GH Update Friday 7/5/02


General Hospital Update Friday 7/5/01

By Danielle

General Hospital put a new twist on an old situation today, by finally making the bad guy, look, well, bad. Sonny tried to put the blame for Carly’s embezzlement back on his number one enemy, Jax. He tried to tell Jax that he planned this whole situation and embezzled the money himself to get back at Sonny, a story extremely far fetched for the normally mellow mob-boss. Jax made a comment that made Alexis look in the mirror at the ugly truth that was facing her: “This is what happens to women who get involved with you,” Jax retorted. “They do things they never dreamed of doing.” Sonny tried to write out Jax a check for the money, but Jax tore it up, refusing to take any kind of bribe. Sonny then turned to Alexis and tried to get her to leave Jax and take his side. She stands her ground, finally doing what she believes is right. When asked why Jax didn’t just give Carly a second chance, he replied that she had been given too many second chances. Before leaving, Alexis admitted that Jax did the right thing and gave him a friendly hug, a hug Skye misinterpreted as she entered the room. Jax waited for Skye’s answer to his offer to give her Club 101. She agreed before seducing him right there on the desk.

Alexis followed up on the idea that Carly may have used the money to back her new job in Manhattan to get her out of the way. Sonny, however, went straight to the source, asking Carly outright what she used the money for. After whining about Alexis, and listening to Sonny swear that he would love her no matter what along with an “I did it for you,” Carly finally admitted the truth about her infertility.

Gia and Nikolas, sauntering through the park, happened upon a “Kisses for $1" booth that benefitted the 911 fund with no kissee. Gia volunteered her services and Nikolas volunteered his money, claiming all the kisses for himself and keeping all the other participants a yard or more away. Nikolas continued with his plan for his fiancee by accepting an invitation to a party that would help jump start her career.

Courtney noticed a flask on the ground at the docks near where AJ was sitting and saw her husband hiding in the bushes. She hid herself and followed him as he continued to drink himself deeper and deeper into a hole. She followed him into the park and even into the car trying to convince him that things can be better. AJ got Courtney into the car he stole from the Quartermaines and drove drunk. They hit a semi or some kind of car head on.

Liz and Zander experienced a “moment” and shared a passionate kiss that almost led to something more before they found a possibility for escape that turned out to be “hazardous” to their health. They managed to bust open a gas line, mistaking it for a water pipe, and both ended up on the floor unconscious.

Jason continued his search as his fears about Elizabeth and her situation mounted. Teaming up with Taggart, they jointly searched all the Quartermaine holdings and came up empty handed. Taggart began quizzing Jason to try to find something they missed, but Carly interrupted and her mouth never shut up. Accusing Taggart of using the situation to get Sonny behind bars, Carly’s outrage convinced Jason that he didn’t need the help of the Port Charles Police Department - that was, before Taggart acknowledged that he wouldn’t have to give up any information on his boss to help the situation. They rejoined forces and put together a list of other people in the area with the initials ELQ. Reaction into the bottom of the barrel, Benny pulled out a name of a former mob boss from the 50's- a name with no living relatives attached, and a clue Jason ran off to double-check.


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