GH Update Tuesday 7/2/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/2/02

By Danielle

Lucky continues to slight a frustrated Sarah with talk of her sister. He gives her the “I don’t love her, but I still care” speech and drags her along to find Elizabeth, who didn’t return his phone call the evening before. Sarah, who just wants to put the young relationship into perspective, tries to rationalize the situation with the fact that Elizabeth is avoiding them both. After looking at her studio, Bobbie’s house and Audrey’s, Lucky drags her on to the Port Charles Police Department to file a missing persons report. When the attempt turns out to be a waste of time, Sarah turns the situation around, making herself the center of attention, stating outright that Elizabeth may just be trying to get their attention. Lucky doesn’t agree.

Elizabeth and Zandar remain trapped in the crypt with no captors present; it scared Elizabeth, who jumped to the right conclusion quickly - there is no one alive to check in on them. Zandar watched Elizabeth getting scared and listened as she confessed her fear of the dark. He suggested she keep herself occupied by telling him all the great things she planned to accomplished once they were out of harms way. Elizabeth opened up about her feelings, or lack thereof, for Lucky as well as the emotional roller coaster ride she’s been trapped on for years, including her rape, the love she and Lucky shared, the fire that tore them apart and Sarah. Comforted by her own voice, she thanked Zandar for listening, and asked him the question everyone would like to know the answer to “Who are you, really?”

Jason, still trying to track down a kidnaped Elizabeth, made a trip to see his grandfather in order to get a list of ELQ properties in the Port Charles area. Edward agreed to help - if Jason attended a Quartermaine dinner in the evening hours. Jason tried to compromise, telling Edward if he gave him the list he would “owe him one” and threatening that if he didn’t he would never ask for his help again. Edward declined his suggestion, returning to his original offer, which Jason walked out on. Jason went straight to the payphone at the docks and gave Rick orders to check out some of ELQ’s holdings for signs of Elizabeth. After realizing that waiting for the phone to ring was a waste of time since no one was left to make a phone call, he took a step into another direction- Courtney. He asked his young sister-in-law to get a message to AJ, but seeing the gun Jason keeps tucked into his pants scared her. She asked him straight out “You really are a hit man, aren’t you?” Explaining the weapon away as registered and part of his duties to Sonny as a bodyguard, he handed her a fist full of money to give to AJ for his help. She didn’t have a chance to pass the message on though, AJ declined the offer for himself, refusing Jason’s money and his request for a list of ELQ holdings. After the run in with AJ, Jason returned to the payphone, but got spooked and hid behind some rocks when he heard footsteps on the docks. He managed to tackle Lucky to the ground yet again.

AJ and Courtney had a lover’s spat and a “we’re supporting each other” talk before deciding to buy back the plate AJ stole from the mansion and return it to its rightful owners.

Skye continued laying the foundation for her plan for getting even with Jax by making a deal with Edward. She quizzed Jax about his trip, trying to give him a chance to explain before heading to Edward and signing the papers, but he plays it all off as business. He did manage to slip up a little though, admitting that he had to make some “unexpected compromises.” While he meant about which necklace to choose and which earrings would match, she assumed the worst. When he left to take care of “business,” she went straight to Edward and signed the papers, just missing Jason, a sign she misread, not knowing her brother or his ethics at all. Regardless of the thought of Jason and Edward in cahoots in the back of her mind, Skye signed Edward’s document stating her sole heir, with the small fact that she or information she provides must be part of Jax’s downfall. When she returned home, she found Jax, and a living room transformed to look like Paris. Speechless, she accepted the box Jax gave her, and opened it to reveal a strand of enormous (I’m serious, ENORMOUS) pearls - but not the same ones in the picture she has of Jax and his assistant. Her worries immediately multiply.


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