GH Update Wednesday 6/19/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/19/02

by Glynis

Jax manages to make Skye believe in him again. She can believe him or not but he is tired of her games. This is getting old. He tells her where he stands. She has no objections and the resume kissing. He undoes her clothes and the madness starts again. They make mad and passionate love and then talk lying naked on the couch. They talk about the battle that they have constantly with her family. This is life and death to Skye but to Jax it is only a game. He reminds her that she doesn’t need her family’s approval. She only needs to get even. She should look at ELQ as a business and nothing else. She has been taking things too personal. She can have that company to herself but she has to give it up to get it. Jax tells her that she has to trust him in order to get her what she wants. She admits that she trusts him, but she has a hard time saying it.

Carly shows up at her club and her staff is glad to see her. Business has been booming. She relieves the bartender and he leaves. She gets on her cell and calls the doctor that she has been trying to get a hold of. She can’t wait for the appointment with the doctor. Edward comes in behind her hearing the she has something going on and he offers to help. She doesn’t believe that he wants to help her. He reminds her that he has disinherited AJ. He is dangerous. Edward has made sure that AJ will make good on any of his threats. Carly tells Edward that he is a twisted old man and she is not about to let him get near her son. He tells her that she has some things to learn. He tells her that she should compromise.

Roy and Felicia find a box of money in his apartment and they have to figure out when the money appeared. Anyone could have put the money in his apartment and he hasn’t looked in the box for a long time. It is a good thing that Felicia found the box before they threw it out. Felicia counts the money, which is a million dollars in cash. There is a knock at the door and they both panic and try to hide the money. Roy goes to the door and Taggert is there. He walks in and asks what they are doing there. Taggert says that he is there on official business. He asks what Felicia is doing there and she tells him that is none of his business. He smiles at them funny and then he leaves. Felicia makes a note that neither of them wants to tell the police of the money. Who would go to such lengths to set Roy up like this? Felicia thinks that maybe he did something nice and someone wants to repay him for his kindness. He doubts that is it. He goes over to the box and uncovers it. Someone is watching and notes that they have found the money.

AJ finds Courtney with Jason at the diner and he tells Courtney that she is talking to his brother. Jason gets up to leave and Courtney offers to give him his change but Jason tells her to keep it. AJ wants her no where near his brother or his money. Jason did a very chivalrous thing and helped Courtney out with a difficult customer and Courtney greatly appreciated that. He actually gave up a plate of food to a customer who didn’t like the food that was prepared for her. Courtney is on a break for 15 minutes. Courtney thinks that she should have recognized Jason from pictures but she didn’t. AJ reminds her that Jason took his son away from him and AJ is afraid that Jason is going to take Courtney from him too. Courtney assures him that she only loves him. AJ can’t lose her. Without her, he doesn’t know what he would do. He wants her not to take Jason’s side on any matter. She assures him that there is nothing that Jason can say that she wants to hear. Courtney tells her husband that she has made enough to take her husband out that night. He gets a call from someone at Warmand Associates. The person thanks him for interviewing with them but he is not really qualified for the job. Courtney watches him take the call and AJ pretends that the call is really great and when the call is done he tells her that he has gotten a job. He wants to celebrate and tells her that she can do whatever she wants. Courtney would like to go to Carly’s club and AJ tells her that is fine with him. Now, she thinks that they only have to concentrate on loving each other.

Lucky is working with a replacement for Gia and she is really bad. Lucky thinks that he has wasted everyone’s time. Sarah is there and thinks that he did a good job and made the woman think that she was beautiful. He is glad to see her and asks what she is doing later. She would like to go out with him so it is a date. They will decide what they will do later. Sarah leaves and Lucky gets back to work. Gia comes running in announcing that she is there. No one but Lucky is there to greet her. She thinks that she can do her work now, but Lucky doesn’t think so. She left Deception to go and work for some other top photographer and left Lucky in the lurch. Lucky only looks at her like she really has a nerve. She thinks that she can just come and go as she wishes and no one will mind the inconvenience. This job must be going to her head. Lucky thinks that she didn’t honour her contract. He never used to like her but they made magic and that carried the both of them a long way. She wasn’t trying to damage their working relationship. She only wanted a chance with the big photographer. She is too late. Lucky flew in another model to cover for her. The woman is a big name and if the pictures turn out the way that Lucky wants, it is going to be over for Gia. He gets his bag and leaves. "See ya around."

