GH Update Monday 7/8/02


General Hospital Update Monday 7/8/02

By Danielle

Felicia went to Roy with her idea for investing the money they found in a children’s clothing store owned by none other than ELQ. Excited about the idea, she let him know she already has Edward Quartermaine’s permission to buy him out. Roy turned down the offer, telling Felicia he invested the cash without her - he purchased Pier 52. Felicia immediately confronts his decision to purchase a dock right smack in the middle of Sonny’s territory and asked if he’s snatching the pier, which Sonny has patiently been waiting to buy, for payback. Roy admitted that payback did have something to do with it, but he felt they could make a boatload of money (pun intended here and on the show). When she expressed concern for his life, Roy offered to buy Felicia out. She refused, telling him that trust takes some time, especially when someone gives away your half of a million dollars, but that she wanted to remain his partner in the investment. Roy tried to toast to a “long and successful relationship,” but Felicia refused the toast and left him to sip his champagne alone.

AJ woke up and found himself behind the wheel of the car, which was implanted in the side of a strip club. A little dazed or confused, who can tell which, AJ begins looking for his young bride. He finds her outside the car, on the concrete, alive but okay. The owner of the building emerged, throwing a fit, and when he found out the culprit of the accident was Mr. Black sheep Quartermaine, he began seeing the light (light green that is). AJ left the scene of the accident to take Courtney home for some rest. Once in their small apartment, AJ proceeded to tell Courtney what a fool she had been for marrying him, but that he loves her. “You’re the best chance at happiness and love that I’ve ever had,” he told her. Then he continued with his monologue about traveling down the wrong path yet again, and asked her to leave him. When she questioned why he drinks, he admitted that there is no real foundation behind it, he simply drinks because he wants to, and the best chance he has at quitting is staying away from his family. Courtney admitted that she has had doubts about their marriage, but that she still loves him. When he told her that no one else had ever seen him the way she did, she replied “well, they weren’t looking close enough.” Later that evening, Courtney went back to the strip club where AJ plowed drunkenly into the wall and confronted the owner, trying to get him to let her pay him weekly for the damage. When he refused and threatened to send AJ to prison for driving while intoxicated, she tried to explain that her husband didn’t have a job and that she would have to make the money herself. His heartless comment? “Your husband has a job. He’s a Quartermaine. ... Rich families always bail their black sheep out eventually. They further discussed the situation, and Courtney was left waiting for his offer of “another way” out.

Carly finally confessed the truth to Sonny about being unfertile, telling him that the reason for all the lies was that she didn’t want to break his heart. Sonny forgave her, yet again. He admitted his fear of having kids due to the fact that he’s afraid he will loose them. He agreed to support her and Michael and make them his family. He then gets a call from Jason and rushes off.

Alexis was furious when she found out that Carly did, in fact, financially back her return to the law firm in Manhattan. On her way across the hall to give Sonny the low-down, she ran into Ned, who hit her with the truth - and hard. He told her that if she needs Sonny, to go for it, but she considered the possibilities and admitted that she didn’t want Sonny and his lifestyle in her life. Ned then questioned her motives for tattling on Carly, telling her to be the better woman and let it slide. Alexis agreed and ripped up the papers she had faxed over to her as proof of Carly’s scheme. Running into Carly in the hall made her rethink the situation though, when Mrs. Corinthos, yet again, got into her face about the relationship between the lawyer and her husband. Carly threatened Alexis, who returned the threat with one of her own - she would tell on Carly if she didn’t back off. Carly got infuriated with the thought, but plays it off, offering to call her husband and lay it all out right then and there. As the two continued to argue, Carly let the fact that she knows about Alexis’ pregnancy slip, and Ms. Davis ordered her into the apartment to discuss the situation. “What the hell is it going to take to get rid of you?” Carly asked. Alexis took the opportunity to show Carly just how bad it could all be if she became part of Sonny’s life, her and the baby there all the time, holidays, family outings, etc. But Carly made the opportunity her own, by showing Alexis what just might happen when Sonny found out he had a child, and what might happen if something “happened” to Alexis. Carly blatantly stated that she and Sonny would take the child and raise it as their own. Alexis decided that Sonny must never know about the child. Carly agreed, promising that he would never hear it from her.

Jason got caught by a security guard trying to break into the locked up cemetery that held the crypt Elizabeth was in. When the security guard refused to listen to his story, Jason knocked him unconscious, got the keys and opened the door himself. He was at a loss when it came to finding the correct key for the crypt though. Sonny arrived just in time, handing him a gun to shoot the door open, but after a few seconds Jason expressed his concern that there was a gas leak inside (must have been his sixth sense talking). While Jason attempted the keys again, Sonny called 911 trying to get the operator to shut off the gas line going into the crypt. When he got a muddled response, he shouted into the phone, “Why don’t you just tell him there’s a crime in progress involving Sonny Corinthos. He’ll be here in three minutes.” When he realized he was getting nowhere, he hung up and called Benny to fix the problem. Jason got into the crypt and carried an unconscious Elizabeth out onto the grass where he could wake her. When she finally did come to, and happy to see him, she questioned Zander’s whereabouts. Sonny began to go back into the crypt after his former employee, but just as he reached the door, the building exploded, throwing him backward onto the lawn and forcing Jason to cover Elizabeth.

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