GH Update Friday 8/2/02


General Hospital Update Friday 8/02/02

By Suzanne

The bomb is ticking.  It has been stashed between some canvas bags.  It is not easy to see but it does have some red lights on it that blink like crazy as the time goes on.  So many people will be affected by this bomb after it goes off…Carly, Sonny, Zander, Jason, Elizabeth are only a few.  Roy came to the warehouse as he got a tip that Felicia might be there. The caller didn’t exactly say Felicia’s name but that is what Roy thought when he went running from his apartment to get her out of there.  As he hit the door to the warehouse, the explosion goes off…Elizabeth and Zander were nearby and Jason sees them kissing. He can see that Elizabeth loves him dearly and he only wants the best for her, so he will not interfere.  They hear the bomb go off and all of them go running to see what has happened.  Zander assures Elizabeth that he had nothing to do with this.  Jason is up ahead and will undoubtedly get there first…Roy is trapped under a heavy piece of wood outside of the warehouse, but he manages to get himself out from under the wood.  It was a good thing that he wasn’t inside when the bomb went off.  The guard to the warehouse arrives and confirms that he is all right.  Help is on the way.  Felicia shows up.  Roy is so glad to see her.  So she hasn’t’ been hurt after all.  That was his main concern.  He knows that there is a woman in the rubble, but who is she?  He and Felicia start moving the rubble to get the woman out.  Alexis shows up looking for her sister…Jason gets to the warehouse first and he is about to enter when he sees Elizabeth trying to follow him in. He tell her no. She doesn’t know the layout of the warehouse so her going in there will not be helpful.  She will probably get lost and then they will have to go looking for her.  Jason leaves her standing alone outside.  Zander comes along and she tries to go in with him, but he tells her that she should wait outside.  He used to work for Sonny, so he knows the layout of the place.  She tells him that she is going in there with or without him, so he might as well let her in.  He decides then to bring her in with him to assure that she doesn’t get lost…Alexis sees that her sister is under the rubble and she is stunned.  She knows that somehow this is her fault.  Roy and Felicia are working to get Kristina out when Jason, Zander and Elizabeth show up.  Jason and Zander get into an argument as to whether or not they should lift Kristina out of there or not.  Jason turns to Alexis to get her to make a decision as to whether they should wait for the paramedics or pick the woman up and take her out of there immediately.  Alexis is in tears now. What should she do?  She feels responsible for all of this going down.  There are live electrical wires around and so Alexis decides that they have to move her right away.  The bomb has exploded, but it is still dangerous there.  Everyone gets to work.  They find a flat piece of wood and they all support a part of Kristina’s body as they move her to the piece of wood that they will use as a stretcher to carry her.  They cover her body once she is secured with a blanket.  Roy and Zander pick up the piece of wood and carry her out of there.  An ambulance is waiting for her to get her as quickly as possible to the hospital.

Sonny gets notification from Mack and some policemen that there has been an explosion at his warehouse.  They have come to his house, as they believe that he is the one that set the explosion for some reason unknown to them.  Mack wants to take Sonny to the station, but Sonny doesn’t want to go.  They threaten to arrest him, so he goes willingly.  He tells Carly to call Jason right away to get to the bottom of this.  Carly rushes to the phone after he is gone and she tries to call Kristina instead…Alexis has Kristina’s purse and is watching as her sister is being carried away from the warehouse.  She hears the cell phone ringing.  Alexis opens the line and listens.  She says nothing. It is Carly talking.  She sounds a little hysterical.  “Kristina I am so glad that I found you.  Do not go to the warehouse.  Do you hear me? There has been an explosion and it isn’t safe there, do not go.”  Suddenly, Carly realizes that she might not be talking to Kristina and she hangs up the phone in a hurry.  She then calls Jason asking if Kristina was all right.  How did she know that Kristina was there?  Jason tells her that Kristina was in the building when the bomb went off.  Carly is shocked to hear that. So shocked in fact that she hangs up. 

Kristina is in the ambulance and on her way to the hospital.  Felicia is going to the hospital and make sure that Kristina is going to be fine.  She leaves and Jason sets in on Roy.  He was the first one at the explosion site.  Roy denies that he had anything to do with the bomb.  Jason and Roy really get into it and end up rolling on the ground.  Zander is near by and he sees that Roy needs some help.  He rushes over to help and he does help Roy by holding a gun on Jason’s back.  Elizabeth sees him with the gun and she pleads with him to put the gun down.  Zander is caught off guard and Jason pushes Zander’s arm backwards.  As Zander fights for the gun, it goes off.  Both Jason and Zander freeze and turn slowly to Elizabeth. She is still standing but has a shocked look on her face.  She looks at her right arm and sees a gunshot hole and blood around it.  She can’t believe that she has been shot.  She slowly turns to look at the two men that she cares about. She starts to drop to the floor, but Jason catches her and tells her that he is going to take care of her.  Roy and Zander are watching now.  Zander starts apologizing for the shot.  Jason tells him to forget about that now.  Elizabeth is going into shock, but Jason keeps her focussed now.  Roy and Zander goes to get the paramedics.  The police show up and they have their guns drawn  “Get your hands up, everyone!”  Jason doesn’t move right away, but when told again, he does as he is told.  Roy, Zander and Jason stand with their hands on their heads as the police take over and tend to Elizabeth.  They make sure that Elizabeth is fine and they assure her that she will be okay. She is feeling the pain now more than ever. She holds her arm where the wound is and grimaces.  Zander talks to the cops telling them that they have to get the paramedics for Elizabeth right away.  He starts pacing back and forth.  Zander starts mouthing off about the cops and he is cuffed.  Jason comes over to Elizabeth and she asks the cop to let him help.  Jason works on her telling he that the wound is going to hurt.  It is only a flesh wound. The bullet just hit her for a minute and she is going to be fine. The cops want to know who shot her.  Roy only says that it was an accident.  Roy and Jason are cuffed as they are going to the station.  Zander tells her that she is going to be all right.  He gives Jason the dirtiest look that he can muster up.  Jason tells him, “You are going to pay.”

