GH Update Tuesday 7/16/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/16/02

By Danielle

Luke went to Lesley for information while Laura tried to hit up Rick. Daddy dearest didn't budge, but Lesley let the cat out of the bag when she told Luke that Rick did not only cheat on her with Monica Quartermaine, he had multiple affairs, and one of those women came to the front door one night. She told her soon to be again son-in-law that Laura had the fortune to answer the door on that night, and it was around the same time she stopped spending all of her free hours in the attic. Laura described some of her memories at Rick's request. He listened silently as his daughter told him she had heard moaning coming from the attic. Brushing it off and making excuses, Rick sent Laura away, and immediately called Lesley to regroup. Laura and Luke met to discuss their finds, Laura expressing her feeling that Rick had something to hide, and Luke letting her know about the multiple lovers her father had taken over the years.

Nikolas gave Gia yet another gift, this one a framed copy of her Tempo cover. He then surprised her with the idea of going away for a few days. Lucky interrupted their picnic in the park with his own copy of the magazine, and delivered some good news to his favorite model - the photographs from the shoot he took over after Gia slapped the photographer turned out so well, the company is going to take legal action to get the duo for more opportunities. The wrench thrown into the whole plan? They had to leave that night. Gia turned to Nikolas to see how her prince charming was taking the good news, and it appeared that he wasn't having the same reaction as her. He gave her the choice to take the shoot now, while she is "new" and "hot" or to "believe" in herself and decline the offer; she apologized and said she couldn't go with him on his vacation. Painting on a smile, Nikolas celebrated with her about the opportunity.

Christina arrived home from her business trip for L&B to hear Ned tell her about Alexis' pregnancy. Before he could get out the worst part of the news, his red-hot tempered significant other flew off the handle about how Sonny needs to step up and take responsibility. On her way out the door to deliver the message herself, Ned stopped her and told her the baby was his. Refusing to believe the story, Christina got angrier and angrier, telling him that she had been right all along about him using her while waiting on her big sister to give up on Sonny. He swore that he loved her and that the one-night stand had been a mistake and that everything she had said about Sonny needing to take responsibility applied to him. Christina called him a liar and screamed at him for his and Alexis' lies. When he tried to excuse it as a "one time" occurrence, she told him, so "One life-altering lie is alright." She tried to leave to avoid the rest of the conflict, but Ned forced her to finish the argument, telling her h

Elizabeth had barely gotten her foot in the door after returning to her studio from the hospital before her two gentlemen callers - Jason and Zander - arrived. Zander gave her a present to keep her company in the dark of night - a nightlight. Jason, a little perturbed with the gift, asked Zander to step out with him to discuss "business." Refusing to leave Elizabeth, Zander suggested that Jason speak his peace in front of her. Elizabeth assured them both that she would be fine alone and told them to conduct their business elsewhere. Before leaving Jason stopped to tell her to lock the door tight behind him. Jason takes Zander to the dock where he told him his conclusion - since Zander didn't pan out as a front man and Rosco's whole crew was caput, Roy is fronting for the miscellaneous third party Zander was told about, and therefore, Elizabeth is still in danger. He asked Zander to tell him anything that would help him figure the situation out as quickly as possible. When Zander pointed out that everyone

Roy awards Maxie with a new car, unbeknownst to Felicia, but gets himself out of the dog house by telling her that she can only keep it if it is okay with her mother. When Maxie is out of earshot he is quick to apologize for his offer without her consent. After some more sweet talk, an assurance that having this money is not a bad thing and telling her that the good part (for them as a couple) is just getting started, he had her smiling. They kissed before Felicia headed home to see if her young daughter obeyed her instructions. On his way back to Jake's he ran into Zander at the docks. Refusing to avoid what could be a life and death situation, Zander told Roy about Jason's conclusion and asked for a job. He told Roy that he did need a job, but getting back at Sonny and Jason would be an added bonus. Roy refused at first, worried that he was still working for Sonny. After assessing the situation, he explained to Zander that employment with him may turn into trouble he doesn't need. He told Zander to give

Elizabeth, locked in her studio and alone, began to get scared as someone tried to forcibly open the door without announcing himself. Worried that the men were returning for her yet again, she sunk on the floor behind her couch praying the person would go away.


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