GH Update Monday 7/1/02


General Hospital Update Monday 7/1/02

By Danielle

Detective Taggart busted into Sonny’s penthouse and right smack in the middle of Sonny and Carly’s wedding vows with Alexis shouting “harrassment” all the way. Taggart flagged a warrant in front of Sonny’s nose and continued to accuse the alleged mob boss of absolutely nothing. He managed to make Sonny mad enough to make a threat though, which landed him a trip to the Port Charles Police Department, with a “slap”-happy Mrs. Corinthos cuffed in the seat right next to him. The lovebirds weren’t the PCPD’s only visitors though, when they arrived at their destination they found Jason already there, and facing a possible double-homicide. Alexis was the saviour of the day though, as usual, and threatens Taggart with every possible charge that she can think of. “And after that, if I’m still as angry as I am right now, I’m going to sue the City of Port Charles and then you Taggart, for the mere fun of it,” the spunky lawyer raved. Taggart let Sonny’s charges slide, but he wasn’t as easy on Mrs. Corinthos, holding her for assault on an officer in front of witnesses. The hot-headed bride tried to refuse Alexis’ help, even after Sonny begged his lawyer to defend his wife, but Alexis did her duty and stood up for Carly. Carly’s tounge out witted her though, and she managed to make a bad situation even worse. Alexis got her off with little more than community service (she even added a few extra hours to the sentence herself for Carly’s sharp tounge and snotty remarks). Jason didn’t need Alexis’ talent to keep his feet out of the fire though; the truth came in handy as the bartender at The River Rat backed up his “self defence” story.

Alan and Monica made the most out of the day, managing to get into more arguments in one episode than most married people get into in a month’s time. Rick and Monica’s past affair was the topic of discussion, as was Alan and Ray’s attempt at a relationship. Everyone at Rick Webber’s party took in the heated looks and flirtatious laughter Monica shared with the host most of the evening as Alan sat back and sulked sitting alone at his table. Skye tried to console him, managing to get herself a place on the board of directors for GH in return for her help, but she had bigger things on her mind. Rick’s plan to take over General Hospital and give the doctors some say had some interesting feedback from the group. Dr. Tony Jones is willing and ready to take that particular path, but Alan is fighting it to the core. However, the fight - oops, I mean night - didn’t end before Alan got the chance to call Monica a “shameless hussy.”

Confronted by Edward on her way to the Quartermaine jet, Skye was forced to hear out the old coot’s plans for Jax (and his money) and his request for her help. He makes a stab or two at her feelings and plants a Brenda seed to help nurse her insecurities. After standing up for herself and playing a hand of her own, Skye managed to “agree” to help her grandfather - in exchange for her job back, controlling interest in ELQ and his word that she will be named sole heir of his estate. He agreed, and the two begin putting their plan into action. Skye was forced to step up to the plate right away though, when Jax returned from his “work in Austrailia” sooner than she expected. With a sorrowful grin on her face she greeted him with a hug.

Luke and Scott’s past problems surfaced again when the two butted heads on the Laura front. Luke expressed his dissatisfaction with Scotty’s concern for Laura, while Scotty continued to be concerned. Leaving in a huff, Scotty took off from Luke’s and managed to make it to Felicia’s house just in time to save the life of Lesley Lou, who got trapped in the burning garage attic waiting for Maxie Jones to return from down the street. A terrified Maxie called Luke on his cell, crying about the situation. When Luke arrived on the scene to find his daughter in Scott’s arm, he managed a few grateful words, but not many before his Scott-dar went up. He gave his old pal the third degree about how he happened to be in the neighborhood several times before getting an excuse about Scott’s daughter Serena liking a special kind of ice cream found only in a store nearby. Luke wanted to make a call to Laura to let her know the situation taking place, but Bobbie and Lesley talked him out of it, telling him it would cause her more stress. Luke concluded the day trying to piece the situation together.

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