GH Update Friday 6/21/02


General Hospital Update Friday 6/21/01

By Danielle

General Hospital celebrated the annual Day of Compassion today. Though for the first time in nine years the Nurses’ Ball did not mark the occasion, General Hospital managed to spotlight the event in other ways.

Jason recalled his time spent with Robin and confided in Elizabeth his dislike for attending the ball each year. He explained that the people who live with AIDS live with it everyday, not just once a year. Elizabeth, in turn, explained that the Day of Compassion isn’t for those who live with AIDS but for those who live without it - for one day each year they are forced to look AIDS and HIV in the face and think about it and its repercussions.

Zander took a walk down memory lane, literally, and ran into an old friend whose life experience with AIDS and single parenthood made him rethink his choices and position in life. He handed over the wad of cash he’s been carrying around for days to the greater good and took a moment out of his time to leave a message on Elizabeth’s machine.

AJ continued to dig his grave even deeper with his lies to Courtney about having a job. Not only did he run into Jason while out trying to pawn off family antique dinnerware, he managed to catch Jason trying to order dinner at Kelly’s. After Jason left without eating and Courtney took the generous tip he offered, AJ ended up telling Courtney that he hates her working at Kelly’s because she is flaunting herself and he doesn’t want her gentlemen customers to think that she’s “easy.”

Alexis confided in Ned about spilling the proverbial beans to Sonny after she caught Carly checking into Mercy Hospital. Her fears about the story she is going to spin surrounding her pregnancy escalated, causing a slight cramping that made her rush to Mercy.

Sonny caught up with Carly at Mercy just before she went in for the surgery that will attempt to correct her infertility. Lucky for her, a quick tongue and Dr./patient confidentiality kept her secret hidden a bit longer. Carly, however, managed to catch Alexis at the hospital as well and paid off an orderly to “disappear” just long enough for her to snatch Alexis’ file. Just as she got the paperwork in her hands, Sonny rounded the corner, checking up on his “sick” wife.

Edward continued to play on Skye’s insecurities surrounding her relationship with Jax, which lead her to misreading yet another situation when Jax’s assistant answered his hotel room phone.

Laura began her search to find out more about the room over the garage she can’t quite remember. Luke reassured her that her memory is still in tack, but Laura set out to prove that to herself on a midnight excavation that ended with her hearing a frightening noise.


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