GH Update Monday 8/12/02


General Hospital Update Monday 8/12/02

By Danielle

Skye overheard Jax talking about the oil business with his father on the phone and listened in. She informed Jax that Roy DeLucca had been asking questions about his feelings towards Sonny. She warns her fiancé that Roy's latest ventures have been dangerous and tells him she doesn't want him involved with anything to do with the mob boss. "Christina's death was a wake up call. Life can change at any second," she told him. But when she asked him to drop his vendetta against Corinthos, he said no. She outright asked him if the reason behind his hatred toward Sonny was Brenda, but he told her Sonny had ruined many lives, not just Brenda's. "It's time for him to pay," Jax told her. "I wouldn't mind being that guy." But when Roy swung by to see if he could get Jax on his side, Jax declined the offer, telling Roy that he couldn't be partners with someone he couldn't trust and Roy's offer was based on a lie. He wished Roy luck on his expedition and swore off vendettas. After he and Skye left for a fundraiser at Club 101, Roy returned to the cottage and got the maps out of the safe, per Alcazar's request.

Courtney and the rest of the girls performing at the Oasis got hauled down to the Port Charles Police Department where they were tossed in the exam room to await their release. Courtney began worrying about someone recognizing her and calling her husband or her brother. She didn't have to worry for long though, AJ and her father showed up at the PCPD to file a missing persons report. Just after denying AJ's request, Garcia released Coleman's girls. Courtney lagged behind the other girls leaving long enough for Coleman to run offence for her, upsetting AJ and forcing Mike to escort his son-in-law outside. When Courtney thanked Coleman for his cooperation, he told her he protects his investments. From the PCPD. Mike and AJ went to Sonny's where they asked for help finding Courtney. Worried that his wife had been kidnapped like Elizabeth, AJ showed every emotion he had to Sonny to plead for help. Before Sonny had to make the decision, Courtney called, telling AJ that she was home and safe. He rushed to her side, thanking God she was not harmed. She gave him an excuse about being trapped in an elevator with no phone to dodge the questions, and, in turn, he told her he knew all about it being her birthday the day before. He gave her "his heart" on a chain and a beautiful pink birthday cake to celebrate. "I hope you get whatever it is you wished for; I've got every wish I ever made in you," he told her.

Sonny had other problems to deal with beside AJ and Courtney, though. While getting his family ready for Luke and Laura's wedding, Mac Scorpio dropped by to tell him the bomb that demolished Corinthos Morgan Exports was detonated remotely and the culprit was probably watching the warehouse the entire time, knowing Corinthos wasn't inside. He gave Sonny a warning to protect his family and made a small stab at asking who was behind the attack. Sonny turned him away. When AJ was at the penthouse, Michael recognized him as the "liar" who called himself his "daddy," so Sonny had to deal with the aftermath of that and Mike's new commitment to his son-in-law. Mike tried to explain the change in AJ, but Sonny refused to listen, telling his estranged father that he was just desperate for his daughter's love and would do whatever it takes to get it. Admitting the desperation, Mike told his son to let go of the grudges. "I am tired of fighting. I want peace," he said. Mike continued pouring his heart out, telling Sonny that he longed for Courtney's love the same way that he longed for Sonny's, but he assumed he could never get the latter so he made the best of what he was given. Before leaving, he informed Sonny that he had just missed his sister's birthday. Sonny, shaking his head, moved on to his next problem - his wife. Upset with Carly for not telling him about the confrontation, he informed her that with all the other problems going on, she needed to tell him everything. Jason interrupted before the argument could expand, informing his boss that he had successfully gotten into Roy's penthouse and taken some surveillance photos from an envelope, but only enough for Benny to do some research with. Sonny didn't recognize Luis' name or his face and wondered what a man who didn't know him could possibly want, but prepared for the worst.

Luke and Laura's wedding began - without them! Everything was in place except the bride and the groom. Assuming that her daughter and wayward son-in-law had eloped, Lesley took it upon herself to tell the waiting audience that they would not be celebrating the wedding with the newlyweds, but celebrating the reception - without them. She even made a toast on their behalf.

Lucky wasn't so sure about the elopement, though, and noticing Rick wasn't in attendance, took the opportunity to confront Scotty. "Rick's not here, and I don't think my parents would take him along with them." Lucky took it upon himself to head over to the Jones' attic where he thought he might find them rummaging through some old memories with Rick. Scotty wasn't so sure about Lesley's conclusion either and dialed Rick to check in. Not getting an answer (on the other side of town the ringing cell phone was tossed into a wastebasket), he followed in Lucky's footsteps. Lucky was the first to arrive to the attic with Nikolas in tow. The Cassadine had followed his half-brother to see what was going on and the two found Rick's body cold and dead on the floor with blood still fresh on his skull. Ordering his younger sibling not to touch the weapon beside the body, Nikolas began to make a call to the police. Lucky stopped him though, telling him that they shouldn't contact anyone until they knew the details. Both brothers, pretty much in agreement that the dead body on the floor was Luke's doing, heard a noise coming up the stairs and quickly covered the body with some sheets and hid it behind a trunk. Their snooper? Scotty Baldwin, of course. Nikolas dodged Scott's questions, challenging him to question their story. Nikolas' cell phone rang and he told Scotty that it was Laura, telling him that she and Luke had indeed eloped - in Las Vegas. They escorted him out of the attic and sent him back to the reception to tell the guests, returning to the attic alone. Lucky informed his brother that if Luke did indeed kill Rick, his actions were in defense of their mother. When Nikolas questioned what would happen when someone found the body, Lucky told him, "We are going to stop it. … We-- BROTHER."

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