and pamper her. That is the condition.  She likes that.  They start kissing outside the diner.

Alcazar and Roy meet on the docks.  Roy takes his money and Alcazar warns him to be thankful that things have worked the way that it did.  Alcazar isn’t satisfied yet. He wants Jax and Sonny to be both destroyed and he is going to use Roy to help him do it.  He is going to tell ‘her’ when they are finished that both the men have been destroyed.  Now Roy understands something else about Alcazar. There is a woman involved, but who?  Roy wants to know why he was chosen to do this.  Alcazar tells Roy that he has to do his job quickly to get more money.  If Roy disappoints him, he will end up in the trash where he probably belongs. Roy says that he is not that easy to dispose of.  He walks off with his money in the silver suitcase and Alcazar slowly strolls away.  Zander has been hiding nearby and he hears what has been going on.  He follows  Alcazar, being careful to stay far behind him.

The housekeeper goes to the woman in Alcazar’s care and she gives her medication.  After he housekeeper leaves, the woman puts the pills in the vase holding the flowers. She is through taking those.

Jax and Ashley discuss their wedding and she decides that she wants lilies and appetizers and everything under the sun for her wedding.  She feels selfish doing this when his company may be in danger and he could lose everything.  The engagement party and wedding is going to go ahead as planned if he can help it.  He wants everyone to see how happy they are together and what a great match they are.  She is worried that they are not going to have the money to have a wedding like this. This is a one time deal he tells her, unless they decide to renew their vows again later and they do it again. The honeymoon is going to be great too.  It can be as long as she wants and they can go anywhere that she wants.  She can barely speak now.  He is being so wonderful to her.  She can’t take this anymore. She blurts out to him that she  is sorry. She is so, so sorry.  He is not understanding the conversation right.  What is she sorry for?  He thinks that he has said something wrong, but it isn’t he, it is she. She hates him joking about his situation the way that he does, it makes her feel so guilty.  He might lose everything and that might be her fault.  He tells her that they have everything that they need and what is left can’t be stolen from them, so who cares?  He is never going to leave her alone for anything ever again.  They will always have each other.  All she wants is him. He wants to know what she is so sorry about.  She took so long to see how wonderful he is, yes, that’s it, that is what she was sorry about.  He is fine with that.  She keeps trying to talk, but he shuts her mouth with bunny kisses.  They have the rest of their lives to be together.  They love each other and they deserve lots and lots of flowers he decides.  He is going to get all the lilies in the area for her wedding.  He has to go now.  After he is gone, she dials Edward to tell him that she needs to see him immediately. She tells him that she has much more than the map. She has an inspiration and she would like to share that with him.

Alan and Monica are having a countdown to the takeover.  Tony shows up too.  Scottie thinks that Rick is not going to do this to them.  Scottie doesn’t think that Rick is going to call a meeting of the board tonight.

Jason gets a call telling him to go to a certain destination.  Jason will go, but he will not meet with any lackeys.

Edward comes over to see Skye thinking that she has the map, but she doesn’t.  She says that she has something else.  What does she want?  She tells him that she wants to marry Jax.  Edward couldn’t care about that.  She wants to be good and loving to the man.  She can be that as long as she gives Edward what he wants. She asks Edward for another chance and let her start over.  She wants to forget that she has a contract with him.  She wants him to show her that he has a heart.  She just might love him back. She will never ask him for anything else after this. She wants to be out of this.  Edward tells her that Jax will not be happy if he learns what she has been up to. She begs him to do this for her. She will be grateful to him for the rest of her life. He thought that she would be his natural successor once.  She is like him.  No matter what thing he has done in his life, he has always loved Lila.  Since she asks so sweetly, he gives her what she wants.  He tells her that she should rest and meet him at the dinner party and he will bring the contract.  He heads to the door and Skye now has everything that she needs.

Monica asks Alan if he has anything to do with Rick’s disappearance and Alan jokes that he has.  Alan would be happy if the man left town, but he did nothing to hurt the man.

Jason shows up for his meeting.  It is dark now and very quiet.  He hears something behind him and draws his gun to point.    He calls for Alcazar and Elizabeth comes out of the bushes.  What is this?  She tells him that she got the busboy to call him on the phone to meet her there.  He tells her to stay away from him.  They cannot do this. She gets that it is dangerous, but she thought that they could see each other in private.  What could happen?  No one followed her. They are alone and she would like to enjoy that.  He turns from her.  He is leaving. He tells her to follow him as she will only get lost. She calls him a liar and he tells her that he has never lied to her. She sees that he is not doing this to protect her, he is doing this to protect himself.  She made him think that what they had wasn’t important but it was.  He looks at his watch. He wants her out of this. She tells him that it isn’t okay for him to drop out of her life. She would miss him too much.  He always listens to her and he always cares.  She has never had that before.  He leans towards her and they kiss.  It is real this time.  He slowly moves back away from her now and he walks off.  Elizabeth is left standing alone with confusion in her head.

Scottie comes into the diner and sees Lucky and Nikolas. He asks about Lucky’s scratch.  Lucky says that he got it playing handball.  Scottie asks about Laura.  No one has seen her.  He asks about Rick, but the men know nothing about that either.  Scottie gets a call and is freaked out.  “…Did  you make the proper ID?  I will get back to you…”  Scottie tells them that Rick Webber just crashed his car off a hill  and the really weird thing is that Gia was the only one there that witnessed the accident. Gia is fine and she said that her car wasn’t involved in the accident.  Scottie thinks that it is good that she was there to witness the accident of Rick going over the cliff.  Scottie says there was a bottle of vodka.  Poor Rick.  Died in a drunk driving accident, but he barely drank.  Nikolas makes a quick look at Lucky.

Jax returns home and finds Skye packing her things.  She tells him that they should just fly out and get married that night.  She doesn’t want to wait.  Jax wants to be traditional and have a big wedding.  He wants a world class celebration.  He throws her on the couch and starts ravishing her.  Soon they are tearing off each other’s clothes.

Alcazar kisses the woman’s body and comes up to her face telling her that he has to go. He tells her that she should try to relax and he will take care of everything. She doesn’t move at all.  She says nothing.  After he leaves, she gets out of the bed and walks over to the door in her silk/satin pajamas.  Zander is in the vicinity and he hears someone coming. He sees a woman in silk/satin pajamas going into a door.  He goes over to that door and then he is hit with something heavy  in the back of his head.  He falls to the ground unconscious.

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