GH Update Wednesday 7/24/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/24/02

by Suzanne

Elizabeth and Zander wake up the morning after.  Things are a little awkward, especially from him.  Jason arrives so Elizabeth tries to cover by not holding the door open too far.  He tells her that there was a fire last night at Pier 52, so she asks if anyone was hurt.  He says no, and says that people will be blaming Sonny, even though he didn't do it.  After her ordeal, he wanted to make sure she's okay.  Zander comes out and says they're both fine.

Alexis goes to the police station on Roy and Felicia's behalf to see if the cops can find out who burned down their pier.  Taggert does not act helpful.

Laura and Luke also arrive at the police station, to ask Mac questions about THEIR fire.    Mac doesn't have any answers and Luke is not happy to hear it.  There was nothing in the fire to show them who could have done it so they have no suspects.  Luke tries to make him see that he's wrong and suggests that Scott was there under suspicious circumstances, whether he set the fire or not.  Mac thinks Luke is just holding a grudge against Scott.  He says he doesn't have probably cause to question Scott and he doesn't want to get sued by him.  Luke is frustrated.  Laura suggests that she might get further by talking to Mac by herself.  He agrees and leaves her alone.  She turns and runs into a cop, who spills coffee on her outfit.  Just then Scott walks in and Laura has a flashback to that fateful night, seeing Scott standing there in a raincoat.

Scott runs into Bobbie and Rick chatting at Kelly's.  They are reminiscing and talking about Laura's wedding, but Scott is hostile towards Rick and says that he's just looking out for Bobbie's job.  Carly comes in and asks Scott what's going on with her case.  She is kind of single-mindedly rude, ignoring everyone else.  After Bobbie introduces Carly to Rick, Scott tells Carly that he filed the papers for the restraining order and he is on his way to the courthouse.  Once Sonny has been served with the papers, he will send her the bill.  Rick takes Carly aside and asks her what's going on.  She asks if Carly has lost her mind.  Carly says her usual nonsense about Sonny.  Sonny arrives to talk to Carly but she doesn't want to hear him out.  She informs him of the court order and tells her that he can't come within 500 feet of her.  He doesn't care about that. 

Rick is amazed that Bobbie doesn't care that Sonny and Carly are fighting rather loudly not too far away.   She says it's best to ignore them.

A nearby man in a suit starts listening to the conversation between Carly and Sonny.  Suddenly he shows his badge and says that Sonny is under arrest.  Sonny tries to tell him he's just having a discussion with his wife, but the man asks Carly if she has a restraining order against him.  She says yes and smiles as the man cuffs Sonny.  Sonny gives her a look like, "Come on, what are you doing, you idiot?"

Zander chews Jason out for burning down the pier and being a hypocrite about it.  Elizabeth tells him to back off.  Jason tries to ignore him, telling Elizabeth that he's keeping somebody on her in case anything happens.  Zander keeps getting in Jason's face so finally Jason picks him up by the collar and holds him against the wall, and threatens him.  Elizabeth tells them both to stop.  Jason gets a phone call from Carly, who is upset about getting Sonny arrested but doesn't tell him the details.  He says to meet him at the Elm Street Pier.  After Jason leaves, Elizabeth chews Zander out for using her to get at Jason.

Carly fills Jason in on what happened to Sonny.  He can't believe she got a restraining order.  She asks him to get Sonny out.  He says his attorney gets him out, and that's Alexis--only she's quit.  Carly pretends not to care what happens to Sonny but he knows better.  She says he doesn't want to be responsible for locking him up, since he's claustrophobic, so she asks Jason to help. They go to the station.

Zander apologizes for what happened with Jason; what he said didn't come out right.  He is jealous of Jason always being around her.  She wants to know why he went out of his way to tell Jason that they slept together.  He wonders what the big deal is.  She is frustrated and doesn't want to talk about it.  He says he knows now that she needed him last night because Jason wasn't there, and now she thinks she made a mistake and blew it with the guy she really wants to be with.

Laura tells Scott that she remembers seeing him the attic.  He says uneasily that he thought she was over those dreams.  She remembers him standing in the doorway.  He says they were all the time, making out and such.  She specifically remembers him being there that one rainy night.  He says he remembers.

Luke goes to Kelly's and chats with Rick and Bobbie.  They tell him about Carly getting Sonny arrested and Luke has a great laugh about it.  Rick makes a comment that Carly is as much of a handful as Laura used to be, so Luke asks him what he meant by that.  Rick brushes off his question and makes an excuse to leave.  Bobbie tells Luke that his "fishing expedition" was pretty obvious.  Luke tells Bobbie about the attic mystery.   He thinks Scott is involved but she doesn't believe that Scott could do anything bad.

Ned asks them if they've seen Alexis because she was supposed to meet him there but he's late.  Bobbie says maybe she was at the police station bailing Sonny out.

