GH Update Tuesday 7/23/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/23/02

By Danielle

Felicia interrupted Roy's discussion with his courier. When she questioned the man's identity, Roy pawned him off as being the insurance adjuster. They played out the scene, discussing that it must be proven arson. When the courier left, Roy told Felicia not to worry, that he had the situation under control. She pointed out that Sonny made his message loud and clear. Roy agrees and called his adversary. He told him that he was looking at the message he was sent and ordered Corinthos to meet him at the Oasis Lounge. Sonny admitted to Jason that Roy wanted to push his past in his face, to remind him that he used to own a strip club, and that's why he choose the meeting spot. Once there, Sonny got right to the point, wondering what he was doing there. "No small talk?" Roy asked. "Not even the pretense of civility?" Sonny, turning the lingerie laden girl from his side by throwing her a hundred dollar bill, told Roy to cut to the chase. With a snide remark to the girl about Sonny preferring blondes, Roy turned to Sonny, telling his former employer that he wasn't scared of him. Sonny threatened him, telling Roy to attempt to do whatever he wanted, that he wasn't smart enough to actually get anything done. He then made it a point to mention what could happen to Roy if he didn't back off. Roy described his prison days to Sonny in an attempt to point out that idle threats do no harm. He thanked Sonny for his "concern" about his business choices. Sonny reminded Roy of the law of averages, pointing out all the bad things that had been happening would just climax into something greater and told him he should reconsider taking him up on the $2 million offer. He explained to Roy that they were not playing a game, and even if they were, Roy didn't understand the rules. Asking him straight out who he is fronting for, Sonny continued to grill him, even going so far as to bring up the fact that they were "almost" friends once and that they may be able to come out of this deal with a mutual benefit. Sonny compared Roy's state of mind to a druggie's high - "eventually you will fall," he told him. He explained that though Roy is his opponent at this point in time, that whoever is behind the scheme will "run over you on a show down with me." Sonny went straight to the pier to meet with Jason. Knowing what they were getting into, Jason offered reassurance. "We'll be ready."

While Sonny and Roy discussed their situation in the lounge of the Oasis, Courtney had her own problems going on backstage. Hating the turn her life had taken, she confessed to Wynona (the stripper she spilled her life to yesterday) that the worst part about her job was pretending to enjoy it. While Courtney was backstage groveling, Wynona hit the floor to make some cash. She rushed backstage to show the new recruit the $100 bill she had gotten for doing absolutely nothing. "Santa's here and you're in luck," she told her new protégé. "He likes blondes." She encouraged her young apprentice to go out on the floor and give the high roller a lap dance, telling her that it would topple the bank and end her night. Wanting to return home to A.J., Courtney slipped off her robe and headed out on the floor. Hearing her brother's voice, she retreated back into the dressing room and started getting dressed to leave. When Wynona questioned how much the reward had added up to, Courtney told her that she hadn't went through with it. "You know him?" Wynona asked. Courtney was surprised. "You don't? That's Sonny Corinthos." Courtney admitted that Sonny was not a friend of the family (as she neglected to mention that he was actually part of it), telling Wynona that it was imperative for her to leave without him seeing her or there would be hell to pay (literally). Wynona agreed to cover for her, but Courtney couldn't escape Mr. Coleman in time. Refusing to let her leave for the evening, Coleman informed his prod that there was a high roller with her name, and her name only on his list. Backpedaling like a pro, Courtney claimed a headache. He threw aspirin at her and told her to head out on stage. Wynona came to the rescue though, threatening that Courtney would quit and take her talents elsewhere. Coleman's only reply was that it would not be good for her home life. Wynona pointed out that it wouldn't be good for business either, seeing as how Courtney had been the star lately. He let Courtney leave, giving her orders to make up for it the next weekend. Turning to Wynona, Courtney admitted that lying had never been her strong suit, and now lies were consuming her life. She went home to A.J., who waited her with arms open, mind running on overtime.

