GH Update Wednesday 7/3/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/3/02

by Danielle

Club 101 was the hot spot in Port Charles today.

Felicia and Roy took their show on the road, heading to 101 to “flash” their expenditures. The two were hoping that they would receive recognition from the person who slipped the cash in Roy’s closet. Felicia encouraged Roy to follow the Sonny lead, the two putting on a show for the mob boss and his wife. When Roy extended his hand to Sonny to let “bygones be bygones,” Sonny said nothing was gone - especially not the memory of Roy encouraging his faithful wife to get him arrested. Returning from the Sonny scene with a revamped sense of direction (“Sonny wouldn’t play mind games, he’d just shoot you,” Felicia concluded), they discussed other means by which to track their benefactor. Felicia’s idea to spend the money quickly in order to either flush out the person or accept the “gift” was turned down with a smile. Roy decided, using the money to make money would be a better plan. They left the Club to discuss where they wanted to invest.

Lucky and Jason stood from one scuffle and began another, which was brief thanks to Nikolas who slipped back into the older brother routine quite smoothly. Lucky admitted to attempting to follow Jason, thinking he knew where to find Elizabeth. Jason assured the Spencer lad that he didn’t know where Elizabeth was, and that if he did he it wouldn’t be any of Lucky’s business. After Jason left the group to themselves, Gia and Nikolas tried to console Lucky about Elizabeth’s whereabouts. Gia informed Lucky that Elizabeth was entitled to time alone and that he should “get over himself.” Sarah agreed, to some extent. Sour about the events that keep getting in the way of a relationship with her sister’s ex, she informed the crowd that sweet, little Lizzie who they all believe can do no wrong, is certainly capable of pulling off a mere vanishing act to get attention. Turning the situation around to focus on herself and lessen the tension between the newest couple in town, Gia invited Lucky and Sarah to join she and Nikolas at 101. The estranged brothers readily agreed and the four went out to enjoy a night on the town. Once there she managed to get her photographer into a few pictures of his own, pulling him on the side of her opposite Nikolas and giving him recognition for her photographs.

Gia and Nikolas weren’t the couple of the hour though, that was left to Jax and Skye, who partnered up to take on Sonny and Carly. Jax asked Skye to run interference with Sonny so he could have a moment with Carly, who was extremely surprised her partner even noticed the $100,000 “mistake” in the bookkeeping. After being threatened, Mrs. Corinthos admitted to taking the money, but promised to return it. Jax declined her offer. “It’s a small price to pay for a lesson to be learned,” Jax told her, giving her an ultimatum - resign from 101 or he will enlighten Sonny about his wife’s latest venture. Jax then turned around and gave Club 101 to a very concerned Skye, who didn’t’ understand his intentions. “World class conglomerate to night club,” she pondered sarcastically. Carly turned around at the top of the stairs to take one last long look at her baby before going home and telling Sonny that she had resigned so she could be with the family.

Edward got all the troops rallied in the Quartermaine mansion waiting Jason’s surprise arrival. Edward got a surprise alright though, when AJ and Courtney walked in. Leila was the only person in the room sincerely happy to see them, though Monica and Alan were able to muster a few nice words before the Quartermaine “golden boy” arrived. Leila takes him aside right away and asks him flat out if Edward blackmailed him to get him there. The honest person that he is, Jason confirmed her assumption. Because of the conditions that brought him “home,” Leila refused to remain downstairs, but asked him to stay for a few minutes for Monica’s sake. When he returned to the family room without Leila by his side, Edward was outraged, especially after he found out her reasoning. A neglected AJ sheds light on the situation, explaining that nothing else but blackmail would bring Jason back. Once the secret was revealed, Monica and Alan asked him if it was true. “Edward has something I want, and yes, I had to come here to get it.” Outraged, the proud parents confronted Edward immediately, a gesture that led to a tirade by their other son. AJ revealed his pilfered plate and threw it into the fireplace like a temper-tantrum throwing child. He followed up the antique with a vase that just happened to be sitting on the mantle. Jason put a halt to his mischief, though, telling him, “You smashed some things, you hurt your parents, you scared your five, that’s nice, but I’m in a hurry and you’re wasting my time.” He then confronted Edward, asking for the papers, Edward refused until dinner was done, but Jason pulled the documents out of his grandfather’s pocket and headed out to find Elizabeth. AJ had one last act planned for the family, though. After making another scene, he had a shot of Vodka, took the keys from a drawer and the young couple headed home with a worried Monica reminding him about DUI charges. The couple continued to go.

Alexis followed up on a few loose ends pertaining to her soon-to-be ex-client. She served Detective Taggart with papers for a civil harassment suit, explaining that she “needed to come through on (her) threats.” Taggart, upset at the situation, again questioned her judgement having Sonny as a client. And yet again, he picked her perfectly. She went straight to Mercy to see her doctor, worried about her stress level with the move to Manhattan and all. The doctor encouraged her to stay in Port Charles a while longer, advice the lawyer decided to take after sitting down with Ned and coming clean about why she continues to defend Sonny - she feels guilty about not telling him about the baby. She informs Carly and Sonny of the latest when they arrive back home, letting them know she will remain in the penthouse until she can find an apartment. Sonny is pleased with the news, but Alexis informing him that remaining at the penthouse does not mean remaining his attorney.


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