GH Update Monday 7/29/02

General Hospital Update Monday 7/29/02

By Glynis

Luke goes to Bobbie at the hospital to get help finding the woman that Laura has had in her mind. He gives a brief description of the woman and when she might have worked there at the hospital. Bobbie shouldn't be using the computer for something like that. Something happened to Laura in the attic and she cant let it go. It is actually haunting her. Bobbie turns to the computer to see if she will be able to help by getting any information out of it for Luke. Laura is sitting in the waiting area of the hospital waiting for Luke, and Rick is moving towards her. He sees that she is looking at him funny and he wants to know what is up with her. She gets a flashback of Rick many years ago leaning over her much in the same way, but with a syringe in his hand. Rick did something long ago and it is slowly coming back to Laura in bits and pieces. She has to find out what this means. Luke comes up behind him and asks him if there is a problem as he can tell that his wife is freaking out with Rick over her. Rick has to go but he tells Luke and Laura that he will be available if they need anything from him. He leaves and Bobbie comes up to tell them that she hasn't been able to find anything in the computer to help them with their quest. Luke has a picture and Bobbie seems to know who the woman in the picture is. She just has to check something. Bobbie takes the picture and runs off with it for a bit. Luke and Laura sit and wait to see if Bobbie can come up with anything. Luke turns to Laura and learns that just now, Laura had a terrible feeling about the vision of Rick leaning over her with a syringe. This is getting painful for her and Luke would like to see it to its end. Bobbie returns with information about the woman. She has the name ~Theresa for them and she remembers that the woman was very moody and unpredictable. Overnight, she quit and no one saw her ever again. Laura remembers again. She is looking out a window long ago and it is pouring rain. The memory is so horrible that Laura drops her water unto the sketch of the woman's face. Luke hurries to save the picture and Laura realizes what she has done. She remembers being in the attic and hiding because she was afraid. It was dark and raining outside. It was late at night. She can't remember what it was that she saw, but she heard something in the yard and she looked out the window. She saw them. She didn't know who they were. Laura really wants to get out of there, but they will call Bobbie if they need her. Laura doesn't want to go home, she has another idea. They get on the elevator and Rick peeks out from behind a corner at them.

Jax has just proposed to Skye and she says no. He's on his knee in front of her and he is showing her his heart. She tries to return his necklace but he will not take it. He would like to know why she is refusing him. She should have understood that he was serious about her. She tells him that he is a liar. He has no idea what she is talking about. She tells him that he wasn't in Australia. She knows exactly where he was. She explained that she called his hotel room and a bimbo answered the phone. Jax tells her that the woman is jewelry broker and a family friend. She should have asked him instead of jumping to conclusions. She flipped over the necklace in the auction catalogue and he wanted to get it for her. He said that he was going to the wrong destination because he didn't want her to know what he was doing. He tells her to call his mother, as she is not the sort to lie about things like this. She is immediately sorry and knows that she has screwed up royally.

Courtney's friend arrives at the diner to see what her day job is like. Courtney tells her to be quiet as this is a major secret. AJ comes up and asks Courtney whom her friend is. Courtney and her friend make nice conversation saying that the friend works at a bank. Courtney wants this conversation over and she runs off with her basin to bus another table. The friend is ready to leave, but AJ stops her and asks her how it is working at a bank.

Sonny and Carly discussed Alexis and her baby. Carly decides that she has to do something. Sonny has come to her with the truth and she decides that she to do something likewise. They sit together. She tells him that she knew that Alexis was pregnant long before he did. She kept if from him. Sonny is very surprised to hear this. She tells him that when she was at Mercy hospital with the chart on her lap, Alexis ended up therewith the same doctor. That is how Carly found out. She looked at Alexis's chart and learned the truth. She didn't see the name of the father filled in and that scared her. She tells Sonny that she called Alexis's old firm to have her hired back. She lied to Sonny again. She did it again. Sonny is not pleased. She knew what she was doing. That bottom has dropped out again. Nothing that she has been saying to him has been the truth. She loves him and she can't stop it. She lies so that she can stay with him. She is afraid that she is going to lose him. He gets angry about her explanations. He doesn't want to hear that she is afraid. He has done everything so that she will trust him. He has forgiven things that he hasn't ever been able to forgive before. She knows that she is a horrible person. Sonny has more to say on the subject. He thought that she was dead once and then she came back and he promised himself that he wouldn't ever lose her and he learned what she meant to him. He would do anything in the world for her but not this. He is not going to have his wife lie to him. He gave her his name, heart and honor. If she cannot give him thatŠ She has to be able to promise the truth. She is crying now. If she cant do this, he will let her go. She explains that she has to lie sometimes. That is her way to protect herself. She tells him that she is not going to promise that she isn't going to lie again. She is giving him her heart. He is always going to doubt her now. Why cant he just let her go? He has no answer to that. She keeps making him want to be with her. She loves him but she cant continue to make him believe that she is going to be something that she is not. He has no idea what to say. He decides that if she loves him, how can she reserve the right to lie to him whenever she wants? She wants to be loved the way that she loves him. She doesn't ask him to change to be with her. She accepts him for what he is. She is better than some others. She knows who he is and she stays anyway. She wants him to love her anyway, even with the lies. He is not sure that he can do this. She begs him to trust her and love her even though she screws up. He thinks that maybe he can trust her if she tries to be honest most of the time. She wants to be his wife and she would like to spend the rest of her life with him. He wants that too. He thinks that maybe they can do this thing then. They decide that it is time for them to go home now. They hug each other knowing that they have gotten over a huge stumbling block.

A man who badly wants to be his associate is approaching Roy. Roy is not interested in doing business with this man. The man wants to invest the money for Roy and give him half the profits. Roy thinks that Sonny is behind this. The man seems to have a grudge against Sonny. The man only dislikes people that get in the way of what he wants.

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