GH Update Tuesday 8/6/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/6/02

By Danielle

Roy sat down with Alcazar to discuss the bombing at the Corinthos Morgan warehouse. Alcazar admitted that he sent Felicia there to persuade Roy that listening to his orders from now on would be a wise decision. He did tell Roy that Felicia arrived "right on time" though, just missing the bomb, as intended. He threatens the former FBI agent with the detonator from the bomb, telling him that if Roy doesnít follow orders from now on, he will place an anonymous call to the Port Charles Police Department and put the detonator in Royís apartment for them to find. "I can get you anytime I want," Alcazar told him. Once Roy was out of the limo, Alcazar placed a phone call: "DeLucca is perfectly positioned against Corinthos. Now itís time to use him against Jasper Jax."

Felicia finished up her one on one with Mac at the PCPD. Still upset that his former fiancee is in cahoots with dangerous people, Mac tried to get her to spill some information. Mac warned her that Roy is the prime suspect for the bombing. Refusing to give up Roy or Alcazar, she told him she would be careful. She then headed to the docks to meet with Roy, who told her he wanted her out. When she questioned their "teamwork," mentality he told her that he didnít care what he had to do anymore so long as she was safe. She offered a suggestion: tell Sonny, but Roy refused. He explained that if Alcazar even considered betrayal that he would kill Roy, which was tolerable, but what he couldnít stand was that he would kill him after making him watch Felicia die a painful death. He told her that he is going to follow through on whatever orders he is given.

Garcia returned to the hospital to coerce the truth out of Elizabeth. She explained most of the situation, but left out the important details, ending her story with the shooting being accidental. Her word got back to the PCPD and Jason and Zander were released from custody and from Scottyís parade of unanswered questions. Both men headed to the hospital to check on Liz immediately. Jason found her first and told her that the situations surrounding her had to stop - he and Zander were both putting her in danger. Unable to guarantee her protection, Jason asked her to leave with Zander, telling her that the two of them could be happy elsewhere. Unable to admit her feelings for him, Elizabeth asked Jason if what he really wanted was her gone. Before he got a chance to answer, Zander showed up to see how his newest fling was regrouping. Zander continued to apologize for his thoughtless actions, but Liz told him it wasnít his fault. Before Zander took her back to her studio, Liz turned to Jason for one last loo

Ned waited outside Kristinaís room for the okay to go in and visit. When he finally did go in, she woke up and listened to his apology for lying to her. "I was never unfaithful," he admitted. When she asked why he lied to her, he explained the hairy situation Alexis had gotten herself to and admitted that his stupid impulse had taken over. "I made you loose faith in the two people who loved you the most," he said sadly before telling her how much he loved her.

After confronting Carly, and smacking her out of anger, Alexis crumbled to the floor and needed both Sonny and Carly to hold her up. After a short visit with Alan, she was told she was fine, but needed to calm herself down. Carly returned to tell her that Sonny wanted to know why Kristina was going to see him, but Alexis didnít want to listen. She simply let into Carly about being selfish and only looking out for herself. She then went to visit Kristina, interrupting Nedís visit thanks to a one visitor at a time rule. "The good news is you canít argue with me so youíll have to just listen," she told her younger sibling before making apology after apology. She explained that her lies were a desperate attempt to protect her baby - the only thing she has loved and needed to protect since Kristina was an infant. She told her younger sister that she didnít want the baby anywhere near Sonnyís life and that she just wanted to "make it all better." Holding her hand, she promised to name the child after the only o

Carly, after discussing a small portion of the situation with Jason, worried that she would be pointed to and blamed, got to Sonny just in time after hearing the news. Carly sniffed around a bit to find out if Kristina managed to blurt out the truth in her last moments, but changed her tune when she realized Sonny was taking the blame placed on him to heart. "Kristina is dead because of me," he confesses. Reassuring her husband that the situation is not his fault, Carly manages to find the right words and use them wisely, telling him that he has made it out of life and death situations several times and that is a sign - a sign that he deserves a good life and she is going to give it to him.

After his run in with Carly, Jason headed to the docks to meet up with Roy. Roy told Sonnyís right hand that he didnít set the bomb. Regardless of the fact that he believes Roy, Jason used the situation to try to get Roy to give up the person behind it all, explaining that the purchase of the pier, the contamination of the coffee and Kristinaís death didnít exactly make him look good. "If you didnít set the bomb you know who did," Jason told him.

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