GH Update Friday 7/19/02


General Hospital Update Friday 7/19/01

By Suzanne

Skye covers with Jax about her comments to Jason about being Edward's sole heir. She says she was just trying to get his goat. She tells the staff of her club to get ready for the crowd. Jax, undeterred, asks if Skye has fallen for some ploy of Edward's. She assures him that she's just waiting for him to get ELQ back for her. Edward comes up just then and makes a crack. A.J. and Courtney come in and she's not too happy to see Edward there. A.J. says they are going to have a nice night out there anyway. She worries about the money. He has a surprise, he says. Luke and Laura also show up at the club, dressed to the nines. Rick arrives, which seems to rattle Laura.

Audrey tells Elizabeth that she's sorry that she had to cut their dinner short, due to the staffing shortage at the hospital. Liz assures her that it's no big deal. Audrey asks her again to move home because she worries about her. They bicker again about Zander and Jason. Audrey asks Liz if she knew that Sarah is going back to Europe. Liz looks surprised. Audrey asks her to phone her sister to make up because Sarah feels bad about their "disagreement". Liz says it was a bit more than that. Audrey knows that they love each other. Liz says she'll think about it. Audrey leaves and Liz locks the million locks on her door. She puts on her jacket and starts to paint. There is a lot of thunder outside, making her jumpy. She hears some kind of a sound of glass breaking outside and jumps some more.

Jason arrives at Sonny's penthouse, telling him that he met with Jax. He doesn't think he's the one who fronted Roy the money for the Pier. He's not selling the club, either. Sonny is annoyed. Jason tells Sonny that giving Carly back the club is not going to make her pain go away. Sonny wonders what will. Jason says he's having dinner with Carly tonight and hopes to find out.

Carly sends Michael off for the night with Bobbie (so she can be alone with Jason). Leticia takes Michael upstairs so he can pack. Bobbie wonders why Carly is having dinner with Jason. She knows what she's up to. Carly doesn't want to discuss it. Bobbie says she refuses to help Carly arrange to have Sonny walk in on her and Jason in bed. Bobbie keeps pleading with her not to ruin her relationship with Sonny. Carly says it's too late, Sonny did something unforgivable. She won't tell Bobbie what it was. They sit down and talk. Carly talks about how happy she was, thinking that she and Sonny could start again. Bobbie keeps telling her not to ruin things but Carly won't hear of it. She is tired of being second or third on Sonny's list of priorities. Bobbie knows that really Carly just wants Sonny to be devastated and come running to her. She still loves him. Carly says she doesn't want to love him. She's tired of all the disappointments and hurt. She says that it's Sonny's turn to get his heart stomped on. Bobbie reminds her how well she survived when she and Sonny split up, but she also knows that Carly kept loving Sonny. Carly bitches some more about Sonny. Bobbie says that Jason will know better than to sleep with her. Carly says it doesn't matter as long as Sonny sees them together. Bobbie says that's not very nice, to get Jason hurt after he's been such a good friend. Carly knows that Sonny will blame her, like usual, not Jason. Bobbie wonders what this will do to Carly's self-respect. Carly calls for Michael so he can leave with Bobbie. Michael and Leticia go outside. Bobbie tells Carly that she loves her, then she leaves.

Luke is concerned about Laura's reaction to Rick. She suddenly would rather go listen to the blues at Luke's club instead. He insists that they stay and deal with the problem. She reluctantly agree. Rick kisses Laura hello on the cheek as she forces a smile. They chat about the wedding for a minute. Rick offers help and excuses himself for a minute. Laura sighs heavily. Luke tells Laura again that they should stay, but instead she bolts out the door.

Edward spars with Skye to put on a show for Jax and then walks away. Jax cautions that Edward always has a trick or two up his sleeve so it won't be easy to beat him. Skye looks unsure of herself and hugs Jax while looking across at Edward.

A.J. tells Courtney that he got a job today. She's very proud of him. He tells her that he's going to be driving a forklift. He says the money is not great so she should keep her second job. She says it's okay.

Sonny is suspicious about Jason's dinner with Carly, fearing that Carly is trying to put Jason in the middle of their problems. Sonny thinks the best thing he can do is wait things out with Carly. Jason doesn't agree that's the best answer. He thinks you can lose a lot if you wait. Sonny agrees and suggests that Jason follow his own advice, with Elizabeth. Jason asks Sonny if he should get going on this thing with Roy. Sonny says yes. Jason will be with Carly and Jason says that Sonny should be out in public when it happens. Carly phones Sonny to ask him for a favor. She asks him to take Michael for the night. He doesn't let on that Jason is there. She tells him to be there are 7. After Carly hangs up, Sonny checks with Jason and finds out that Carly wants him there at 6. Sonny says that this sounds like one of Carly's plans.

