GH Update Wednesday 8/14/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/14/02

By Glynis

Ned is making Alexis take her vitamins with milk.  She does it and Ned has to go, but he gives her numbers so that she can reach him at any time.  He doesnít mind if she calls him throughout the day as that helps him to forget what they have both gone through with Kristinaís death.  Carly comes over and Ned wants to know what she is doing there.  He places his body in the doorway in case he has to manhandle her out of there.  Alexis has asked her to come over.  With that said, Ned moves out of the way and Carly enters the room.  Alexis has something to say to her and then they will never have to speak again. That works for Carly.  Alexis pushes Ned out the door.  She assures him that she will be fine.  He will call her later.  Alexis tells Carly that she needs a copy of Sonnyís medical records.  Carly tells Alexis that she is a self-righteous bitch for the way that she hurt Sonny.  She tells Alexis that if she doesnít behave, she will tell Sonny about the baby.  She tells Alexis that Sonny is happy and she is nothing but an after thought.  If Alexis werenít pregnant, Carly would claw her eyes out for what she did to Sonny.  She turns and leaves.  Alexis sits with her milk to think on the situation.

Sonny is at the diner and Elizabeth comes to wait on him.  He is there to talk to Courtney, not really to eat.  Courtney doesnít want to talk to him.  She tries to push Elizabeth on his table, but Elizabeth doesnít want to be in the middle of her problems whatever they are.  Elizabeth can see that something is terribly wrong.  Courtney decides to deal with this herself.  She goes to Sonny.  She tells him that she doesnít want to wait on him as that makes her uncomfortable.  He asks about her disappearing on the night of her birthday. She didnítí realize that he noticed that it was her birthday. He would like to know where she was that night. She said that she got stuck in an elevator that night.  He doesnítí believe her, but he doesnítí tell her that.  She shouldnít have to work this hard to survive.  He offered her money before, but she wouldnít take it.  He offers her money again.  She starts shaking her head, but he starts counting out the bills telling her that there is no string attached. She will not take the money because no matter what he says, there are strings attached. She is not going to leave her husband and she would like him to accept that.  Sonny isnítí going to try and change her mind, he is only supporting her.  She tells him that she will get by without help from him. 

Jax finishes up a business call and then talks to Skye. He is mad as hell.  He is looking for revenge on the person that stole the map from him.  She is surprised to hear that.  He seems angrier than she thought he would be.  He has been double crossed and that is when his claws come out.  He is all up for fair challenges but will not tolerate thieves or spies.  Those are the worst.  Skye tries to slink into the wallpaper.  Someone stole his map and he thinks that person has a vendetta against them.  Skye suggests that Sonny was the one that took the map.  Jax knows that Sonny wouldnít do that.  Skye raises her eyebrows at Jaxís ability to know that.

Roy talks to Alcazar and tells him that they will meet that night and that Alcazar better have the money.  The date is set and then Alcazar looks for something in his desk and he can't find the very important item.  He shouts at an employee about people going into his desk, but that might not be the problem.

Nikolas and Lucky are trying to figure out what to do with Rickís body which is in a freezer in front of them.  Gia arrives and finds the brothers arguing. She doesnít hear everything that they are talking about but she can tell that this is very important.  They tell her that nothing is going on and that she should just go back up the stairs.  She refuses to leave and will not be lied to by them.  Things are all going wrong lately and she can tell that they are hiding something.  She demands to know what is wrong.  They say nothing.  They are standing in front of a padlocked freezer and she guesses that someone has died.  How hard can that be to figure out?  She has been through this with them before with Ted the undercover cop!  It is not Luke or Laura in the freezer.  So who is it?  Lucky blurts everything out.  He tells her that Rick is dead and that they have to make a plan.  They have to move the body to make it look like he had an accident or his father is going to be blamed for the death.  Lucky only wants to know if Gia is in or out.  Cause if she is in, she better help and keep quiet, but if she is out, she needs to get out of there right away.  Gia looks at her fiancťe, and she can see that Lucky has told her the truth. This is a very serious matter.  She knows that they are never going to get away with this.  Scottie is involved somehow and he is the DA and they are sure that he would like to pin this on Luke.  That is why Lucky has to take care of this to save his dad.  Lucky wants her to promise that she is not going to say anything.  Nikolas canít turn his back on Lucky now, so she agrees to keep her mouth shut.  The housekeeper comes in to talk to Gia and Lucky hides as soon as he hears her voice.  Gia and Nikolas start kissing madly, and the woman walks in on them but being very apologetic.  Gia gets angry with the woman for walking in on them. She accuses the woman of working for the tabloids and trying to get dirt on she and the prince.  The woman looks shocked at the allegations.  Nikolas tells her that the tunnels are closed off from the servants until further notice.  The woman nods and turns quietly, then leaves.  They have to get Rickís car to get the body into it, so that they can dispose of it ASAP.  Gia is either going to come to get the car or watch the body alone in the bottom of this scary house.  She decides to get the car with Lucky and they leave, with Nikolas staying behind to watch the body.

