GH Update Monday 7/22/02


General Hospital Update Monday 7/22/02

By Danielle

Courtney and A.J. returned home where A.J. continued to ask questions about the man who called her "Daisy." She blew it off and began to get ready for work. When A.J. asked her to call in sick, she gave in, promising to try but not holding out much hope. Asking him to leave the room so she could make the call in peace, she tried to get Mr. Coleman to okay her absence, but he refused, threatening to go to the police if she didnít show. She left the apartment and headed to the Oasis. Once there, late due to the fire on the pier, and decked out, she headed out on stage for her waiting fans, but not before one of the regular girls told Coleman that he had "struck gold" with Courtney. Once her number was over, Courtney returned to the backstage where she handed Coleman her pay and he split it with her 50/50. Outraged by Colemanís share of the split, the other dancer told Courtney not to take it from him, to threaten to quit. Courtney admitted that she had no choice in the matter, that she was being blackmailed. Conf

After he rescued Elizabeth from being trapped in the stairwell, Zander escorted her back to her studio, where things began to heat up on the couch. Jason went to the studio, taking Sonnyís advice to tell her what he wanted to tell her when he had the chance, but refrained from going in when he looked through the wide open door and spotted her kissing Zander. Upset with what he had seen, Jason climbed on his motorcycle and went to complete some of the other tasks Sonny had given him. Zander and Liz continued their night of passion, stopping only long enough to shut the door. They finally finished what they started on the crypt floor, and woke up in one anotherís arms. Zander started to leave, thinking that Elizabeth may wake up and regret her decision to sleep with him, but she woke up before he left and asked him to stay with her. He put on the nightlight and slipped back into his spot next to her on the couch.

Sonny, knowing what his wife was up to the minute he walked in the door (the candles lighting the way to the upstairs bedroom were a dead giveaway), knocked on the door to her bedroom. Upset with the prospect of what she was about to do, Carly was lying in the bed crying to herself. When hearing the knock she asked "Jason" not to come in, that he didnít want to be a part of what she had planned. After admitting out loud to herself that she would always love Sonny, Sonny opened the door and admitted that he would always love her as well. Angry when she finds out her husband knew what she had planned, Carly threw another temper tantrum, telling him that he only loved her when it was convenient and that she never wanted to see him again. Throwing a glass at him to make her point, Carly continued to spill her feelings. "I donít want to love you anymore. ... It costs too much," she told him. She continued on the spiral downward, telling him about her plan to rendezvous with Jason and have him catch them in the

Felicia and Roy finally finished their celebration at Royís apartment where they started dreaming about the "good life." Felicia was perturbed though, when Royís "good life" seemed to be an echo of the life Sonny was already living, including a new apartment (a.k.a. penthouse) at Sonnyís own Harbor View Towers. Roy sat her down and tried to convince her yet again that his intentions were good and gave her another vision of what life could be like. They began to kiss, getting interrupted by a phone call that ordered Roy to the pier, informing him that Pier 52 was in flames. Sending Felicia home to safety, Roy ran straight to the pier where he met with the middle man keeping ties between him and the boss. With a standing threat over his head, Roy requested a meeting with this man who he was working for, telling the middle man that burning the pier was a warning. That Sonny and Jason didnít want to burn down the pier, just show him that they can. Felicia showed up at prime time, wanting to know who the man R

As soon as Royís apartment was abandoned, Jason picked the lock and began searching for a clue. Following in the footsteps of old gangster movies, he found the suitcase full of money stashed under the kitchen sink. He headed straight to the pier to meet with Sonny and tell him what he had stumbled over. Sonny gives the orders to find the man behind the mask and take him down.

A man sitting behind his desk on the phone told the person on the receiving end that he was bored with everything (implying the fight for Pier 52 and Sonny and Jasonís claim attempts). Bored with everything but "her." A young woman came down the stairs and dropped her robe in front of him, her face was not revealed.

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