GH Update Monday 8/5/02


General Hospital Update Monday 8/5/02

By Glynis

After receiving a call from his mysterious backer telling him Felicia was in danger, Roy showed up at the Corinthos Morgan warehouse just in time for the explosion which pinned Kristina under some large beams. Running inside to check on his partner, Roy saw the arm coming out from under the debris and assumed the worst. Felicia made it to the warehouse before he could worry too much though. The two dug through the debris, unearthing an unconscious, bleeding Kristina. Alexis showed up at the warehouse as well, thanks to a call from Carly sending her after her wayward sister. Seeing her sister unable to move, she fell to her knees, crying, begging Roy and Felicia to help Kristina.

At the same time, on the dock near Corinthos Morgan Exports, Jason watched Elizabeth kiss Zander, happy with the news of him remaining in Port Charles. After hearing the explosion, Zander and Jason both asked Elizabeth if she was okay before heading in the direction of the warehouse. Nodding "yes," they all ran to the building to find out if anyone was injured. Jason ordered Elizabeth to remain outside while he went in to check on anyone inside. Zander began to follow Jason into the warehouse, giving Elizabeth the same order, but she refused to stay behind and convinced him to take her along. Jason got to the scene in time to help Roy and Felicia move some of the remnants. Zander showed up in time to help Jason move the beam which pinned Kristina down. Ordering Elizabeth to get out of the building, Jason warned everyone involved not to touch their victim, telling them her back could be broken, and left the decision up to Alexis on whether to move her outside or wait on the paramedics. Alexis gave the order to move her sister from the collapsing building, so Roy, Jason and Zander used a large board for a back brace and carefully moved Kristina onto it. Once they are all safely out of the building, the paramedics arrived, quizzing an extremely upset Alexis about the medical history of her sibling. Unable to answer the questions because of both lack of knowledge and nervousness, Alexis got into the ambulance with them and headed to General Hospital. Felicia follows.

Jason confronted Roy about being at the warehouse, recalling Roy knowing how to diffuse a bomb from the time he did so in Elizabeth's studio. The two begin to fight, rolling on the ground. Jason's gun fell to the ground. Picking up Zander shoved it into Jason's back, telling him to cease fighting. Elizabeth screamed at Zander to put down the firearm, making him pause long enough for Jason to push the pistol away from he and Roy. Unfortunately, and overzealous Zander got trigger happy and fired a shot in the direction Jason forced his arm - right toward Elizabeth. A bullet grazed her arm, near her shoulder and she looked at the two men in astonishment. Unable to speak, Elizabeth looked down at her bleeding arm and back up to the two men who were at the root of her situation. Ordering Roy to call the police, Jason took action while Zander mindlessly paced and mumbled "it was an accident." Elizabeth began to loose consciousness, but Jason kept her attention while applying pressure to the wound. Detective Garcia showed up with Roy cuffed and forced Jason away from Ms. Webber before he could get the bleeding under control. Garcia attempted to help the injured Elizabeth while his force kept Jason's hands in the air. Zander continued to pace, muttering to himself until Roy finally expressed his feelings, "Will you cuff him already?" Jason, hands still in the air, offered to help. With Elizabeth begging for Garcia to let him help her, Garcia had no other choice than to let Jason bandage the wound. Talking softly to her and being as gentle as possible, Jason informed her that she was not in any danger, that the wound was a mere flesh wound and she would be fine. Once Jason successfully bandaged the wound, Garcia cuffed him, sending the three men to the Port Charles Police Department and accompanying Elizabeth to the hospital himself. Once at the hospital, Garcia tried to get Elizabeth to admit who had pulled the trigger, using her bad past experiences with Jason and Zander to try to divulge the truth.

On the other side of town, Mac pounded on Sonny's door, being the first to inform the coffeehouse owner of the unfortunate "accident" surrounding his coffee exporting warehouse. Mac asked Sonny to accompany him to the PCPD for some questioning, but Sonny told him to call his lawyer instead. Unsure of who Sonny's acting lawyer was at the moment, Mac convinced Mr. Corinthos that it would be beneficial if he would come willingly. Warning the chief of police about the harassment suit pending against the PCPD and Detective Marcus Taggert, Sonny complied, telling Carly to get in touch with Jason. Her first call wasn't to Sonny's right hand, though, but to Kristina. Alexis picked up the phone, unable to speak, but able to hear Carly warn "Kristina" not to go to the warehouse. Hearing Alexis' voice cay "Carly?" on the other end, Carly hung up the receiver quickly. She was unable to get a hold of Jason, but he got through to her just fine, questioning how she knew Kristina was involved in the accident. She hung up before answering.

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