GH Update Thursday 7/4/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 7/4/02

by Danielle

General Hospital was in the spirit of the season once again this year, working the current storylines in with the holiday festivities in the park. Most everyone ended up watching the annual fireworks show at one point or another during the day.

The Quartermaines made it to the scene early, claiming their space on the lawn and arguing about AJ’s latest tirade and worst mistake. It seemed the whole family had picked up the daily newspaper to make sure AJ wasn’t in the headlines - or the obituaries. Alan and Monica continued to argue about Rick, who showed up to the annual celebration himself. Not only did he cater to Monica by fixing her a plateful of food with all the helpings and getting her a glass to eat, he also defended her when AJ showed up to the family gathering and gave her a piece of his mind.

Jax took Skye to Club 101 before they headed to the fireworks show. He wanted to show her her latest “winnings.” “And all this can be mine,” she said sarcastically of her new project. “It’s not ELQ,” Jax explained. “It will just give you something to play with until I can get back what you want.” Whlie Skye checked out the decor, Alexis promptly arrived. Jax asked her straight out to go after Carly for him. Explaining to her that he wants nothing to do with Sonny in either his business or personal life, he almost had to beg Alexis for her help. She explains to him what he’s trying to do seems a lot like “rearranging the deck chairs at the Titanic,” but she agreed. Jax and Skye headed over to the family picnic to join in on the family “fun.” Skye was forced to reconsider her deal with Edward when Jax stood up for her with the grandfather from hell. She began rethinking her situation.

Carly planned her evening to be spent in the park with Michael, but had to explain to Sonny why he wouldn’t find her at 101. Not excepting her story about deciding to resign her position, he called in Alexis to help him resolve the issue. His former attorney informed him that she couldn’t help him due to a conflict of interest - her newest client, Jasper Jacks. Outraged that Jax is, in fact involved in the situation, Sonny goes straight to the source, where he learns the truth about his coniving little wife and her recent step into the world of embezzlement. Carly did manage to take Michael to the park for yet another of his “favorite” holidays, where the mother and son duo ran into the father no one wants. AJ confronted his ex right in front of Michael and proceeded to tell the youngster that he was his father.

Taggart put two and two together and called Jason into the Port Charles Police Department yet again. He laid down the line, and shared his conclusions with Jason - someone has taken her to get back at him. “Are we having a collective deja vu here?” he asked sarcastically. Then he made an offer that Jason never expected: he will use the resources of the PCPD to help look for her. When Jason asked why, Taggart explained that he has a soft spot for little Lizzie Webber. Jason went straight to Sonny with the proposal, and told him he wanted to accept it - no matter the consequences. With a nod in the right direction, Jason returned to the PCPD and accepted Taggart’s offer.

Elizabeth and Zander, still locked in the crypt, tried to make the best of the situation by playing “20 questions” without all the formalities. Zander entertained his female companion with stories of his past life in Florida which included a 15 room beachfront house complete with a pool, tennis courts and friends. Not only did he describe to her a life she never imagined him living, he also admitted that Zander was not his real name.


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