GH Update Tuesday 6/18/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/18/02

By Suzanne

Felicia shows up at Roy's place with paint, to brighten up his life by painting his room.  He is very surprised but agrees to it, if he can help.  They flirt and chat while they prepare to paint.  They have to clear out a closet to make room for his lamp so they won't get paint on it.  She finds a photo of him on a horse and admires it.  He says that was from when he was working for the FBI.  He had hoped that he would be that person for real one day, but look where he is now. He gets kind of depressed.  He goes out for paint thinner.  She finds a box full of crisp bills tied together and looks shocked.  He comes back so she hurriedly closes the box.  He says they should take the boxes out to the dumpster because the trash pickup will be there any minute.  She asks him if he's sure he wants to throw it away.   He is sure.  She opens it and shows him that it's full of cash.  He is stunned.

Nikolas and Gia are in bed in the morning.  They are both happy that she has her photo shoot for Tempo Magazine today.  He is proud of her and says that she is the real royalty in the family.  Meanwhile, Lucky assures someone that Gia will be at their shoot on time.  Gia and Nik go to the Tempo shoot so that she can work with the famous photographer.  Lucky shows up and says that she is violating her contract.  He argues with her and with Nikolas, saying that she has to do his photo shoot for Deception.  Nik offers to pay for whatever expenses, damages, etc. they incur and says that Gia can go to Lucky's Deception shoot in the afternoon (the Tempo guy wants to shoot Gia in the morning light only).  Lucky reminds her that Laura gave her the first big break.  Gia chooses to go with the Tempo shoot.  Lucky hangs around and happens to catch Nikolas talking to the publicist.  Nikolas wants her to make sure that Gia's name is everywhere and that she becomes a big super-model.  Lucky tells Nik that he knows Gia won't be happy to hear that Nik is buying her success.  Nikolas says that she made her own success, he's just helping her out a little.

A.J. and Courtney are at Kelly's.  She's working.  He's in a suit and about to go on some job interviews (finally!).  She gives him some cash to get there but he wants more.  She has to remind him to take the bus.  He is not thrilled with the idea but agrees.  One of the customers calls her "honey buns" and complains that he didn't get his home fries, so A.J. chews him out and says that he's a Quartermaine.  The guy laughs at A.J. and pays his bill without leaving her a tip.  Courtney is annoyed that A.J. cost her a big tip.   He doesn't want her working there anyway.  She hopes that he will get a great job because he's so smart, handsome, and nice.

A.J. goes on a bunch of job interviews but either he doesn't have the right qualifications or they are concerned about the embezzlement charges that Edward's brought. 

Courtney is waiting tables.  She waits on Jason, who orders coffee and breakfast.  She thinks he's a stockbroker type who is dressing down for the day.  When a rude woman complains that her eggs are not cooked over easy like she likes them, and she doesn't have time to wait for them to be recooked, Jason gives the woman his plate instead.  She is happy.  Courtney thanks him.  There is an awkward moment when she thinks he's hitting on her, but he isn't.  She chats with him and says that he has an interesting sense of humor.  He says that he used to have a sense of humor, but he lost it.  She wants to hear the story.  A.J. comes in and wants to know why his wife is making nice to the man who threatened to kill him--his brother, Jason.  Courtney looks shocked.

Jax warns Edward that he's biting off more than he can chew, but Edward just laughs at him.  Edward has raided two of Jax's companies.  Skye arrives and wants to know why she can't get in her office.  Edward informs her that she no longer works there and throws in some other insults.  He leaves.  Jax tries to explain but Skye is annoyed that Jax didn't watch her back while she was out of town like he promised he would, costing her ELQ.  She throws a drink in his face and storms out.  He follows her and she is at home, throwing things around, breaking them.  She won't let Jax in, so he breaks through the door.  They argue.  Skye gives an impassioned speech about how important ELQ was to her.  She no longer wants a relationship with someone that she can't trust.  He is frustrated and tries to tell her that they can get it back from Edward but she won't listen.  He tells her that if she wants to break off their relationship, she can, but he will make sure that Edward pays the price for taking him on.  Skye pretends not to care.  He grabs her and kisses her.

Alan goes to see Edward and finds Petra, his new assistant, in his office.  Petra says no one sees "Maestro" without an appointment.  Alan is surprised, to say the least.  Later, Monica arrives and finds Petra giving Alan a massage.  She isn't happy to see that and chews him out for getting distracted.  Petra leaves and Alan tries to make excuses.  They look through Edward's desk a bit, hoping to find something incriminating on him.  Edward arrives and tells them that he is back in charge now.  Alan tells him that the heart operation wasn't a success and Edward must retire early.  He suggests that Edward take a cruise.  Edward says he hates cruises.  Alan suggests some other alternatives.  Edward says that the only thing that is good for his heart is power and he is doing fine.  He would rather drop dead that give it up.  Alan and Monica leave.  She chews him out for lying about the heart problem.  It was the best excuse he could come up with at the time.  They bicker about what they should do next.  If they can't convince Edward to retire, Jax will destroy ELQ and their fortunes with it.

Lucky shoots some photos with a dull-looking girl with a BIG nose.  He takes a break.  Sarah visits and asks how things are going.  He tells her about Gia and Nikolas.  He says this girl, who used to be a big model a few years ago, is too difficult to work with now.  She has no spark or energy.  It makes him realize how special Gia is.  Sarah looks thoughtful at that comment (jealous, maybe?)


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