GH Update Tuesday 7/30/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/30/02

By Glynis

Rick and Scottie are digging up the body that was buried there long ago so that Laura will not figure out that it is there. A dog comes along and grabs the skull in its mouth running off. Rick and Scottie panic. Laura has been having flashbacks and soon she will remember that this woman is buried in the yard. Scottie gets a call and has to go to the police department. Scottie is the DA now and his position might come in handy if he and Rick hit a snag in their plan. Rick will finish moving the body. Scottie runs off to the station.
 Courtney panics as there are people out in the audience at her work that now her and will figure out that she is dancing there. Courtney tells her new friend not to go out and strip as AJ is sure to recognize her and know that Courtney lied to him earlier. He saw her talking to the woman in the diner and was told that she worked in a
 bank. That was a lie of course, but imagine his surprise if he figures out that she is a stripper and a friend of his wifeís. Courtney bumps into her husband and he wants to know what the hell she is doing there. She explains that she had to pay off the guy that owned the club. AJ damaged the club and she stripped to pay it off. AJ wanted her to trust him so that she could tell him anything. She tells him that she has paid all of the debt off. She didnít want the accident coming back to haunt them and she would really like it if they let this whole thing go.
 Skye and Jax are having a heart to heart. She is scared to marry him she says. He thought that she was more courageous than this. She has deeper secrets that she is hiding from him but she canít tell him that. He promises to make her the happiest woman in the world. Finally she says yes to him. They hug and kiss to celebrate. Yes, I will marry you.  Skye thinks that she is dreaming. They make love and sit around in their robes and the necklace that he has bought for her. The phone rings and Skye is fine with him answering the phone. Jax answers to Edward and the smile disappears from her face. Jax tells him that Skye has agreed to marry him. Edward is sure the two of them are going to be miserable together. Skye talks to Edward and he thinks that this
 is wonderful, as Jax trusts them more than they thought. They have him in a great position to scam him. She gets off the phone and tells him that she is never going to take the necklace off again. She knows now that he is the man that loves her and the man that she is going to marry. They cuddle some more on the couch.
 Alexis talks to Mac trying to stop them from going after Sonny for taking Carly out of the country. Carly really didnít want her husband arrested after all but the police are not sympathetic to her change of mind and besides, she isnít even there to talk for herself. Sonny is being rude to Taggert, calling him a baldhead jackass!  Gia is with
 Nikolas. Turns out that Gia hit a man that has taken her picture and he feels that he has been assaulted. Nikolas sees Alexis and Sonny and he immediately attacks Sonny. He thinks that Sonny is bossing Alexis around but that is not the case. Sonny blurts out that Alexis is pregnant and Nikolas looks to Alexis for confirmation. Alexis is terrified that the news has been blurted out in this manner and she is very embarrassed.
 Elizabeth talks to Zander wondering what the hell he is doing. He is wearing Jasonís jacket and acting funny. He tells her that she doesnít now him and knows nothing about him. Elizabeth demands the truth. She is scared, but not of him, for him.
 The owner of the club is talking to Courtneyís friend in the dressing room telling her that she has to dance whether she likes it or not. She refuses. They hear someone coming and the woman runs to hide behind the garment racks. She hears AJ and Courtney enter the room and AJ tells the owner that all of this is going to stop right now.

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