GH Update Friday 7/12/02


General Hospital Update Friday 7/12/01

By Danielle

Skye prepared dinner for Jax's arrival, but Edward showed up on her doorstep instead, camera in hand. He taunted his granddaughter with a photo of Jax and the young, beautiful CEO of the company he's trying to take over at the Port Charles Grill. He continued to play on her insecurities to ensure that she would help him in their plot to take Jax down. Skye was forced to hide Edward when Jax arrived home, but the old man's camera remained on the dinner table. With a little coaxing from Skye and the fact that Jax had already enjoyed dinner, they skipped the meal and went right to "dessert," a good way to get Jax out of the room so Edward could escape. He remembered to take his pricey toy with him. When Skye and Jax finished their rendezvous, they returned to the table, where Skye began hitting him up hard with questions about his business deal. Letting a little slide, but not wanting to spill the rest, Jax tried to get out of the conversation, but Skye, the seductress that she is, managed to pull it out of him. Once he was in the bedroom, she rushed to the phone to share the news with Edward.  Jax came back and saw/heard her spilling the beans.

A.J. opened the brown paper bag Courtney brought home with her to find sexy lingerie. She covered with a story, and told her husband that she had gotten the job she had interviewed for - a position in a bank, after hours. Leaving for her job dressed no more sexy than a school marm, Courtney made her way to the Oasis, where she took the stage name Daisy.

Jason told Sonny that Alexis was pregnant after finding a form at Alexis' apartment. Sonny denied that the child was his, trying to make other excuses for the pregnancy. He questions why she wouldn't tell him about the baby if it were his. Jason sums it all up in a word - Carly. Carly joins them in the hall where their private conversation has taken place and knows that whatever it is, it is bad. Sonny took her inside and told her the news. Infuriated by the fact that he found out, but not letting it slide that she knew, Carly voiced all of her problems with the situation, telling her husband that this was a ploy to get him to be with Alexis instead of her. Sonny admitted that if this child is his, he will take responsibility for it, a sentence that frightened Carly more than life itself. She explained that she remembered what it was like when she was pregnant with his child - what he did and how he treated her - and voiced her fear that it would all be the same with Alexis. Sonny told her he was going to have to go to Alexis and find out the truth. In one last useless attempt to get him to remain with her and pretend he knew nothing, Carly threatened to leave if he went to Alexis. He apologized, but left anyway, explaining that he had to know the truth.

Taggart welcomed Alexis into her new apartment, bringing with him knowledge about the sale of Pier 52 and her involvement in knowing how it was purchased. He warned her once again to stay away from Sonny, but she kept her poker face on and asked him to leave. "You say 'go to hell' with more class than anyone I ever met," he told her. Jason called to find out the information she had on Roy DiLucca. She told him that Roy had not taken out a loan for the pier but had paid in cash. She then went on to tell Jason that she no longer worked for Sonny on a regular basis, nor was she "on call" and therefore there was no reason for Sonny to be calling her. Kristina stopped by to say "good-bye," as she was off on a business trip for L&B. Ned remained behind though and listened to Alexis tell him she had cut off all ties to Sonny, knowing that once the baby arrived, the situation would get more than a tad hairy. She assured him that she would come up with some kind of explanation for the pregnancy before she began to show, and they went out for ice-cream. Alexis came home to a 911 message from Carly on her machine. She called back her cohort in the baby scandal, but didn't get to hear what she had to say before Sonny came in. Hanging up with Carly, Alexis turned to Sonny, who said, as calmly as possible, "I understand you're pregnant. I'm the father, aren't I?"

Felicia and Roy continued their private party on Pier 52 with a dance, but were interrupted by their newest business associate who had been threatened by someone and wanted to back out of the deal. Having their first good thing blow up in their faces, they discussed the Sonny issue once again, with Felicia still trying to convince Roy to give it up. He refused, telling her some of the plans he has dreamed up for the pier. They then toasted to building something that matters, not just in the pier, in a partnership. For a second time, their party was interrupted, this time by Jason with an offer from Sonny - $2 million. Felicia tried to get Jason to give them time to talk it over, but Roy refused to sell. "Go up against Sonny and you'll fail," Jason told them, before letting them know he was aware of the cash investment. Felicia bailed Roy out of that one, claiming that the money was hers.

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