Taggert insinuates that Roy set the fire himself, but Alexis tells him that Roy was with Felicia.  Taggert says he could have had someone else set it.  Alexis says it doesn't make any sense for Roy to do it and it was clearly someone else trying to put him and Felicia out of business.  He wonders sarcastically who that could be.  Sonny comes in; Mac gets filled in on what happened.  Sonny, thinking someone called Alexis for him, asks her to clear this mistake up.  She says gently that she's here on Roy's behalf, not his.  Taggert offers that Sonny's name came up in their discussion about the pier being on fire.  Sonny is annoyed that she won't work for him because it's too dangerous, yet he'll work for Roy, who's "a snitch and an ex-con".  They start to bicker.

Carly and Jason arrive and she gets angry when she sees Sonny talking to Alexis, thinking he called her.  Alexis says that Sonny didn't call her.  Carly says a bunch of nasty things to Alexis and Sonny tells her to stop it.  Jason takes Carly aside and asks Sonny if he called Alexis. Sonny says emphatically that he didn't.  He asks if Alexis is representing him.  Sonny replies that she's representing Roy and that she and Taggert accused him of setting the pier fire.  Carly calls Alexis a "turncoat".  Mac asks Sonny if he was served with a restraining order, and Sonny replies that he wasn't.  Mac has to let him go because he hasn't been given due process.  He warns Sonny to stay away from Carly and asks him to keep his domestic problems domestic.

Sonny apologizes to Alexis for getting her involved.  She says that it was "revealing" watching how Jason mediated between him and Carly.  Sonny says Carly has a right to be upset but she'll get over it.  He advises her to keep away from Roy so she can keep her baby safe.

Elizabeth says to Zander that she doesn't know what she wants.  She says she likes him but she doesn't understand him.  He says he doesn't always understand himself, either, but he knows he didn't sleep with her just to get revenge on Jason.  She says she still wants to be friends and she doesn't regret what happened between them, but she doesn't know what should happen next.  He says they'll just see how it goes.  He supposes he should go check with Roy, since he was supposed to work for him and now he might be out of a job since the pier has burned down.  He says he'll see her later at Kelly's.

Luke tells Bobbie that he's determined to find out what happened with this fire and what Scott's involvement in it was.

Scott asks Laura what she remembers, so she tells him.  She says she doesn't recognize who the man and woman having sex were.  She remembers seeing Scott in the doorway, soaking wet and calling her name.  She asks what he remembers.  He says there was no one else there and tries to convince her.  He remembers them being there together because they were kissing and it got a little intense, so she said it wasn't the right time, so they talked and then he walked her back to the house (from the attic?? Isn't that part of the house?).  She doesn't believe him.  He suggests that she forget it and marry Luke, and be happy.  She pretends to go along with him and they part company.  Scott phones Rick and says they've got to talk.

Elizabeth finds Jason on the docks and asks if they can talk.  He doesn't want to.  She tries to explain what happened with Zander.  He says it doesn't matter.

Taggert tells Alexis that he still needs to question Roy; she says fine, she'll be present.  Ned arrives and asks what she's doing there.  When he hears Taggert mention arson, Ned says no and asks if Taggert is aware that Alexis is pregnant.  Alexis is shocked and can't speak at first.  Taggert is surprised about her condition.  Ned says that she's supposed to avoid stress so she must remove herself from any case involving Sonny.  Taggert replies that, actually, she's working for Roy.    Ned says he doesn't care, she must give up any criminal defense work right now.  Taggert agrees and congratulates her as Alexis sputters at Ned.  She asks him if he's out of his mind.  He says, "I'm not letting you put my child in danger".  She can't believe what he said.

Sonny finds Carly and insists on talking.  They argue.  He tells her to get rid of restraining order.  If not, he'll figure out a way for them to work things out, and she's not going to like how he does it.

Elizabeth keeps trying to explain and Jason says he hears her but he doesn't look very friendly.  She says that he is looking at her the way he looks at everyone else--from a distance and cold.  He's never looked at her this way before.  He says things change and he's got to leave.

Laura meets up with Luke at Kelly's.  She tells him what she remembered about Scott and how he lied to cover it up.

Scott tells Rick that Laura is on the verge of remembering.  Rick tells him not to panic and he'll handle it.  Scott asks him if he's going to handle it like he did back then.  Rick says if she pushes them any further, they have no choice.

Ned asks Alexis if she wants to spend the rest of her pregnancy in bed, strapped to a fetal monitor.  She says she knows how much stress she can handle and he can't just walk in there and blurt out that she's pregnant.  Ned says that since she stayed here, he is going to take his responsibility seriously.  She tells him to back off.  They argue.

Carly and Sonny continue to argue about who's more selfish.  Sonny picks her up and, with Max's help, puts her in the back of his limo, locking her in, and they drive off, with Sonny chuckling.


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