GH Update Tuesday 8/13/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/13/02

By Danielle

Skye told Jax he shouldn't go to his fund raiser after all he'd been through. He appreciated her concern, but recognized his obligation and committed himself to attend. Skye asked him if she could wear her necklace to the event, carefully asking him to get it out of the safe for her. He asked her to get it out herself, giving her the combination. Once in the safe, Skye realized that the map was missing and feigned a migraine to get out of attending the gathering. Jax offered to remain behind as well to help her through her pain, but she pushed him to continue his evening out, which he did. She called Edward immediately after Jax had left and the old man rushed over to the cottage to receive his reward. He was disappointed when Skye told him about the disappearing act and tried to blame the situation on her, telling her that she was trying to get out of their deal. Edward threatened to blackmail his newest grandchild with her fiancÚ if she didn't fall into line. Skye convinced him that she was telling the truth and the map was missing. Edward left, upset about losing the papers and angry with Skye for not nabbing them sooner. Jax returned that evening and wanted to finish some business before bed. Skye tried to seduce him away from business and the safe, and was successful until his father called, wanting information that was on the map. Getting into the safe, Jax discovered what was missing and immediately called for Skye to ask if she had been in the lock-box while he was gone. She told him she didn't get in the safe in his absence and continued to tell him she didn't take the maps. "I would never think you could," he told her. Trying to convince his soon to be bride the importance of the map, he told her, "if I don't get that map back soon, my family is in serious trouble."

Roy raced to the docks with the stolen map, ripping the paper in half. Zander ran into him, enquiring as to what his next assignment would be. Roy informed him that there would be no more assignments, that a kid like Zander should never have to go through something like this. Despite Zander's protests, Roy handed him a check with a nice round figure on it and encouraged him to take Elizabeth and get out of town. Roy then took the map to Alcazar, where he gave him one-half of the ripped territory. Realizing the map was incomplete and confronting Roy about it, Alkazar agreed to fork out another half million dollars to receive the other half of the map. Roy informed his newest acquaintance that he would be taking steps to protect himself from here on out. Alkazar in turn, warned Roy not to push him too far. Back at Alcazar's place, he placed a call, telling the person on the other line that things were almost set up for Jax. The dark-haired woman he's housing found the map of the Jax territory in the drawer and drew her finger across the Jasper Jax name.

While closing up the diner for the evening, Liz ran into Jason. Offering her friend a cup of coffee and gently easing into a conversation about knowing his order, she stepped back to open the door to find herself locked out. Trying to take care of the situation on her own, Elizabeth borrowed a credit card from Jason and broke it off in the door jam. Jason offered to help and gently broke a pane of glass from the door and reached in to turn the knob. Notorious for her quick fix bandaging skills, Elizabeth bandaged Jason's bleeding hand and took the opportunity to discuss something near and dear to her heart - them. Discussing her relationship with Zander, Elizabeth informed Jason that she was only going to leave because he asked her too and that she only wanted to go with Zander to make sure he was safe because he had taken care of her. Telling him that she didn't want to leave Port Charles, Elizabeth admitted something, "I know you feel the same way I do. And that's why you're here right now." Wrapping up the conversation (and the bandage), Jason offered to walk Elizabeth home and put a guard on Kelly's. Before they made it two steps away from the door, Zander caught up to them and Jason left Elizabeth in the hands of her newest beau. Upset with Zander for interrupting things with Jason, she straight out told him, "I really don't appreciate being pawned off." Cutting off the argument before it had a chance to start, Zander explained to her about the money Roy had given him and asked her again to go with him to Florida. Elizabeth tried to backpedal her way out of a straight answer, but was forced into telling Zander that she couldn't go - Port Charles was home. When he reminded her of her willingness to leave before for him, she tried to explain her reasoning; however, Zander, the hot-headed young man that he is, analyzed her refusal for what it was - a chance to be with Jason. She tried to convince him that their relationship (hers and his) was warranted and that they could continue it perfectly fine, but he explained his feelings very clearly: "As much as you hated being Lucky's pity project, that's how much I hate being yours."

Lucky and Nikolas hightailed it down the highway to get Rick's dead body to Cassadine Island. Admitting his dislike for their current situation, Nikolas reminded Lucky of their past experiences. "Look behind you. We have another dead body in my car." Lucky pushed his brother to continue with the charade until Luke and Laura resurfaced and tell them what to do. In their haste, the brothers managed to get pulled over for running a stop sign. "We're as dead as he is," Nikolas informed his half-sibling. The two chit-chatted their way out of a bad situation, taking the ticket and taking advantage of the dead body in the back seat of the Jaguar, complaining about their drunken father's bad habits ruining their lives. They got to the docks just in time to catch Scotty on a call to one of his many contacts. Scott pushed his contacts for information on Luke, Laura and Rick's disappearing acts, finding out that Luke and Laura could not have taken a plane to Las Vegas for their elopement and that Rick Webber hadn't even left town. Leaving Nikolas to hold up the dead body alone, Lucky went down to the dock to run offense, standing up to Scott's wayward questions and threats of prosecution for charges that amount to nothing. Scott left the young Spencer with a word of warning: "Don't get too cocky that's how you trip yourself up." Once Scott was out of sight, the brothers got Rick onto the boat and headed out to Cassadine Island where they dumped the dead into the familiar old freezer. To Nikolas' dismay, Lucky changed their plans to wait on Luke's word and set out to discover a believable reason for Rick's death.

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