GH Update Thursday 6/20/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/20/02

by Suzanne

Laura reveals to Luke that she has no plans made for the wedding. She is feeling blocked about the wedding. She canít come up with a way to plan it. They have been married before and this should be easy but it isnít. She wants to know what his image is of their perfect wedding. Luke starts thinking. He looks at what they donít want. Laura thinks that whatever she does, it is going to pale in comparison to the first wedding. The part that she wants to keep from the first wedding is she and he. She wants to walk down the aisle and see all of their friends and family and nothing bad could ever happen to them. Leslie comes downstairs and says hello. Luke tells her that Laura was remembering her walk down the aisle. Leslie is interested in their plans this time. Laura thinks that she will be walking herself down the aisle alone this time. Rick gave Laura away the first time and Leslie asks if Laura would like Rick to give her away this time too. Laura loves the idea and hugs her mother. Leslie has been talking to Rick but she thinks that it is important for her to see him again and he would love to come to the wedding. Laura decides to do it and Leslie fishes out Rickís number. There is no time like the present. Laura heads to the phone and makes the call. She gets him on the line. It has been a long time. She tells him that she is calling to let him know that they are getting married again. She asks him if he would be willing to give her away again. He agrees to it. Laura thanks him. She hasnít got all her plans together yet but she will call him the minute that she does. She hangs up thinking that was really nice. Rick was glad to be asked. Laura feels better already. She only needed to be started. There are a thousand and one details to go now. Luke is going off to fine the old jalopy that they used the first time. All are happy and Luke and Laura hug. Laura and Leslie look at pictures and they find one of Amy that Laura doesnít recognize. Leslie says that the picture was taken in the attic in the garage. Laura doesnít remember that at all. She should because she spent time in the attic with Amy. Leslie leaves to go to the market and Laura looks at the picture again to try to get her memory to remember.

Skye remarks that Jax looks more than ready to get on with Skye everything that she wants. She warns him not to try to conquer her. He tells her that he wouldnít dream of it. Jax assures her that in 6 months they are going to be celebrating their conquests. She asks him what makes him so sure that she is going to be around in 6 months. Skye has no plans to go anywhere that day. He thinks that she should want to be around when he gets ELQ. Skye makes it clear that nothing is permanent in life. She leaves the room and Jax gets a call about a necklace that he would like to buy for Ďhis lady friendí. Skye is eavesdropping and she hears him tell her that he will be over to pick it up. She gathers from the conversation that he is talking to a woman but she keeps her presence a secret from him. Afterwards he tells Skye that he has to fly off to Sidney, Australia. She tells him that she has nothing scheduled and she would like to come with him. He tells her that he appreciates her offer, but he tells her that he is meeting the board of directors and he has to go alone. She acts like that is a huge relief, as she hates long flights.

Kristina and Alexis talk about Alexisí night with Ned when there was no electricity. She couldnít make any calls because her cell phone was home. Kristina is having trouble with the story that Alexis gives her. She worries that more may have happened with Alexis and Ned. Alexis tells her that there was more that went on. Alexis first says that she and Ned are close friends. Kristina knows that they have been friends for a long time. Ned told Alexis that he cares about Kristina. Kristina is shocked to hear that. Alexis learned that his life is more exciting because of Kristina. Kristina knows that she irritates Ned and wants to know more. There is nothing more to tell. He is over Alexis and he only wants to be with Kristina. Alexis gets up and leaves but bumps into Ned on the way out. She talks briefly with him and then leaves. Ned enters the diner and wonders what Alexis was talking about. Kristina asks him what happened with he and Alexis. He tells her that he made love with Alexis that night. He is joking with her and tells her the truth. There is nothing between he and Alexis. Kristina is the only one that makes his heart beat fast.

Zander is talking to a friend and looks like he may be getting in trouble again. As the man is leaving, Elizabeth walks in and sees him with his associate. She walks over to Zander telling him that she knows what he is doing. She tells him to empty his pockets and give her his money. She thinks that he is going to lose his money. He tells her that what he does is none of her business. He wants her to get off his case. It is him money and he will do with it as he pleases. He appreciates her giving him a place to live but she has to learn to stay out of his business. He leaves and she sees Jason at another table. He remembers that this is the day of compassion. He thinks to Robin and he has a check that has to go to those that need help with Aids. She apologizes to him for blowing up on him the other day. She tells him of her problems with Zander. Jason wonders why she cares and she in turn wonders why he cares for Carly. He is going for a ride and offers to take her with him. She tells him no but then stops him as he is leaving.

Carly is watching Sonny as he sleeps. She didnít wake him up because she wanted to watch him. He looks like an angel when he is sleeping. This means so much to her. She loves being in his arms and falling asleep with him. Everything is right when they are like that. He pulls her to him and they kiss. Michael walks in and finds Sonny there and is very happy. He hops up on the bed and knows that they are going to be a real family again. Michael reminds her that she said that she would give him a sister or brother if she got back with Sonny. Sonny tells him that babies take time, sometimes a year. Having a baby is something that seems far off but Sonny tells him that it is going to happen. All he has to do is be patient. Michael would like a baby by Christmas. Sonny tells him that they will try. Michael leaves the room closing the door. Carly apologizes for Michaelís outburst. His friend has had a new sibling and now he wants one too. Sonny is not mad. He has a question for her. He would like to get started on the baby as soon as possible. Sonny gets a call from his associate. Sonny asks if Jason was given a check. Once it is confirmed he hangs up. Turns out that there is a fundraiser and Sonny is giving money. They feel that they have finally gotten things right in their lives. Sonny tells her that he would like to renew their vows before a priest in spite of them still being married. He would like to do this tonight but first he has some business to do. He gets out of bed and she looks after him. After he is gone the phone rings and it is Dr. Vaughn. The results are back from her tests. There is a blockage in both her tubes. She has to be admitted into the hospital. She has to wait 3 weeks to get in there. There has been a cancellation and she can get in there that night. She was not expecting that. She would like to go in a couple of days. That might not be possible so she takes the evening appointment that has been offered to her. As she is talking she hears Sonny come out of the bathroom. He looks at her curious as to who she is talking to. She canít tell Sonny that she might not be able to have a child. This is everything that he has ever wanted and she wants to be the one that gives him that child.

Alexis is at the hospital for an appointment when she sees Carly rush in and announce to the nurse that she has arrived to be admitted. Alexis recognizes the voice and looks up in time to see Carly urgently talking to a nurse.

Zander is with his associate and he goes over to a hooded man to meet him. Turns out that Zander knows that hooded figure. Zander wants to know what the guy is doing there. He split up with his girl who has Aids.

Carly is admitted and she asks questions from her hospital bed about the procedure that she is going to undergo. As she is talking to the nurse, the door flies open and Sonny walks in. Carly is stunned to see him standing there.


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