GH Update Monday 7/15/02


General Hospital Update Monday 7/15/02

By Danielle

Felicia claimed that the money Roy used to purchase Pier 52 was hers
to keep Jason from snooping around. She told him she inherited the
money from a rich uncle. Jason continued to encourage the duo to sell
the properties, playing on Felicia's worries more than Roy's. Felicia opts
to pass on the $2 million, which makes Roy happy, but Jason confronts
Roy about wanting the Pier for personal reasons. Since their romantic
dinner on the Pier got interrupted, they headed to the Port Charles Grill
to finish their evening of celebration. At the grill, Felicia confronted Roy
yet again about his reasons for wanting the property and his vendetta
against Sonny and accused him of setting up the entire situation. He
assured her that he knows what he's doing and that they really did just
"find" the money. Running into Luke, Roy made the decision to let down
his business partner gently, telling his old friend 'thanks but no thanks'
and that he could no be a partner at Luke's.
Sonny confronted Alexis about the baby, asking her if the child was,
indeed, his. A deer caught in the headlights, Alexis was speechless, but
Ned stepped in and saved the day, telling Sonny that the child was his
and that they were trying to keep the whole situation under wraps
because of those involved. He claimed the one night stand happened
the night the two were caught in Nikolas' cabin in the storm. Alexis
confirmed his story good enough for Sonny, but as soon as her former
employer was out the door, she reached back and hit her ex hard - and
right in the jaw. She explained that they would have to keep this lie for a
lifetime. He defended his decision, and his reasoning behind it before
heading for the door. In tears, she apologized and begged for him to
stay. They sat down to discuss how they were going to break the news
to Christina, refusing to tell her the truth since she can't seem to keep
any secrets.
Michael and Laticia stopped by the penthouse and found Carly teary
eyed about her predicament. She left with them, stopping just long
enough to place her keys to the penthouse and her wedding rings on
the table where Sonny would find them. When they got to the cottage,
Carly told Michael that things would go back to the way they were
before, when they lived together here and Uncle Sonny lived at the
Sonny went straight to the docks to find Jason with bad news - Roy and
Felicia wouldn't accept his offer. Less concerned about Pier 52 and
more concerned about his personal life, Sonny admitted to Jason that
he was happy he wasn't forced to make any decisions in this case.
When he arrived home, he picked up his wife's belongings from the
table, knowing he would have a lot to make up for.
In the attic, Luke continued to question Scott about why he happened to
be driving by Felicia's home just at the time of the fire. Laura walks in,
home from her trip and tells them that her nightmares have ceased.
When alone, Laura tells Luke that she doesn't think the nightmare is a
nightmare anymore, but a memory. They go through the people she
knew growing up, but come up at a standstill, with Laura trying to
convince Luke she has never been scared of Scotty.
Scott interrupts Rick's dinner with Edward at the Port Charles Grill.
"We've got a problem," he told him. After their conversation, Rick runs
off, but gets sidetracked when he sees Laura. He tells her that they will
spend time together soon, but leaves quickly.

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