GH Update Wednesday 6/26/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/26/02

by Danielle

Nikolas interrupted Gia’s make-up photo shoot with Lucky. Gia agreed to honor her commitment to Laura and Deception by continuing with the shoot. Nikolas disapproved but redeemed himself by telling Gia the decision was hers and no one elses. A few minutes into the shoot, Gia complained about the environment she had to work in, telling Lucky that now she knows what a “real” photo shoot is like, and threatens to quit. Nikolas applauded her efforts and made another attempt to convince her to quit, she declined. After Lucky and Gia finished the shoot and Gia left to change, leaving the estranged brothers to argue out their differences. Lucky admitted to Nikolas that Gia is a great person and he doesn’t want to see her hurt by getting mixed up with the Cassadines. Gia returned when Lucky was gone and told Nikolas how much she has begun to believe in herself since being asked to do the cover.

Carly and Sonny spent the early hours of the morning arguing over breakfast before Jason called to get a hand getting out of the Port Charles Police Department. After leaving the penthouse, Carly went straight to Mercy, sneaking into Dr. Bonds’ office to get another peek at Alexis’ paperwork. She was interrupted by the doctor and, who else, Alexis. Hiding behind a chair, Carly heard all Alexis had to offer - the real reasons she doesn’t want the “father” of her child to know anything about the pregnancy. Each sign pointed to Sonny, unfortunately for a devastated Mrs. Corinthos. She returned to the penthouse and confronted Alexis in the hallway, telling her to leave as soon as possible, that she was not welcome. Sonny interrupted the conversation, indicating otherwise. He and Carly returned to their penthouse to argue out the situation. Sonny compared his relationship with Alexis with the one Carly shares with Jason. Fire in her eyes, Carly denied any resemblance.

Still locked in the crypt with nothing but a small lantern, Elizabeth began making some efforts to escape. Her first attempt failed, trying to fake exhaustion so her captor would let her out. Instead, she managed to tick him off and he refused to give her any more light or even return to talk to her. She stood up for herself and when the door closed she worked on option number two, pulling out the hinges used to keep the bodies locked up and using them to try to pry the door open. When one hinge broke, she returned for another. She got a little more than she bargained for when the door came off entirely revealing a very old skeleton. Shaken she began to cry. When her captor returned she tried to run out the door, failing miserably. She freaks out when he begins talking about leaving her again, all of her fire gone.

Jason and Zander managed to get themselves out of jail with Sonny’s smooth talking. It was no thanks to Alexis though, who refused to come to Sonny’s rescue when he called, telling him “you need to fink yourself another lawyer,” and hanging up. Jason refused to leave the station without Zander, worried that he would enlighten the entire PCPD with their situation. When the three returned to the penthouse to set a plan into action, heads butted. Sonny let Zander work the plan his way, telling him that if he ran into trouble he wouldn’t help, while making a whole other set of plans with a very worried Jason. Zander found himself in a bar where he spotted one of the two men who took Elizabeth sitting with an old “colleague.” When he invited himself to the table, captor #1 excused himself and Zander worked his charm on his old pal. His charm didn’t work though. After mentioning Sonny, Jason and Elizabeth’s kidnaping, Zander managed to get himself knocked out cold while still sitting down.

Jason had a little more luck though, making it to the payphone just in time for the third ransom call. Captor #1 threatened Elizabeth on the phone and put her on long enough to show Jason the fear in her voice.


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