Luke finds Laura outside on the docks. She is literally running scared. He asks her what happened. She doesn't know what's wrong. She was looking at some redhead and when she turned and looked at her, she panicked. The thunder scares Laura, too. She remembers that something happened on a night like this. Luke coaxes her through it. She can't remember what she saw. He says they need to go to the attic and finish it. He takes her by the hand and they leave.

At Club 101, Edward tells Monica that if she's going to have an affair with Rick, he hopes she'll be discrete. They argue. Monica says maybe she's hanging out with Rick to find out what he's planning for the hospital. Edward doesn't know whether to believe it. Monica greets A.J. and Courtney. He tells her that he got a job driving a forklift. She is surprised and says he has so many other skills. A.J. hopes he's embarrassing Monica and the family. Courtney says she's proud of him for getting a job despite his family. Monica says that getting a job and earning his own living, at least it's something. She is trying hard to be positive but she's clearly disappointed by his news. She excuses herself. Courtney laughs at Monica's attitude and hugs A.J. She gets a call from work. Edward chats with A.J. about his new job. A.J. gloats that he has a job that Edward can't touch.

Courtney's boss at the strip club phones and wants her to come in for work. She says she can't tonight but he threatens again to call the cops on A.J. She goes over to Edward and yells at him for the way he treats A.J. When Edward goes to insult Courtney, A.J. stands up for her. Jax and Skye admire the way they told off Edward. Skye is amazed at how Courtney went to bat for A.J. Skye says he's lucky. He knows he is. Jax gives Courtney a drink and apologizes for trying to predict that her marriage would be a disaster. He can tell how happy she is. A.J. can tell that something's wrong between Skye and Jax. She says she's caught him with other women. Still, she can't help melting when she's around him.

Laura is reluctant to go up to the attic, but Luke insists that they find out what has been bothering her. She remembers that she was outside and it started to rain. She saw a light in the attic. They go upstairs to the attic. She recalls that she opened the attic door, so she does that now. Luke walks in and asks her what the room looked like. She remembers a couch and seeing a light on. He turns on the light. She then remembers seeing someone on the couch. Luke asks who it was. Instead of answering, she says she heard a branch banging on the window and a women moaning. She was confused and surprised. She didn't know who else would be up there. She pushed open the door and saw her face in a mirror. She looked at the couch and saw a redheadedwoman on top of Rick, making love. Outside, Rick listens and looks disappointed.

In her studio, Liz sits on the couch. Then the electricity goes out with a crack of thunder, so she runs to get a flashlight. She goes down to the fuse box but the door leading out of the stairwell is stuck shut. She drops her flashlight and gets more scared. Then she can't get back out of the stairwell at the top, either. She's stuck, alone in the dark once again.

Sonny says he plans to tell Carly to be straight with him and they can work out their problems. Jason wants to call her but Sonny says to let her think that her scam is working. Jason thinks it's a bad idea but goes along with it. Sonny suggests that he go be with Elizabeth so he has an alibi.

Meanwhile, Carly preps for Jason in sexy lingerie.

Zander finds Elizabeth stuck. There is something blocking the door. She is frantic. He says he'll meet her up top on her landing. She climbs the stairs and pounds frantically on the door. He opens the door and she is in his arms, upset. He comforts her. They go back to her place. The power is back on. She tells him what happened. He keeps comforting her. He goes to leave but she hugs him and begs him not to leave. Naturally things turn romantic and they kiss. Naturally Jason arrives and sees them.

Sonny goes to Carly's and sees candles all over the place. They lead upstairs, so that's where he goes. Carly is in bed but she's crying. He knocks on the door. She tells "Jason" to go away. She was going to do something really stupid, she says, but now she can't. Sonny smiles. He is about to knock but she keeps babbling. She says that she can't pull off a decent revenge scheme any more because she loves him (Sonny) too much. She wails, "I'm always gonna love Sonny". Sonny walks in and says he'll always love her, too.

Jax tells Skye that he thinks A.J. and Courtney actually have a good relationship. Skye answers his phone. It's a woman named Maya who wants to speak with him. He says he has to take it, it's for a deal he's working on. Edward catches Skye and tells her that it's time to take Jax down for good.

A man comes up and calls Courtney "Daisy" (her stripper name). She denies it and A.J. tells him to back off, thinking he's just a confused drunk.  Courtney looks worried.

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