GH Update Tuesday 7/9/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/9/02

By Danielle

Luke checked out the damage in the attic, but Mac interrupted telling him that it was a crime scene and he was interfering with evidence. Mac did tell Luke some of the news, though, the fire was definitely arson and it was set on a time delayed ignition. Luke returned to the club where Nikolas took it upon himself to have a party. He offered Luke $500 to remain open for two extra hours. Lauraís called, her nightmares about the attic returned. Luke feels badly about everything that has happened while she was on her business trip and tells her everything that went on, the fire and Lesley Louís entrapment. Seeing Rick later at the club, Luke mentioned to Rick that he spoke to Laura and told her the truth. When Rick questioned his reasons behind telling her, Luke explained that he and Laura were remarrying and that mutual trust was something they needed to share. Luke also told Rick about Lauraís nightmares, making it apparent that he believes they mean something.

AJ woke up and Courtney was missing. He did what came naturally and grabbed a new bottle of Vodka. The owner of the strip club, the Oasis, offered Courtney a job to pay off AJís debts-tips included. He explained to her that one night in the "adult entertainment business" could bring her more money than a weeks worth of waiting tables. She tried to convince him that they could find another way out of their predicament, but he handed her a business card and gave her twenty four hours to decide. She returned home to find AJ awake lying next to the open bottle of Vodka. He explained that he thought she had left him and swore that he didnít have even a sip. She explained to him that she loves him and would never leave him. The two kissed and fell into bed together. Courtney woke up and looked at her husband lying in the bed. She called Mr. Coleman and accepted his offer.

Scott took Bobbie a cake to General Hospital as a surprise. It was a lovely thought, but by the time he got the cake there and she opened it, it was a mess. She tried to convince him to go with her to Lukeís, but he didnít want to, explaining that he doesnít like Luke very much - or Rick Webber, for that matter. Bobbie questioned the latter, wondering why, after all these years, he decided not to like him. She took him to Lukeís anyway, where they found Rick and Alan in an argument over Monicaís relationship with Rick. Alan spat a few words at Monica, who had her share to say as well, bringing up who else but Rae. When Rick tried to defend Monica, Alan said, "Shut up, you geriatric Romeo." Rick swung at Alan, who blocked the attempt, but Alan threw a punch of his own, and it hit home. Scott stepped in, stopping the charade. Alan blamed Rick for the problems he had letting AJ into his life, then took Monica home. When the Quartermaines were gone, Luke pitched in his two pennies, telling Rick  time for you to go.  And Scott let him know where,  back to Arizona. When Scott asked Rick what he was doing in Port Charles, Bobbie again questioned Scott's dislike for him. Scott explained that this was the man trying to put Bobbie out of a job. Rick let the comment slide, telling him that he remembered  what day it was - Scott and Laura's wedding anniversary. Rick then spoke to Luke, who also questioned his motives for being in town other than giving Laura away and taking over General Hospital. Rick tells him all he wants is Laura's happiness.

Nikolas set up the party at Lukeís for Gia to meet a very important talent agent from New York City, but Gia didnít give herself all the credit, inviting her talented but bullheaded photographer to the party as well. The appearance of Lucky and Sarah at the party infuriated Nikolas, who took Gia aside and told her to stop trying to get the brothers back together. Lucky and Sarah stepped outside at the same time, understanding that the argument was due to them. Gia went inside and left the three to fight it out, but Lucky and Sarah excused themselves when they found out Elizabeth was taken to GH. Lucky asked Nikolas why he wasnít going to see her. Giving him a flimsy excuse, Nikolas returned to the party with Gia. Once inside Gia asked about Lucky, who her new agent, Vince, wanted to meet. Nikolas brushed off the disappearance, not telling Gia about the injured Elizabeth.

The building blew up with Zander inside. After checking on Elizabeth, who wanted nothing more than Zanderís safety, Jason made his way to an injured Sonny. After waking Sonny from a semi-unconscious state and leaving Elizabeth with him, Jason went in the crypt after Zander. He called out to them that Zander was alive, just as the medical officials arrived. Jason watched as the they tried to help him. Taggart arrived at the scene with the medical team, making his first order of business questioning witnesses. Elizabeth refused to say anything until Zander was safe, explaining that he kept her from going crazy. She asked Jason to help her back into the crypt so she could make sure he was okay. Taggart continued to question them once everyone was out and the medical team loaded Zander into ambulance. "I donít know anything but I was locked in the dark for God knows how long and Zanderís the only one who got me through it," Elizabeth explained. She promised to confess all after Zander was tucked safely away in the hospital. After Jason took her to the hospital, Taggart went straight to the source of knowledge himself - Sonny. Sonny claimed to know nothing, other than that the man who did this was already dead. Once at the hospital, Elizabeth had to encounter Lucky and Sarah. She refused their visit, still worried about her companion. Jason told Lucky to back off, but had to repeat himself while pinning Lucky against the wall, thanks to young Mr. Spencer's smart mouth. After Jason went off to take care of Elizabeth, Sonny warned Lucky about his actions, a warning that Lucky scoffed at. After Lucky left, Taggart joined Sonny, explaining that Jason had made a deal that Sonny wouldn't continue with his lawsuit if the Port Charles Police Department helped in the search of Elizabeth Webber. Sonny told him Jason doesn't make deals for him. Taggart accepted his answer and began questioning him again. Jason had a few minutes to talk to Elizabeth before Tony would let her in to see Zander. She thanked him for saving her at the same time he was apologizing for getting her into the whole situation. She explained that when she woke up and saw him, she knew everything would be alright. With that little comment, Jason's soft spot for her grew even softer. He watched through the small pane of glass when she went in to talk to Zander.


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