GH Update Monday 6/24/02


General Hospital Update Monday 6/24/02

By Danielle

Laura climbed the attic steps and jumped when she heard a frightening noise behind her that turned out to be Luke helping her on her expedition. The two set out to rummage through the room of memories and find Lesley’s old record collection, an old doll of Laura’s, a picture from their wedding and Laura’s missing wedding gown. When she opened the box, Laura was devastated to see that the dress was ruined from the escapade on their wedding night. Nothing of the dress was salvageable and they couldn’t find her headdress, but the lovebirds found her veil in tact and she took it with her to wear at the wedding. Their find made, they locked up the attic and headed back to the Spencer abode.

Skye confronted AJ in the bar of the Port Charles Lounge, admitting that she saw him stealing from the family. She began to complain about him taking advantage of Courtney but realized that his feelings toward his young wife have changed. He asked her for a loan, but she refused, telling him that her charity will not help his situation. After laying his cards on the table, AJ lent an ear to Skye, who confessed she has been checking up on Jax and thinks he’s using her. The siblings bond and build a united front. They talked about love, Skye asking AJ when he realized he loved Courtney. He explained that she loved him effortlessly and thoroughly when he needed it most and when no one else in his life would support him. Even after his sappy story, Skye refused to give him money.

After running into Jason on the pier and “standing by her man,” Courtney headed to the Port Charles Hotel to pick up the things she left in the penthouse she was sharing with AJ. The concierge refused to give her the things, but Edward was willing to play “lets make a deal.” Courtney refused his offer, continuing to stick up for AJ and supported him for all he’s been through. The Courtney card coming up like an Old Maid, Edward made his next move, a play for Skye, confronting her in the hotel and handing her an envelope with pictures of Jax placing a very expensive necklace on a beautiful blonde. He watched her heart break from a doorway across the room and snickered.

Carly went to great lengths to keep Sonny from finding out the truth about her tests at Mercy, managing to “slip,” knocking her bedside tray onto him and giving the doctor a look that could shoot nails. She managed to slip past another confrontation, getting the doctor to brush off the situation and leave the room. As soon as they were alone Sonny told her to spill the truth. She managed to get around the entire situation by babbling about being worried about what the doctor would say and that things would change between the two of them if there was bad news. Sonny told her that he loves her and he will continue to love her no matter what.

Alexis returned to the Port Charles Grill and her lunch with Ned. She confessed that she overreacted to her indigestion and is scared to death about the pregnancy, motherhood and the like. Christina confronted Ned head on when she caught him embracing Alexis. Alexis assured her she is wrong, throwing a couple of symphony tickets onto the table to make up for the mistake, and realizes she has lost her date book. Christina, still concerned about what she saw, continued to hound Ned about the scene she witnessed. Ned tried to get out of the situation by telling Christina that Alexis has made a hard decision - to move out of the penthouse - and is upset about it. She refused to believe him, but he stops her in her tirade, threatening to make a scene in front of all the diners. She quieted him by accepting his invitation to dance. He continued to soften the situation by telling her how he feels about her.

Alexis rushed back to the hospital to find her appointment book, running into Sonny. She managed to lie about her reasons for being at the hospital. When Sonny got out of earshot, she told the doctor that the pregnancy has gotten her a little flustered. An eavesdropping Carly heard everything from the other side of the hallway.

Elizabeth encountered Jason after doing a little eavesdropping of her own, on he and Courtney. Their conversation was interrupted by an upset Benny who brought Jason bad news - Rosco’s people are still in town and they are after him. Jason rushed Elizabeth to her studio for safety. Once there, he informed her that she must keep her distance from him. She played it off, telling him that she doesn’t spend her time pining away for him. He pulled her close and told her not to get into trouble. After he left, two strong-arms showed up at the studio and confronted her. She tried to convince them she wasn’t Jason Morgan’s girlfriend, and they told her he’d better think otherwise. Zander arrived just in time to hear her scream and watch them push her into a black car. He rushed to Jake’s and to Jason to tell him the situation. The two head out to find her.

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