GH Update Tuesday 6/25/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/25/02

By Danielle

Felicia and Roy met outside Kelly’s to discuss the large sum of money they found in Roy’s closet. Felicia fantasized about what she could do with a million dollars and debated whether they should just accept the money as a “gift.” Roy left Felicia to contact Mac to see if he can track the bills to any missing or laundered money. Mac made a point to warn Felicia to be careful and not to get caught up in someone else’s adventure. She assured him she will take precautions and gives him a bill to trace. Bobbie confronted her, pointing out Roy’s “questionable” decisions in the past. She expressed her concern and left Felicia to sort out the rest. Roy returned, letting Felicia know that he moved the money from the closet to a safety deposit box. He gave her the key and started off to investigate leads from his past that might be setting him up.

Nicolas and Gia sat down to breakfast across the room from Lucky and Laura. Nikolas fell into Cassadine habits, ordering for his independent lady, telling her she needs to eat healthier. Across the room, Lucky explained to her Laura the situation they have encountered with Gia, including his theory about Nikolas buying the Tempo cover job. After Lucky left for a scheduled photo shoot, Laura, upset with the news, confronted Nikolas and Gia at their table, letting them know she has a problem with their recent behavior. Gia excused herself, letting Nikolas handle the situation for her. He asked his mother to let Gia out of her exclusive contract and allow her to model for other companies and photographers. Laura refused, telling Nikolas straight out that if Gia did another shoot with anyone other than Deception, she would be in breech of contract. Back at the studio, Sarah ran interference with the lighting man, telling him the shoot has been canceled, planning a seduction of her own for Lucky. When her prince showed up she spotlighted him and asked him to model for her, spinning a photographer’s story of her own for him to enjoy - shirtless. When he opened his eyes, she was before him, back bare. The two kissed and discussed being a “couple.” Just when things started getting heavy, Gia walked in, attempting to redeem herself for her negligence. With a witty “Don’t you two ever do anything else?,” Gia interrupted the intrigue and offered to reshoot the pictures she didn’t show up for. Lucky accepted her offer. Just before the camera started clicking, Nikolas showed up, ordering Gia to refuse to continue with the shoot.

Laura headed to Kelly’s to see Bobbie where she planned to try to resolve her memory loss. The two friends joked about signs and omens, Laura admitting Bobbie was right. Laura told Bobbie she and Luke found the wedding dress in the garage attic, getting a “why didn’t we think of that” reaction. She explained that many things in the attic brought back vivid memories, but others she couldn’t remember at all.

Elizabeth explored her whereabouts with the use of a match. Discovering she is in a crypt of some sort, she began to bang on the door for help. Her captor soon disclosed himself, telling her they are about to see just how deeply Jason Morgan cares for her.

Zander and Jason ended up back at Elizabeth’s studio, arguing about where to look next when they see a message conveniently left for them on the side of the building to be at a certain payphone at a certain time. Jason told Zander to back off and stay out of the way, taking the call himself. He picked up the phone to hear Elizabeth try to tell him that it is a trap. The captor locked Elizabeth back in the crypt and got on the line himself, warning Jason that he would call again, this time with instructions, and that he had better be alone this time. Jason hung up the phone and turned around to find Zander next to him. Zander picks a fight and Jason turned the tables on him, telling him that he knows Zander plans to put himself in a situation that will make him look like he is against Sonny and possibly get him closer to Elizabeth. He refuses to go along with the plan and the two continue their fist fight. Detective Tagart showed up, putting them both under arrest, with no time to spare on the expected phone call. At the Port Charles Police Department, Tagart gave Zander the chance to press charges against Jason, implicating him in the last beating as well. Faced with a chance to go save Elizabeth on his own or letting Jason take care of the situation, Zander refused to press charges and ordered Tagart to let Jason go. Tagart threatened to keep the two overnight while the payphone that is Elizabeth’s lifeline rang repeatedly.


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