GH Update Wednesday 7/10/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/10/02

by Danielle

Roy and Felicia discussed their investment while sitting on the Pier. Felicia continued to express her concern about it being in Sonny’s territory. "The most dimly lit pier with the most bullet holes," she called it. She pointed out once again that part of Roy’s reasoning for buying the pier is revenge against Sonny. He agreed - partially, but promised that if she trusts him and sticks it out a little longer, he will make it worth her while. They shook to their momentarily continuing friendship.

Ned and Christina packed up the final lot of Alexis’ things so she could finally distance herself from Sonny. Alexis picked up the paper to read the huge headline, "Three Injured." Ned assured her everyone was fine. Alexis informed him that Carly knows about her predicament and she knows that Alexis doesn’t want Sonny to find out. She voiced her fears about having to watch Carly Corinthos raise her child. Ned tells her that having Carly know this particular secret is the best assurance that Sonny won’t find out.

Sonny waited for Carly to return from her outing to the medical store. He tried to figure out what is really going on with her, but she didn’t give it up. She whined around about not being able to conceive, forcing him to repeat the same old "I love you no matter what" speech. Then she took off to the hospital, but only made it as far as Alexis’ doorstep for one last neighborly threat - Alexis had better come up with a cover story of some sort- before Sonny finds out. Her solution - tell everyone she went to a sperm bank. Alexis laughed at the thought. Carly then told her the most ironic part about the whole situation was that if she went to Sonny with this story, he would never believe her. She gave Alexis one last warning before leaving for the hospital. Put in an examining room, Carly waited for Dr. Bonds, who walked in with none other than Alexis herself. Identity concealed, thanks to that lovely privacy curtain that hospitals use, Carly listened in as Alexis heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. More upset than ever about the scenario, Carly, tears in her eyes, made her way toward the door, running into her loving husband with a handful of red roses.

Sonny wasn’t the only one with roses on his mind today, Lucky was also in the giving mood. Sarah overheard him ordering two dozen white roses sent to Elizabeth’s room. She interrupted at the end of the conversation, just in time to catch him lying to her about the phone call. Frustrated, she took off to see Elizabeth in the hospital. But Elizabeth wasn’t alone, Jason was by her side. They discussed the situation, him admitting that it was his fault she was in this mess, and her admitting that it crept her out. She told him about scary dreams she had after her stay in the dark crypt. He brought up the subject of her not wanting to be around him after this whole predicament and told her he can’t guarantee it won’t happen again. She admitted that, at times, when she was in the crypt, she wished she’d never met him, but "I held on because of you. My faith in you was unshakeable. And justified." She warned him not to stop being her friend because he wanted to keep her save. He gave her a postcard from his trip to Italy, explaining that he didn’t send it because he didn’t know if she’d still want a postcard from him. As he was leaving, she took his hand and thanked him again for saving her. Sarah interrupted, telling Elizabeth that she had tests that needed done. Once Jason was out of earshot, she treated her little sister like anything but a hospital patient, telling her that Jason was bad news and she should stay away from him. When Elizabeth tried to defend her relationship, Sarah continued her cutting remarks. "Or is this just another Lizzie-style cry for attention," she asked. "To get back at Lucky for choosing me." Infuriated by the implication, Elizabeth took a moment to speak her peace, explaining that her life doesn’t revolve around her older, prize-winning sister. That she has cut her losses and accepted the things she has gained. She makes an attempt at explaining the things that she likes about Jason - including his good-looks.

Alone in the hospital room, Sarah catches an orderly bringing in the white roses Lucky ordered. Still upset about the situation, she takes them into the hallway and dumps the whole bouquet into the garbage - right in front of Lucky himself. "Are you that insecure?" he questioned. She accused him of being obsessed with Elizabeth and tried to hurt him by throwing Jason in the mix, but Lucky didn't take the bait. "It's you that's obsessed," he retorted. He told her that the only reason she had wanted him was so that Elizabeth couldn't have him, that she had always wanted to one-up her little sister. Not denying the fact, Sarah let Lucky break off their relationship "before we do ourselves some real damage" right there in the hall. Just as they were finishing up, Elizabeth returned. Lucky followed her into the room with one salvaged rose. Hurt when she told him to pass it along to her sister, Lucky admitted that they had broken up. Regardless of hurting his feelings, Elizabeth told him the truth, "I want to thank you and Sarah for making me see it was long past time to let you go. And I have." With that comment, Lucky left, but Elizabeth's lecturing wasn't over for the day quite yet. Audrey came in with plenty on her mind to "chat" about, including Elizabeth's poor choices in friends. During the conversation and Elizabeth's refusal to go home with her grandmother, another bouquet of flowers arrived - this one from Zander.


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