A.J. called the bank and got notification that Courtney Quartermaine nor Courtney Matthews was employed there. Worried about his young bride, he headed out the door running right into Mike Corbin. Furious with what A.J. continues to put his daughter through, Mike confronted his new son-in-law. "You lied my daughter into this marriage," he told him, asking how he was supposed to trust the Quartermaine outcast. "What are you going to swap your wife for next." A.J. sat Mike down on the couch and explained to him the love that has grown between the newlyweds. He shared his happiness with his place in life, and with the woman he married, telling Mike about his new job and plans to help support the family he and Courtney were building. Mike gave him an ultimatum: keep her happy and you will have no problems, upset her and, well ... A.J. promised happiness was on his agenda.

Lucky and Gia returned from Amsterdam, playfully pinning one another as the biggest gawking tourist. Nikolas surprised the duo, welcoming his fiancée home with a present - a big time reporter for a popular magazine. Knowing her present by name and reputation, Gia's attitude flared up immediately. Dodging Gia's blows with the 'I'm here for you because of Nikolas' line, Tina helped herself to a seat. Warming up to the idea, Gia asked what the reporter's angle for the story was. "A fairytale aspect," Tina told her. "Ghetto-fab." When the "ghetto-Cinderella" idea didn't fly with Ms. Campbell, she donned a Southern accent and spun a fairy tale of her own - about plantations and a prince to the rescue. Understanding the model's point, Tina made a point of her own: she may be offended at the ghetto-fab idea, but was she as offended with Nikolas buying the Tempo cover? Nikolas tried to talk himself out of the picture, telling Tina that he was "networking" his resources. Trying to put her frustration with the news on the back burner, Gia faced the problem at hand, trying to figure out what kind of a spin Tina would put in the article. The reporter admitted that she was there to get a feel for the upcoming model's personality, not her bio. "You have edge," the reporter told her, informing that edge is what the modeling business, and her magazine, were all about. Turning her fury from the departing reporter, Gia faced Nikolas. Refusing to admit he bought her the cover, Nikolas 'fessed up to buying ad space in the magazine, telling her that his intention was to build her confidence. Lucky stepped in with a few derogatory observations of his own: Nikolas has made himself the producer, director and star of the story of Gia's life; he's in it for control. Nikolas told his younger half-brother that the situation was between he and his fiancée, and that he had a vested interest in Gia. Before Lucky could throw down much of a gauntlet, Gia asked him to leave, turning on her prince solo. The fury in her face turned into a sinister smile. "Next time you part the waters for me, you sure as hell better make sure I am there to watch you pull of the miracle," she told him with a kiss.

After Roy sent Felicia away yet again so he could meet with Sonny, she went straight to his apartment, letting herself in. Hearing footsteps behind her, she slipped into the closet. Jason swiftly made his way into the room and went straight to her cubby hole. "That's a horrible place to hide," he told her, pulling her out from behind the clothes. She tried to stand up to him, rambling about her and Roy's partnership and trespassing. Ignoring her jaunt, Jason dug the briefcase from its hiding place and revealed its contents to her. He put the pieces together for her, telling her that she suspected it all along or she wouldn't be there. Telling her to trust her instincts, he presents the ultimate question "You were right. What are you going to do about it?" When Roy returned home, he found his newest fling on his couch. With a wave of the hand and a comment about being an expert detective, she brushed off her presence in the apartment. Feeling guilty about what he had put her through, Roy finally opened up to her. "All those years of lies. Forgetting how to love and be loved. I want to do it differently this time," he mumbled. He opens the suitcase, revealing its contents to her for the second time. He admitted that his "insurance adjuster" was a courier for his money source and told her he was sorry. Looking him straight in the eye, she confessed that she already knew. When he asked her what she would have done had he not told her himself, she told him she would have cut her losses and walked away. He told her she still had that option, and it may be the better of the two. Felicia respected his openness opting to stay in for the long haul.

The courier went straight to the money source, reiterating that Roy was looking for a meeting one on one. "Set it up," the source ordered. "Let's get this show off the ground." He reminded his courier that showing himself to Roy was of no importance because Roy DiLucca is not the target.


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