Jason comes to see Elizabeth at the diner.  He looks shaken.  His arm was bleeding the night before. It reminded him about the time when she was shot and could have died.  That canít happen again.  He will not be the reason that Elizabeth gets hurt, ever.  She keeps getting hurt and would like her to let things go.

Lucky and Nikolas have gotten the car and they have put Rickís body inside.  The plan is that they are going to put the body in the car and douse it with vodka. Gia knows that is not going to work.  Nikolas knows that the cops are going to be able to tell that the car didnít drive itself off a cliff, not when it has been pushed.  Lucky knows that.  He plans on driving the car off the cliff himself.

Elizabeth talks to Courtney about Sonny and she learns that Sonny has done some things for her in the past.  Elizabeth hasnít had an experience like that with Sonny.  Courtney thinks that he would be different because she is his sister.  She would like him to treat her as he treats other people.  Why is falling in love with AJ proof that she is a fool?  Why does he offer money to her like she is incompetent.  Elizabeth explains that Sonny is very protective and has a hard time saying what he wants to say.  Courtney canít fix things with Sonny right now as things are very complicated.

Jason meets Sonny on the docks.  Jason says that the shipment hs been completed. They are using Roy to see who is trying to get to them.  Jason knows that there are better ways to do this.  Sonny hates Roy, but the guy that is out for him is very dangerous.  This is something different. This is not someone from one of the families. There isnít even any motive.  Jason tells Sonny that Roy is into something that he canít handle and they can make him talk.   Sonny would rather wait and make Roy nervous.  The real enemy will get impatient.

Alcazar asks the assistant about the female that is with them.  She is getting erratic now.  Alcazar tells the woman to increase the medication.

Courtney goes to serve Roy, but then decides to get Elizabeth to do it for her.  Elizabeth gets his order of coffee and then Jax comes up to Roy telling him that his safe has been broken into minutes after he had been there.  Roy tells Jax that he wasnít the one that did this.  Jax thinks that he is lying.  Jax tells him that if he doesnít get that map back by that night, he will be destroyed and everything that he owns.  Sonny and Jason slowly and nonchalantly walk up to the table. They are interested in this meeting.  Sonny bids them both a good evening.  Sonny asks if Roy has orders from someone else or if he is doing this himself.  Jax thinks that this is a smokescreen to get to him.  Sonny tells the crocodile boy that if he wants him, he is right there.  Jax leaves and Sonny sits with Roy and asks him to tell what is going on.  Roy tells him that he does what he does for himself.  He walks off.  Jason doesnít think that this is about Jax.  Sonny can tell that Roy is a puppet of some sort.  Jax is just a piece of the puzzle, but the mystery man is backing Roy.

Alexis is on the phone when Carly returns with Sonnyís medical records. She puts the file on the table and turns to the door.  She has done this for Sonnyís child and not for her.  This is over now, unless she ever hurts Sonny or anyone else that she loves ever again.

Lucky and Nikolas have Rick in the car and they prop him up behind the wheel. The door is slammed, but Gia knows that this will never work.  She doesnít care that Luke may get in trouble. He hasnít been all that great to Lucky anyway.  Lucky explains how he is going to drive the car off the cliff and get out in time to save himself.  Nikolas thinks that his brother is going to die by doing this.  Is that really what he wants to do?  Lucky really has to do this.  What is Nikolas supposed to tell people if this doesnít work?  Nikolas tells him to be careful.  Gia hugs him and wishes him luck.  Lucky gets into the car with Rickís body and he pushes the pedal with his left foot and tries to get out of the car with his hands. Something is wrong!  The door is not opening.  Nikolas and Gia see that he is not getting out of the car and they panic.  ďOh my God!Ē  Lucky has a good look at what is coming when he realizes that he canít get out of the car.  Everything goes white!

Ned returns to Alexis and she is happy to provide Sonnyís medical records with Sonnyís name removed.  Ned sits down and starts filling in his name in the blank spaces.  She tells him that he doesnít have to do this.  He hopes that she never needs to use these records, but if she ever has to, the papers will protect the child from Sonny.

Carly comes to get Sonny at the diner, but Sonny is not ready to go home.  She just wants to get him home so that they can be a family.  He can see that something has happened, but all that she says is that she only wants to have him home. She leaves and Jason and Sonny resume their talk.  Someone has set Sonny up with Jax.  The only thing that Sonny has in common with Jax is Brenda and she is dead.

Alcazar is sitting with a woman on his knee. She is upset but being very quiet. He knows that she comes to him when she feels this way.

Jax arrives home and gets a delivery. He opens it and finds only half the map inside.  Skye thinks that he has an enemy with a bad sense of humour.  He thinks that he has a friend out there.

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