Kristina is brought to the hospital and the medics start working on her.  Tony will be the one that works on Kristina.  Bobbie is there and takes Alexis out.  Alexis has hurt her knee and Bobbie leaves to get someone to look at it.  Alexis doesn’t want anyone. She is alone now waiting and she cries hysterically. She limps to the door where her sister is and she sees them wheeling her away.  She heads back to the front desk and Carly shows up.  She asks if Kristina is okay.  Alexis turns to her, “You did this!”…Bobbie sees Alan and Ned shows up not knowing what has happened.  Bobbie tells him that Kristina is on her way to emergency surgery.  Alan leaves to go and tend to Kristina.  Ned turns to Bobbie.  Things are bad. Sonny’s warehouse blew up and she was inside. Why would she be there?  Is she going to make it?  Bobbie knows that they will do their best for her.

Sonny is brought in to talk to Scottie.  He tells Sonny that he is nothing but a two-bit thug.  Sonny is not afraid of the man.  He is there to help anyway that he can.  Scottie wants to know why Sonny blew up his own warehouse. Was it for the insurance?  Sonny doesn’t need to do that.  Maybe Sonny was trying to get rid of Roy Delucca.  Sonny wants Roy to pay for this if he is the one responsible.  Sonny tries to leave, but Scottie blocks his way.  Scottie is not going to let the man roll over him.  He has put a lot of thugs like him away and he can do it to Sonny.  Scottie doesn’t play by the rules either.  He will set up illegal surveillance if he has to in order to get Sonny.  That is why he signed up for this gig.  Sonny would like to talk to Alexis, but he learns that Kristina was in the warehouse and might die. In that case, Scottie will charge him with murder.  Sonny didn’t have a plan to cause any of this.  An innocent girl may die because of all this and that makes Scottie sick.  Maybe there are others that may be coming after Sonny.  Someone with real power.  If Sonny tells him who this person is, Scottie will work with him.  Sonny will not do that.  Scottie tells him to get out of the station.  Sonny tells him to enjoy his new job.

Jason, Roy and Zander are brought to the station.  Mack doesn’t care who pulled the trigger, only that Elizabeth has been shot.  Roy is uncuffed and free to go.  Someone is there to take him out of there.  Roy goes with the man even though he doesn’t know whom the guy is.  Jason wants to know who the guy is.  Mack tries to keep the information to himself. Why does Jason care?  Mack doesn’t believe that Jason or Sonny did this. Who is coming after Sonny and what do they want?  Felicia shows up and learns that Roy’s bail has been paid and that he is gone with those people.  Mack knows that whatever she is into with Roy, it is lethal.  Mack wants to know what is going on…Scottie asks Jason about Elizabeth getting shot.  Jason says that he doesn’t know.  Was this a crime of passion?  Jason will say nothing, so Scottie goes to see Zander.  Scottie knows that Jason and Zander hate each other.  Scottie wants to know who shot Elizabeth. The truth will only help him.  Zander says nothing.

Outside, Roy is put into a limo and it is the guy that has been pushing him to do business his way.  Roy knows right away that this is the guy that planted that bomb.

Elizabeth is in the hospital and she is bandaged up and has to get some rest. She will be given something for the pain. She asks about Kristina and learns that the woman needs some prayers.  The top cop is there with her telling her that he was the one that arrested Jason when she was kidnapped.  He warns her that Jason and Zander are bad news.  One of them shot her and he would like to know who it was.  Zander Smith or Jason Morgan?

Kristina is getting her emergency surgery.  Ned is watching through a window as the staff works.  Alan comes to his son.  They don’t know what her chances are, but Kristina is strong and Ned believes that she is going to make it. 

Alexis demands that Carly tell her the truth about her sister getting hurt.  Carly tries to explain that she had nothing to do with this.  Alexis is crying now and she is getting hysterical with Carly.  She hauls back and slugs Carly in the mouth.  Afterwards, she gets a sharp pain in her stomach and bends forward, hugging her stomach.  Sonny arrives and Carly calls him over to her and he holds Alexis to help her out in any way that he can.

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