Jason shows up in time to find Edward trying to get Carly in his cahoots with him. Jason tells him to get lost. Edward tells Jason that it is nice to see him again. Edward says that he likes Jason who has a backbone as opposed to ‘others’. He leaves and Jason wants to know what happened just now. Carly says that nothing is wrong. Jason wants the truth. Carly is scared and she almost starts crying. She tells him that she and Sonny wanted to have children and now she can’t conceive. She starts crying and he holds her close to him. Finally her husband and she are on the same page and she would like to give her husband this gift but she can’t. When you get pregnant, they tell you not to drink anymore and now she doesn’t have to worry about that. She takes a drink of her beer. When AJ pushed her down the stairs that might have caused her to be barren. She hates that AJ more than anything. AJ really has taken everything from her now. She hopes that she can be a candidate for fertility treatments and she is just waiting to find out. Jason thinks that she should just wait on this. Sonny is going to love her if she can have kids or not. She is afraid that if she can’t have a baby, Sonny is going to take this as a sign from God. This seems bad but Jason doesn’t think that it is as bad as she thinks. Jason thinks that she should talk to Sonny about it and give him a chance to help her. Jax walks in and finds the two talking. He wants to discuss business with Carly in private. Carly tells Jax that Jason isn’t going anywhere. Jax finds that to be a problem. Jason moves away from them and Carly talks to Jax about the business. Jax thinks that she doesn’t know anything about her company in spite of the money that it is bringing in. She is in turmoil but she still has a club to run. He tells her that she should have been back long before this. This club needs hands on management and he suggests that she step down. She tells him that she is not stepping down for anyone. This is her club. That is what he wanted to hear. She warns him that Jason is going to be there as her guest. He thought that she got this club to have a life of her own. She tells him that sometimes things change. He agrees that sometimes you have to make adjustments. Jax leaves and Carly goes back to Jason who warns her that Jax might doublecross her.

Edward is told that Skye is there to see him. Edward would like to talk to her and Skye enters. She is dressed to the hilt. She looks very beautiful. Edward is very sarcastic to her. She tells him not to gloat. Skye has an offer for him. He should let her back into the company or she will make destroying the company her life’s work. Edward guesses that Jax has promised her success. He finds her to be very naïve. He tells her about how Jax operates using women to get to a business. He usually works through some woman on the inside and there are even divorces behind him to support what Edward is saying about the man. Skye is dumbfounded. Edward tells her that she might even warrant a place in the company but she is not going to get it as long as she is with Jasper Jax.

Carly’s club is in full swing. She tells the staff that she is expecting some special guests that night. Jax arrives and meets with Carly for a minute. Sonny is not there as he doesn’t like coming over there for various reasons. Lucky and Sarah arrive and Carly thinks that they are there because of Nikolas’ press party for Gia’s new shoot…Gia and Nikolas are arriving and Gia is upset. She feels bad about the way that she treated Deception earlier. Nikolas reminds her that she is going to be a star. They enter the club and Carly announces "…the fashion world’s newest sensation…Gia Campbell…". The press bow before them to take pictures and Jax is glad to see the publicity that the club is getting. Lucky and Sarah watch the spectacle and Lucky is not as thrilled by it as everyone else is. Skye arrives and walks over to Jax…AJ and Courtney arrive and AJ leaves her for a moment to get drinks when a drink is accidentally spilled on Courtney. She gets up to wipe off the mess and Jason comes over to help Courtney…Carly is trying to kick out AJ from the club warning him that he should leave on her own. AJ is not listening and Carly follows his eyes to see where he is looking. He is looking at his lovely wife talking with Jason who has obviously come over to Courtney to get her in his good graces. He is not happy at all…They discuss what they were doing earlier. Skye lies to him about her meeting with Edward. What she really wants to do is dance and she drags him to the dance floor…Lucky goes to Nikolas and congratulates him on his orchestration to make Gia a better model. Lucky things that no one is going to be good enough for him and that is why he is pushing Gia this way. Lucky knows that this is about Nikolas and no one else…Carly goes over to Courtney and Jason and she is catty. Courtney thought that a near-death experience would have made Carly a nicer person. Carly tells AJ and his bride to get out. AJ doesn’t need this and he grabs his wife and leaves. Carly thinks that AJ is no good and that Courtney is no better. Jason wants to help her with her problems, but she wants to fix this herself and then things are going to be better.

Edward gets the files on Jax’s recent investments. Edward is going to squash Jax and Skye like bugs.


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